Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Time for a Garden

Spring is here but still the nights are pretty chilly so my garden is taking up pretty much of my kitchen counters. At one point I was going to be a dyed in the wool "prepper" and I was filling the egg cartons with the lint from the dryer. Anticipating that in the not too distant future  I'd find some blocks of wax to melt and pour over the lint balls in the egg cartons. I have lost interest in ready to "bugg out" when the "poop hits the fan" so I turned them into small starter cups for the seeds. Then placed them on parchment paper and a couple of old baking sheets to water. them. Here's the pics from right as I planted them.

 I started out with the pkgs by the row they belonged to but got wet so a marker putting the letter of the seeds up the row is what I have now. The bottle at the end of the brown cartons was one of the creamer bottles that I manage to go through and clean up. Filled the bottle with tepid water and got some of the tiny, tiny rubber bands my Olivia uses to make bracelets with. Covered the top with a snack ziploc bag and tightened it with the rubber bands and then took a hat pin and poked it in a circle in the middle. Now I turn it upside down and squeeze and have a lovely little rain shower to water the plants with. It does manage to leak into the excess snack bag but then I pour that onto the tomato plants. Works for me.

 This is how they look after 1 week. The Herculean plants in the second carton are Water melons and white and orange pumpkins. 
 Behind them come the bush beans, some snap peas,  spinach, cucumbers, carrots, giant radish, lettuce, winter squash and the two kinds of pumpkins with water melons. Containers on the end are mixed flowers and Alyssim (spelling) for the front planter boxes on the fence and the big giant containers in the front.

Pictured below are the Herbs, Sweet Basil, Oregano, & some Sage.  Three tomato plant, with the one in the middle being cherry tomatoes and the other two are large beef steak tomatoes.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy President's Day

I had this labeled as Valentines day but I looked at the calendar wrong. I guess we are celebrating Lincoln & Washington's Birthday. I think I'll go put my flag out just to shake up the neighborhood.

Well, this computer must be having old age problems. I've had this tower for 6 or 7 years now and it appears to be having menopause problems. And I've never dropped it so I'm not sure what's going on. Running an anti virus every other day and a another maintenance program on the in between days just isn't enough. Maybe I have gremlins inside...whatever. It's time for a new one.

I do, however want to share some neat pictures with you. On Face Book, they have what they cal Throwback Thursday and so since I usually don't respond, yesterday I thought I'd pick some old pictures from my files and so I put 5 pictures on the facebook page. Since Kyra, and some of the others who read my ramblings aren't on B, I thought I'd put some out here also.Tried to do this last night but was having techno problems so I'm going to try again.

Picture of my older brother Bud, my step father, and myself.  Can you imagine having that type of curly hair and explaining myself at school. This was when I 10 and had just left the Orphanage to live with Mom and her new husband.

Me getting ready to head off to Navy boot camp. Couldn't take very much.  One suitcase with one change of clothes. I hadn't started wearing makeup yet so it was just my toothbrush and my hair stuff. Keeping it short just left me looking like a poodle which wasn't too bad. And that's not a very big suitcase either. Year was Mar 1960. I actually went to boot camp 18 April 1960.
My youngest daughter with her patch over eye. The Navy doctors diagnosed it as lazy eye but then they changed their mind and had to do surgeries to make the pupil come to the middle where it belonged. Move the muscles by the nose further back and then another operation to put the muscle at the bottom a little further back also.  All in all she's had 5 surgeries on her eyes. Charlie is turning 50 yr this June and she tells me that she still only uses one eye but she drives all over with a valid licence so it's all good, I guess. She's 18 mos to 2 yrs old in this picture.
Charlie, just one week shy of 13 and I took her to boot camp. She was in the Sea Cadets, young kids sailors, and I was the Executive Officer of their particular sea Cadet Division. She had a great time even if I did give her a few push ups for bending the rules.
My three girls and 2 boyfriends in 1983. That is Bridgit on my lap. This was done at a carnival that came through town.
 Picture taken while I was in Cosmetology school. I volunteered my head to dye so we could learn how to mix colors to get the desired look. Early 1968.
My three darlings when we were stationed in Japan. Dani the tallest, Denise the middle child and Charlie the youngest. I did horrify the Japanese lady who was my secretary at the recreation center. She immediately undid the robes and put them in the proper way since I had them lapped over each other as if for a dead person. And the girls never saved their robes and I have no idea who they gave them to.

Well it's time to close this one out and get on to better things. Like cleaning house. I've had the house to myself for 3 days now since the rest of this little family are at a convention called Rad Con. That's where a bunch of people get dressed up like Star Wars Characters or any other Character they want and have a fun time Fri. thru Sun. Today they are breaking it down and packing up to get back to normal. They'll be home here sometime this afternoon. I guess it's time to get out of my Jammies and actually get dressed. No one here but me so I couldn't think of a good reason to get dressed up.

Have a great week and Hugs from Grandma Sarge!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year everyone.

     I was watching Tree House Masters last evening and I missed the first of the New Year's fireworks in Australia. Then I caught the New York one and missed the next three. I was flipping back and forth from one channel to another at the top of each hour but it wasn't showing the fireworks. There was a few in our neighbor hood but the dogs didn't get excited like they do on the 4th of July. My little Phoebe was asleep on my lap the whole time.  Didn't hear any of the noise, I guess.

     I can't make all my keys work but I can hit the space bar and accomplish the same thing. Comes from my many years of English lit and structure. I capitalize in all the right places and even use the punctuation where it's supposed to be.  Takes me longer to get anything said but I'm stuck in the 50s in my head so it is what it is.

     I don't make New Year's resolution because I wouldn't keep them anyway so I won't be getting myself in hot water. Bridgit and I are working on a lot of paperwork to get her certified as my care giver. It shouldn't take too long since she is already certified as as an Emergency Responder and has a badge hanging in the car.  Then she can quit her job at the hotel and let her shoulder heal up nicely. She's going to be splitting her time between our house and her Fiance's house taking care of his step Mother. She'll be doing some light housework, laundry and making meals for them. I'm still capable of cooking and I sort of like it.  I was supervising Olivia in the making of muffins a couple of days ago. Some day I'll show her how to make regular meals, if I can ever get her on a schedule of 3 meals a day.

    Here's some pictures from a great trip to Santa's workshop. We went for a train ride. It's a Christmas thing called the Polar Express.It starts from a small village in the mountains and is a 55 mile train ride. that's 27 miles each way.  Everyone was in Pajamas, even the adults. I did have to keep my winter coat on so no one saw the big Panda face on the top of my PJs. It was  loads of fun and then we spent the night in a motel, where we shared a Triple room with Olivia's grandfather and his wife, Bridgit and Olivia, and I had the single in the corner under the sloping roof. I only walked into the ceiling once. That hurt, so I was a lot more careful in getting stuff out of the bags I had put on the floor at the foot of my bed.

Grandpa with 3 of his many grand kids.

My Great Grandson Dominic giving me a hug.

This is Olivia on top of the car on our way home. We made a restroom break at a Ranger station on the way home and watched a herd of Elk that they were keeping safe from hunters. Population control along with only a certain number of Elk tags for the hunters. As you can see from the writing at the bottom this one was from 2015  Blog train.

Olivia was dancing to the 12 days of Christmas with the Chef on the train. Lots of fun and she was a big hit!

My Grandson David with his son Dominic and then a picture of David with his father. I tagged them both as "A boy and his dad".

This one was Great Grandson Aayden as he caught his first sight of Santa coming through the train. His older brother Dominic watching as was his sister Kadence.

Darling Kadence beside her brother Aayden and we were at the back of the train with 2 seats facing each other. It was a great trip. 

I'm not finished with my scrapbook pages yet so more will be posted at a later date.

Happy New Year Everyone...May 2017 be a great year for everyone. God Bless.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Time to get ready for Christmas

Wow, it's December and now it's time to take down the Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations down and put them in boxes for next year. then it's clean up the carpet and try to figure out where and how to put a Christmas tree in the living room. We managed it last year but we didn't have a kitchen table and benches in the living room at the old house. We've been in here since May and this kitchen was smaller in size than the other one. So the kitchen table with benches is right at the kitchen door.

We only have one puppy left to send to a forever home and a lady is coming this afternoon to check her out. Then I'll move the big blue cage into my bedroom and that will be where little Phoebe will sleep. My puppy got renamed when we got to Grand Junction. The Grand kids wanted to call her Phoebe instead of Godiva so we switched and she answers to this new name as well.  Here's a newer picture of her:
Taken this morning and she's proud of herself...learned how to jump up onto the couch. Still working on how to get back down.

She's a real cutie...not a bully any more...only one left to bully and Nikki is going thisafternoon. 

Very alert.

Just fits in the hand and loves to snuggle.

Doesn't she think she's a queen?
She's such a cutie. I got the Quick Page from Arlene's tapping into Kyra's new Merry Seasons kit. I just love the colors and I'll take that Santa any day. 

This is a Polaroid from my trip to Grand Junction for my birthday last month. My oldest daughter doesn't usually let any one get a picture of her but this one she wanted. The whole family loves it. 

My cousin Shyanne Shirley who lives back East and this is her gorgeous daughter Elaina, looking like a model! Such a pretty little girl.

This is Shyanne and Elaina ready for Trick or Treat this year. Cute little bumble bee!

Well I have to busy opening up all the new Christmas kits I got this morning. That QP was made from one of them, and I've got another 30 to open but I've only made it part way (half) down the Blog Train. It's from designers World Wide. Each one made a contribution and this lovely lady is from Australia. The first pic with Santa is from the Netherlands, and the first picture of Elaine designer is Raspberry Roads here in the USA.

Have a great weekend and I should see you again next week! Got an eye appointment to have the 'dimple' on my eye checked out. I'd never heard of such a thing as a dimple on the eye but they showed me the x-ray of my eye and there's a  round patch of whatever on the eye.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Time for a vacation

I'm writing this from the laptop in Dani's kitchen while here on Vacation. We came down last Tuesday and we'll be driving back up tomorrow. It's a 13 hour drive less if we make only short stops to bathroom breaks.
    We came down with 2 puppies and one of them went to her forever home last evening. My little Godiva is just learning her sister isn't her to cuddle with so he next choice was me. Not a problem. I don't move around in my sleep anyway so there's no danger of rolling over on her and squashing her. Soon she'll be back with the other 5 pups which might be fund to watch. Her Mamma will be happy to see her too! Dani felt her health issues were too much not under control to give a new puppy the care and attention it needed. One of her co-workers has 2 little girls and just moved into a new house so her girls were thrilled to take the one I called "dirty socks" home with them.
    The kids here are fun to be around. Missy comes by every morning before she goes to school. Then she comes back in between school and her second job. Already has most of her homework done but might have some to work on after 9 pm when she's finished work. I believe Missy will be finished with school next May and will graduate with a Bachelor's degree. First one in my family. Their father's family had several doctors, businessmen, councilmen et al, so they were pretty savvy!
    And now I'm back in Washington State. It was a grueling trip. I was seated right behind the driver so I had no leg room and the knees got pretty sore and were very painful. But I switched places with Olivia somewhere in Idaho and sat on the other side of the car. More leg room and I was quite happy. We left Junction at 6:30 AM Mtn time and got here in Richland at 10:30 Pacific time. Even doing the one hour over again as you cross time zones made it a really long trip.
    Now here's a couple of pictures:
My Oldest daughter Dani. She tells me if I let my waves grow out my hair will be just like hers. No curling iron necessary.

Three of Dani's four children. Joe in the red shirt is 25 yrs old, Missy in the middle is almost 24, working on her Bachelor degree, and the tall dude is Bob, who is 27 and my "go to guy" for my computer!

I'm about to go in the other room and sort through 7 days of mail. Not a really big deal...just more catalogs and election propaganda and solicitations.

Have a great weekend my friends!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sorry I missed the month of September

I get involved with life and I forget to relax and pop into visit my friends and look at the lovely pictures they've put on their blogs.

On the 16th of September, Serenity gave birth to puppies. The first one came at 11:03 and the second one came at 11:13 and then another one at 11:17. I was really hoping that it would stop here but about 11:30 a fourth one was born. Figured we were done since she is a little Chihuahua. Something of an over achiever though. Half an hour later a 5th puppy came out but the Mama was having some trouble with this one so I got a washcloth and wrapped up the messy puppy and gentle started to pull since you really can't leave the Amniotic sac behind. And as I'm gently pulling "big whoosh" out popped number 6. It took a little doing but Mamma got it all fixed up for both 5 & 6. She was laying on clean bedding about 1:30 nursing the 6 wiggling puppies when she raised her back side up off the bedding and pushed and out number 7.  She was exhausted by this time and I can understand why. There are 7 beautiful babies in that pen in my bedroom. And I'm going to put some pictures right here so you can chuckle too.

Of course we did get a fright. a friend was soothing the Mamma and she said there's another puppy in there. We felt her up and I called the Vet and she said bring her in and I'll check. It would be really bad if there was another puppy this long after the others had been born and the Vet would have to do emergency surgery to get it out. She did a good exam and said what we were feeling was an 'engorged uterus'. She went on to check each of the babies since she said bring them all down. She examined all 7 babies, weighed them listened to their hearts and did a check that I asked for. She weighed them all and they ranged from 107 grams to 157 grams.

I had lost a darling baby Australian shepherd at 2+ weeks because I checked him one day and couldn't find an "anus". The vet couldn't either and she was going to do surgery the next day. After about 1 hour she called me and told me it wasn't working. The tissue she was trying to use kept shredding. I asked her if he was still asleep and she said yes so I asked her to Euthanize him and then sat at my desk and cried for hours. I still tear up thinking about.

But these little darlings are all A-OK! Here's what we've got.

This dog carrier was too small also.

This 'dog pile' has Godiva on the top of the heap.

That's Malcom looking over the door way to the old cage.

There are 2 brown puppies and 5 black with some really neat markings. A couple of them look like tiny Rottweilers.

The puppy on the top of the 'dog pile' is Malcom. The puppy my grand daughter wants to keep. 

At 5 weeks I started feeding them supplement formula cause Serenity couldn't produce enough any more. They took to it really well. The only thing not in their development is the teeth. I imagine in another week or so they'll be biting my fingers and their Mamma won't let them near her.
This is Lady Godiva at 4 weeks.

I had a lot of appointments to get ready for 'surgery' on Oct. 4th. Then after three days in the hospital I was still confined to doing nothing for another week at home.. I'm able to sit now without a batch of pillows. But I can't do any heavy lifting because of the stitching in the tummy.

Company has started arriving for a potluck birthday party for Bridgit's betrothed who is 37 today. He's a Norse so I quit being surprised to see him show up in a "kilt". Jess is leaving on Sunday for his Apprenticeship in California where he will be learning more of his trade doing specialized makeup and making costumes. Jess and Bridgit went over to the airport and did the makeup on the kids who were being victims for a training exercise for the local fire departments. They were so authentic the kids went back to school looking like real accident victims. Bet they were a real hit.

Every one have a great weekend. Bridgit, Olivia and I are leaving on Wednesday to go to Grand Junction for a visit at my daughter's house. we hadn't seen her since her bus accident where she got tossed around and got a nasty Spider concussion. That was in May last year so we're all anxious to get down there and check her out. I personally want to move back there so I can be nearer to her. With Bridgit getting married next October and then moving to California to be with Jess I'd like to be down there in Grand Junction.

God Bless everyone and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Last Day of August Yeah!

I am so ready for the beautiful fall weather. It's my favorite time of the year if only because of the gorgeous colors in the trees as they get ready for winter. I like Winter too. I just have to cover my face so I'm not breathing cold air.

I've been harvesting tomatoes O'plenty! I've given away 3 full strainers full and I need to go out when it gets cooler and probably find another strainer full. I think I'll make some salsa. If I don't make it too 'hot' then I'll be able to eat it. Otherwise the rest of the family will eat it. Charlie's man says it's real easy to make tomato soup so I'm going to go looking for a recipe for that next.

Our little Chihuahua is pregnant and last evening my grand daughter thinks she spotted a little white worm in her poop. So today I got her some worm medicine and mixed it into some Turkey Pate' but she won't eat it. And it's pretty spendy too. Maybe if I cover it with some gravy and mashed potatoes she'll eat it. She hasn't had much of an appetite lately but the book says that's normal. Her tummy is so big with the babies that she can't eat much. just often. I'm going to be the midwife and our Tiny Human is going to assist me. Her mother is too squeamish. She'd probably barf all over the place

I just posted a link on my face book page for the annual Time Of Remembrance event here in Richland. It a weekend to meet with other families who are suffering the same loss and who are usually too soon forgotten. I'm going to put the link here also: Just in Case! There is a yellow button on the left side of the page if you want to donate. This year is a really tight year and more families to care for. Every little bit helps!

Moe and Phil should be winding down their trip. They have been on the road foe the month of August. She did 9 National Parks in 9 days. I've been getting the pictures and making scrap book pages. Here's a few that I've done.

They had a great trip and shared some beautiful pictures.

The land in the mid to western US is a lot of dessert. Complete with all the creatures that inhabit it.
And I lived close to this one and never made to see it in person. Maybe next time.

This is Canyon Lands Nat'l Park. Phil taking a picture and Moe posing by the sign.

Black Canyon Nat'l Park looks like some climbing to do.

Early in the month Moe officiated a wedding and they ran into some old friends at the camp grounds. That was an extra good time.

Moe had the fun of standing in 4 states with one foot.  Geographically this is where they intersect and so there is large metal and marble plaque to mark the spot. I have a picture of me standing there but it was a long time ago. Now it cost $5.00 to stand up there and get your picture taken. And there are vendors all around the circle, some Native American and some others are different nationalities.

It's time to check the news. Louisiana has been having way too much rain and thousands are homeless this week. Flood waters up to the porch roof and lots of rescues going on. I only hope they thought to look out for the animals. During past storms volunteers have run through the neighborhood and rescued pets. Hopefully they are doing it again.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Labor day festivities where ever you are!