Friday, November 4, 2016

Time for a vacation

I'm writing this from the laptop in Dani's kitchen while here on Vacation. We came down last Tuesday and we'll be driving back up tomorrow. It's a 13 hour drive less if we make only short stops to bathroom breaks.
    We came down with 2 puppies and one of them went to her forever home last evening. My little Godiva is just learning her sister isn't her to cuddle with so he next choice was me. Not a problem. I don't move around in my sleep anyway so there's no danger of rolling over on her and squashing her. Soon she'll be back with the other 5 pups which might be fund to watch. Her Mamma will be happy to see her too! Dani felt her health issues were too much not under control to give a new puppy the care and attention it needed. One of her co-workers has 2 little girls and just moved into a new house so her girls were thrilled to take the one I called "dirty socks" home with them.
    The kids here are fun to be around. Missy comes by every morning before she goes to school. Then she comes back in between school and her second job. Already has most of her homework done but might have some to work on after 9 pm when she's finished work. I believe Missy will be finished with school next May and will graduate with a Bachelor's degree. First one in my family. Their father's family had several doctors, businessmen, councilmen et al, so they were pretty savvy!
    And now I'm back in Washington State. It was a grueling trip. I was seated right behind the driver so I had no leg room and the knees got pretty sore and were very painful. But I switched places with Olivia somewhere in Idaho and sat on the other side of the car. More leg room and I was quite happy. We left Junction at 6:30 AM Mtn time and got here in Richland at 10:30 Pacific time. Even doing the one hour over again as you cross time zones made it a really long trip.
    Now here's a couple of pictures:
My Oldest daughter Dani. She tells me if I let my waves grow out my hair will be just like hers. No curling iron necessary.

Three of Dani's four children. Joe in the red shirt is 25 yrs old, Missy in the middle is almost 24, working on her Bachelor degree, and the tall dude is Bob, who is 27 and my "go to guy" for my computer!

I'm about to go in the other room and sort through 7 days of mail. Not a really big deal...just more catalogs and election propaganda and solicitations.

Have a great weekend my friends!