Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Friday again

Last nights Pot Luck was pretty good sized. Daughter doesn't care for Chili with beans so our friend brought Chili no beans that she had made. since it was a tail gate party we fired up the BBQ in the back yard and the boys grilled Burgers, Hot dogs and Brats. All of which were really good. One of the families brought 2 large pizzas which the "teeners" immediately devoured. Dave's daughter made a delicious "Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Cake/Pie and Marie also made a Chocolate Marshmallow Pie. Recipes were found on Facebook pages which we all keep in touch with each other with.

Our new furniture was a big hit. It wasn't new from the store but came from an estate that was being liquidated. The large recliner with the electric push button controls was a great find for me. At times my COPD is bad enough that I really can only sleep sitting up in the recliner at a very steep angle. This one is so cushy and comfy that it might be used just because! The furniture was a gift from the family settling an estate for their mother. I can't thank them enough. What a God send.

The younger teens were attempting to do their homework amidst all the adult boisterous talk. They slipped out to the front porch and I had Jeweli's dad take my camera and get a picture for me. Then I used one of Kyra's kits to make a neat scrapbook page. I printed it out for each of them and they were quite happy with the results. And now I'm posting it here as well as on their Facebook page.
They really are neat teens. The larger than life boys just stayed in the house and played on their game thingeys'. (as you can see, I make up words to fit the occasion).. Here's the picture of the older kids even if Shandon is 23 yrs old, I still see her as a kid. I'm sure she'll forgive me.
That's all for now. Got some filing to get done and some hosekeeping in the office. Both of these kits are from Kyra-Russian-Dutch Heart Designs. Find her here;

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