Monday, April 27, 2015

I'm back and it's lovely weather

It's really beautiful weather here in the North West. It's 7 am and the temp is 45F  with very little clouds in the sky.  It's going to be in the high 70s today and I think I'd better water my tomatoes. I got one of those little pods and put it into a regular pot and watered it. And I've got little sprouts coming up. The Sage isn't doing as well but it doesn't get any sun where it is so I'm going to move it to the front of the house and see if that helps.

My Cardio Pulmonary Rehab is going along just fine. We've progressed to aerobic
exercises to music and it's quite tiring.  My Osteo spinal problem isn't really getting worse but it isn't making dancing easy at all. Most of the time I have to sit to exercise. But last week we weren't on the bikes or other equipment at all so my core muscles are going to be really worked hard today. I have the resistance at 5 on a scale of 10 so I'm pushing my legs and shoulders pretty hard. But it's going to be worth it. And I've dropped 20 lbs in the last two months so I'm really happy with that!!

Bridgit and Olivia have been here for the last 4 days because my daughter went to Portland for a little vacation with her boyfriend and his mother. She met the rest of his family and they all had a good time. I have a new picture of her to share.
This is Charlie hugging a beautiful tree she found in the Portland neighborhood.

Eddie is one of the Thursday night gang and we don't get to see him as often as we'd like because he travels so much for his job.  But he's a great cook and I loved this snapshot of him.

Great Grand daughter Kadence in her Easter outfit going to her Grandpa's annual Easter egg hunt in his back yard.

And don't I always have new pictures of the puppies around the house. There are 3 of them these days. Two puppies will almost always be in my lap when I'm in the recliner watching TV.

Darling Olivia asked if she could help me around the house so I put her to work on the kitchen floor. We called it her Cinderella Duty for the day. She really enjoyed herself.

Robert Williams (family friend) with his newest grandson!

And you've been watching this little darling as she grows up. She'll be 2 this year at Thanksgiving. Maybe not the same exact day but she was born on Thanksgiving day in 2013. Amyah is growing so fast!

And that's about the end of it. Many things to get done and Rehab to get ready for!!  God Bless everyone and have a great day!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter is gone for another year

Last week was Easter and the kids all had a great time at the different houses they spent the day at.  Bridgit & Olivia helped me with my version of eggs. I'll show you in a minute.  I finally got the pictures of Olivia's new temporary hair style. So naturally I made a scrapbook page of them. And a couple of others also.
A good friend who left us way too soon.

Olivia's new hair colors. It's almost all washed out now.

Olivia's 4th grade class is raising "Salmon" in the class room and in a couple of weeks they will be large enough to release into the local rivers. She is very excited about this school project and she thought it would be today to release them but it was just an outing to Ice Harbour dam. Now I'm not sure which one they will release the little baby salmons into, the Snake or the Columbia.

We are lucky enough to live in the immediate vicinity of 3 rivers. The smallest is the Yakima River which flows into the large Columbia River. The third one is the Snake River which runs up through Idaho and maybe into Canada. I don't have a map right here so I can't say for sure. They all three join together here in the Tri Cities and the Columbia takes all that water to the Ocean. The Columbia is what separates Oregon and Washington States. And there are a bunch of dams on the Snake and the Columbia. 

Not much going on. Am having a quiet weekend I hope. Doctor appointment on Monday morning and Cardio Pulmonary rehab in the afternoon.

This is how I do the eggs. This way I haven't wasted the color on something I'm going to shell, cut in half and devil the yokes anyway. I just color the whites, then put the deviled yokes in them.

Have a great weekend my friends.
Hugs, Corrine

Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's Thursday Nite Pot Luck tonite.

We had 3 or 4 birthdays this month from the usual Thursday nite gang and they opted for Italian.  Brian is making Lasagna, and Kellin is making spaghetti (I think). Right now he's shampooing the carpet. I spot scrubbed it a day or so ago and he's bound to have to pick up a lot of suds. I couldn't figure out how to get them back up. I stand corrected. The noise I hear is the vacuum not the shampooer.

I've been enjoying my Cardio Pulmonary rehab for these last three weeks. I didn't make the session yesterday due to some intestinal issues but I'm back to normal again.  At the Wednesday session during the cool down session we play harmonica's as a way of breathing exercise.  Sounds absolutely atrocious but it makes us breath harder with our diaphragm. I guess that's the object of the exercise!  There has been a 24 hour stomach bug going around the locale and I guess I was out in the stores and breathed it. Maybe I should wear a hospital mask whenever I leave the house. I remember seeing the street vendors in Yokosuka wearing them all the time. I thought so that they wouldn't breathe on the food they were selling (something I appreciated) but it could have been for their own protection.

And last week I had a serious problem with the computer again. One of the updates that pop in automatically for Microsoft windows 8 was a little bit messed up. It took out some stuff and locked up some other stuff. When I started to fix it myself the computer said just "refresh" the system and it would fix everything back to factory specs but wouldn't touch any of my files. They lied. In transferring some of the files quit in mid stream and when I tried again, the remainder of the files were gone. But I had the original download of files from Kyra, Miriam, Raspberry Road and a couple of others who are my faves.  But all the lovely word art with nice sayings from Linda kz were gone. But I've been getting them back and few at a time. Linda's files aren't zipped files so I didn't have the original...that's the one that was lost. At my age all I have left is patience so I'm getting them a few at a time.

Here's a few of the newest scrapbook pages.
A young lady named Jessica all grown up and her daughter.

A boss I had back in Grand Junction, Lori and her friend Jayne out on the town!!

Dear Olivia has the cutest face I just can't resist make a scrapbook page to show off!!

A friends dog named Vista. They live in Wyoming so she is getting used to the cold and snow. Looks like snow agrees with her!

Aayden who is always making faces and just enjoys himself. Back in Feb of 2015 who knows what he was enjoying. Or some one said cheese and this is the face that goes with cheese.

My brother's cat is named Boss and my sister's cat is named Ruby. It looks like they really do get along.

A friend and her husband at their winter home in Arizona.

Big brother Bud at about 18 months.

Daughter 'Charlie' and her boyfriend Kellin off to another event.

Now it's time to get in the shower and start getting ready for the festivities tonight. And poor Bridgit is so sick this morning that she may not make it.

Until another day! May you all be blessed and enjoy your spring.