Thursday, September 6, 2018

Settled into the New Home

     At least I'm as settled as I can be.  I still haven't put up curtains because at 78 climbing on the furniture to reach up higher isn't really a good choice. I also haven't hung the big sea scape over the fire place yet either. Oh well, I don't get any visitors except the lady from Occupational therapy for a "Home Safety Inspection".  I have all hardwood floors except the kitchen and bathroom are tile and the closet is a small piece of carpet.

     Today I'm taking little Phoebe to the Animal Clinic for a check up and shots. She's not going to be a happy camper after that. This is a first visit so she's going to get a looking over. Then we'll do a little shopping and if I can find a nail salon who will let Phoebe stay with me, I'll get my nails fixed. They look like they went through a war. And I'm still looking for a Notary to notarize my General Power of Attorney. I sent it down to the kids in Calif. and they signed it and sent it back so I can sign it in front of the Notary and then mail a copy of the whole thing back to them and file a copy with the VA. Guess I'll keep the original with me.

     Here's some pictures of my new house:
Phoebe in the front yard making sure the neighborhood is safe.

My kitchen nook at the far end of the living room. Geese o'plenty.

The corner with large windows and a place for the big bamboo plant. It has about 18 inches to  go.
My fireplace with the Sea scape just leaning against the wall. I'm afraid to be climbing furniture to  hang it.

My organized kitchen. All of those canisters have geese on them.

A close up of my pretty canisters that have been in storage for 10 years.

Phoebe in her bed in front of the fireplace.

Phoebe in the middle of my hospital bed.

More geese canisters. Large one is a cookie jar.

Close up of the top of the fireplace. 2 more bamboo plants, 2 angels that I just finished. Green one is for my sister Dianna.

My new book shelves that I purchased last time I was up to Richland and big lots.

  And that about does it for this week. The bottom shelf is my craft/sewing baskets. I just take what I need to the corner nook and do my crafting from there. My office is on the other side of this living room.
Hugs from Washington to everyone.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

I'm back and ready to post

    Well it's been a hectic 4 months which is why I haven't done any posting here on the blog. I've made a few scrapbook pages and posted them on FB but even FaceBook is different now.  I took down the one FB page I had under my real name. And I won't go into the reasons for the long delay. Just know that I am in a little cottage like apartment. I'm on one half  of a duplex with 2 bedrooms, (1 of which is my storage of my Christmas boxes) and the other larger bedroom is for me and my Companion Dog. She's such a joy. She goes every where I go and when I'm driving she has jammed herself behind my neck. It doesn't interfere with my driving so I just leave her alone. It makes me sit up straight which is a good thing any way. And here's a picture of my little Fur Baby, named Phoebe.
   She's been pretty Mopy since I moved here. She's never been away from her mother since birth Sept 16 of 2016. And I can't run around in circles while she chases me so she just does a little backflip and scoots herself through the grass on her back. It's really funny to watch. This new house isn't fenced so she has to be on a chain. There's a back yard but it's so overgrown she can't play out there. She's a 'Hy-breed Chihuahua who is from 2 purebred parents. Mama is a Apple head Chihuahua and Daddy is a Deer Head Chihuahua. She got Daddy's coloring and markings but Mama's longer hair. She nestles over my head on the new Hospital bed from the VA which doesn't bother me any, once I'm asleep, I'm out.

    Anyway, I'm alone here in South Eastern corner of Washington State but my sister and one brother live just up the road about 50 miles and our youngest brother is going to be moving back to the Yakima area soon. He has a really neat dog name Bing Crosby who goes hunting with him and really loves to play in the snow. Maybe Phoebe can have a play date with him. Brother is moving from Northern Minnesota where 5 ft of snow in the winter is normal. He'll enjoy this area again. He and the other two siblings all graduated from Sunnyside High School and he's looking forward to rekindling school friendships.

     I'm missing my two ladies that I've lived with the last 5 years. Grand daughter, Bridgit got married last October and they are finally getting the chance to be a family in the Calif. area where Grandson-in-law works in the movie/TV industry building props and he also does some really wild makeup artistry for the movies. Great Grand daughter Olivia, is probably going to get into modeling again. She did it for awhile when they lived in Denver and was very good at it. She has grown into a beautiful young lady and I'm sure she'll be getting calls for some modeling again and one of her mentors in Calif. thinks she has a shot at the movies also. I really miss those two ladies. But they needed to be with the husband and father to make the family complete.

     I guess I've rambled on enough so I'll add in a few of the latest scrapbook pictures I've made.

 My cousin Shyanne Shirley and her daughter.
 My cousin Debbie and her daughter Natasha.
 This is Elijah, who calls me Nana and gives great hugs.
 Shyanne and her daughter this March.
 Picture of Mrs Beasley on the day she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Now she's waiting for me to show up. Won't be for another bunch of years.
Sahara Christine Sabri. 

Time to check on Phoebe out in the front yard. Barking at people she doesn't even know. This town is a college town so there is a lot of bicycles going up the street and I've noticed that a lot of people just walk for the fun of it. Wish I could. My right knee doesn't take to walking. And the lungs that are polluted don't either.

Hope every one had a great 4th of July and no accidents with the fireworks.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Feb Post just a little late

I don't know what happened to Feb., but it got by me with out a word. I did some pictures of the RadCon Convention that is held annually in Pasco during the month of February.  All the excitement of the goings on and cos-play costumes and such must have made my mind a little mushy.

Here is a Special edition of the event:
Alex & Isaac at RADCON 2018. Isaac is one of the actors in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 

My Granddaughter Bridgit in her Preditor costume (the only female preditor costume in existence) with husband Jess Langdell (who helped make said costume) and their boss in the shop Dragon Dronet. They make props, costumes, and remake vehicles,  and also do heavy makeups.

Dragon Dronet is the owner of the shop "renegade effects group" and they came to Pasco early and did a presentation at one of the local middle schools.

Jess and Bridgit Langdell. When they wear these costumes in public the are asked to pose with people for a personal picture. And they are happy to do it. Last year instead of a honeymoon they presided over a presentation for little guy in Los Angeles who got a custom made wheelchair from a company that does that type of charity work.

The young lady in the middle is Kimberly Rhodes who wanted her picture with the 2 Preditors.

My night nurse while I was in the hospital for surgery last year hadn't come to the local ComiCon Cos-Play convention but she came to this years because I was bragging about the Langdells and their costumes. Here are some pictures not made into Scrapbook pages.
Bridgit & Jess Langdell

Bridgit & Jess with Dragon Dronet of RenegadeEffectsGroup.

Bridgit & Jess with some ones kids.

I don't know who is dressed up as Chewy or the Storm Trooper but they enjoyed Radcon 2018 in Pasco, Washington

A group shot as they get ready for a Laser sword fight.

More of the Star Wars group getting ready for a sword fight.

I'd guess that the February RadCon in Pasco Washington was a huge success. And I'm guessing now but since they have a webpage, I'll bet there are a ton more of pictures.

Have a great day and God Bless you.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Oh my, Time just flies by me.

Well here I am in the month of March and finally figured I'd better show off a little of the pictures I've made.
    First things first...I'm going to be moving in the first week of June either back to Grand Junction, or back to Long Beach, California where I was stationed back in 1961 when I was just a young girl trying out my wings and serving my country at the same time. Away from home and in the Navy at that. It was a great time for me. A handsome lad showed up one day and was introduced all around and pretty soon he and I were an item. Then we married and 3 months later I was a civilian again because the "rabbit died" (I was pregnant with my first child). Dani was born in Long Beach in 1963.  Denise our 2nd girl was born in 1964 in Whittier Calif. where we had a house and I stayed there while he went to a Navy School in San Diego. Upon graduation we moved to Midway Island.

    Oh for the good old days again. Traveling around the Pacific with children in tow was a great experience. We lived on Midway Island for 30 months and our youngest child was born there, (rode my bicycle to the hosp/clinic while 'husband' played softball for the communications department against the administrative department.

After Midway we were stationed on Guam, in the Mariana's Islands. We had a car there that I had shipped over from PA. Did us proud till the trunk rusted out from the tropical weather and spilled my bags of groceries on the road. Many good stories:     Like;  I worked as a cocktail waitress at the "Chief's" club and I was working the night of one of NASA's Splash Downs. They sent their whole crew of the NASA station to club to party. I was very busy and made $300. in tips. We had a "Hold Out" from the 2nd War living in the jungle behind our housing area. I discovered he was rummaging through our garbage at night so I took to putting the left over food from dinner on a paper plate and wrapping it with plastic wrap and setting it on top of the can. I hoped he enjoyed my cooking which was different from typical Japanese cooking, although I did make a lots of meals that included rice.

    From our 2 years on Guam, we hustled up to Japan for a 30 month tour. And I must say it was a terrific 2 1/2 years.  Our 3 girls really enjoyed living in Japan. The first year we were in Hyama (Emperor's summer home) in an authentic Japanese home. Tatami floors and rice paper walls.  Futons on the floor for the girls.  Charlie (the youngest daughter) had a tricycle that she could ride down the 3 wide hallways and she did so with a stick in her hand and made noises as she rode around. When we moved finally onto the base, I gave "Mama San" 5 rolls of the rice paper to fix all the sliding walls the "tiny human" had put many holes in. The hall on the back side of the house was where all the bathrooms were. One had only a 'urinal' but at least it flushed. The next one had a "gravity" operated Western toilet. That meant the tank was high up the wall and the water just rushed down and the trap closed to fill up the tank again. Right next to this one was the tub-shower. In Japan, you don't get into the tub dirty, you clean off in the shower on the wall (like at the pools in the USA) and then you get into the tub. Now this tub was about 2/3 rd's the size of an American bathtub. and it was sunk into the floor because it was about 3 feet deep. The girls used it as a swimming pool, I used to get in and kneel on my knees to wash up. The last bathroom on that wall was the typical hole in the floor over a septic tank. Charlie lost one of her Barbies in that one and was really upset with me that I wouldn't dig it out, not withstanding I couldn't see down that hole any way.

    They loved going to the Ginza  with me, but the rule was they hold hands and whoever was right next to me would have to hold onto my shirt or pocket. Most of the time this left Charlie (youngest daughter) on the outside.  Shopping one day with them and I was looking through the girls clothing, trying to estimate the sizes (they use metric and it doesn't match mine) when I heard Charlie scream. Mama bear turned in a split second. I had been warned that my cutest youngest one was a prime target for kidnapping. And all it was, was a little Japanese going to the bathroom on her shoe. For those children of that age, going to the bathroom in public was commonplace. Charlie was mortified and I made sure she was either in the middle or right next to me. I even contemplated getting one of those kiddy leashes to tie her to my side when we were out together. They have those harnesses and leashes in Japan.

    And after almost 10 years outside of the Good Ole USA, we came back home to San Diego where we lived in Lakeside while he was on the base. We had a car so he could drive back and forth. The girls and I would walk to where ever we needed to go in Lakeside and our friend Carolyn Dube lived there also and whenever she went to the commissary she took us with her.

    I think I'll post some of my scrapbook pages now: These are from March.
Grand daughter Bridgit and her Husband Jess Langdell in a St Patrick's theme.

Bridgit and Jess as they toured NY City. They went there to work on the filming of a commercial. Jess and the shop he works at did the cyclone in a bottle or something like that. It's classified yet until it's released to TV.

My good friend Moe's first Grand child.

I loved her picture so much I made a second page for her Grandma.

This is Maggie's reaction when she learned she's going to be a Big Sister!

A scrapbook page I made for one of my Facebook friends.
I'm going backwards with the pictures. Have to find out which ones I've already posted.
Have a great day and enjoy the rain. Turns grass green, sprouts your garden and makes for muddy paw prints on the carpet.

God Bless and Hugs from Washington State.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Welcome 2018

 I'm sorry I haven't posted anything for a month or so but then I have no idea if anyone wants to read these anyway.

We had about 3 inches of snow and it was here for Christmas but was gone before the New Year. I stayed inside because my lungs don't like super cold air. COPD & Asbestos Fibrosis make going out side in cold weather not an option.

 I ordered some Dutch-German language books. I took 3 or 4 years in High School of German but that was 60 years ago and about all I can remember is that little ditty "mein-hut-der-hat-drei-ecken" and how to count to at least 10. Wanting to get my skill back because I think it's a pretty language. We shall see.

My ancestors came from that region where they spoke Pennsylvania Dutch and my Grandfather was an Elder in the Quaker church. I think he got excommunicated when he shot at his wife with a shotgun and went to prison. Funny what you can learn on the internet where they have thousands of newspapers and all you have to do is check a region and a name. I even found the day I was discharged from the hospital at 4 years old and went to the County Orphanage. Stayed there for almost 6 years.

Still having issues with the "tummy" but it's nothing I can't handle. Have been packing and watching TV.  It's good that I'm such a "Sweet little OLD Lady" and none of that stuff bothers me. I'm happy the way I am. Although I have had many desires to join a Mennonite gathering if I can find one when I move to Grand Junction.  My #2 daughter who is going to be my sudo care giver might not like me moving out of the city. I know for sure #1 daughter will blow a gasket.

I'm going to take up quilting after I get settled in GJ. I already bought a sewing machine since the 2 machines up in my storage shed are ancient and don't work anyway. Off to Goodwill they go. Maybe they can fix them and sell them. I'm still going to be doing my scrapbooking and the family trees. I might start a service of making a family tree for other people and then put their tree on a disc and give it to them. The crocheting is getting too much for the hands (they are 78 yrs old) that are starting to tremble so I need something that doesn't require much concentration and activity with the hands and wrist.

Well here are the few scrapbook pages I made for Jan.

 Isn't that cute...they take naps together.

My sister-in-law who passed away on Jan 4th.Heaven has a special Angel now.

This is one of my cousins that lives in Bradford, I think. I liked the picture so I made a page and posted it to her FB page.
Please check out the December posting...I just put the pictures of the front yard's Christmas Deco's.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New Christmas Decos

I found a 9 ft Nutcracker that blows up and he was marked down already so I only paid $26. for him. And my Granddaughter Bridgit always try to buy me a new lawn decor and this she found the cutest little critter for the yard and he lights up too. I'm still looking for the Pink Flamingos with a Santa Hat so I can finish off the front lawn. and I just found them on Amazon so I bought 2. I'll get the Santa hats when I find out the size of these guys.  They'll look great with the Nutcracker. And the snowman too with the trees and such. I got a new light bulb for the snowman and tomorrow Bridgit's husband is Flying up from LA to be with us for Christmas. He's a Christmas nut like I am and the Flamingo's will be here on Friday.

I've found several new Christmas kits for Scrapbooking and I can't wait for the parties so I can get pictures and post them. We found a picture of our "Tiny Human" who just turned 13 on Monday so I made a nice scrapbook page and posted it on facebook much to her dismay. I think it's adorable and if she gets the modeling and movie gigs like her Dad & Uncle think she will, I guess it won't matter if I put a picture out there. The media will do some also. But that's not going to happen until next year in the summer. That's when they'll be in the LA area as a family with both parents working and watching out for her. 

Here's a couple of the pages.
My sister Dianna and her two beautiful daughters.

Consuelo the youngest daughter just became a Grandma 4 months ago and this little guy isn't very little any more.

This was Isaac a few weeks ago.

My favorite Tiny Human who enjoyed playing dress up with my Red Hat Collection. She was mortified when I posted this on FB but none of her friends can see my FB page since they aren't on my friends list. I only have 132 friends and none of them say anything but nice things about her.

Time to check on my lunch!

Have a nice day and a great weekend.
God Bless you and The USA!

Found pictures of the front yard that didn't get posted for Christmas.
 My 7 foot Nutcracker with my Gr granddaughter Olivia and I posing.

The snow man got moved around. He went to the other side of the walk.

Bridgit's R2D2 joined my Nutcracker and then the snowman moved over here to make room for the little dog.

And as you can see there are pink flamingos on the lawn. I found them on Amazon and got 4 of them. They sort of stand out don't they. I live on a one block street and the lady across from us has lights on her porch (never takes them down) and I decorated our lawn. Not another one on the block had Christmas decos. My new Grandson-in-law is a Christmas nut just like me so we had a good time. And he's a Norse Viking...who would have known. We didn't have room for his Christmas Village but he'll put it up in Calif. next year. I'll be in Grand Junction so I'm going to start building my own Village.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's looking a lot like Christmas at our house

    Bridgit and I have been doing some decorating around our house until Jess comes home on the 14th and then he can finish up with the outdoor lights. And more of the indoor decorations. It's one of Jess's favorite holidays as well as mine. I can't wait for him to get the Fireplace out of storage so we can put up my collection of Santas.

     We lived on Midway Island from April of 1965 to Nov of 1967. It's a beautiful little Island in the Hawaiian chain (1.5 miles long & not quite as wide, with a moderate hill in the middle that is 12 feet above sea level). It wasn't big enough for the 2,000 people to have cars so we all had bicycles (called Horses) for our transportation to and from our shopping at the base commissary and the exchange for clothes. There was a bowling alley and my husband and I bowled on a league and coached the pre-teens in the finer art of bowling. Lots of fun. And we had the greatest pristine beach (no littering allowed). We policed each other and we watched each other's kids as well as our own.  I was pregnant with my third child on this gorgeous island and yes, I rode a bicycle to the hospital (actually just a clinic with 2 beds in the end of the building called a ward.  I rode that bicycle all over the island except the beach which was only 1/2 block from my front door.
     There was also a ceramic shop which I frequented quite often. My "Horse" was equipped with saddle bag baskets on the back which is where my 2 girls (one age 4 and one age 3) rode because my box of ceramics was in the front basket. It was while we were stationed on Midway that I made the beautiful Nativity scene and it was while I was pregnant with my 3rd girl. I had just finished up the last of the Kings and the Animals which was great since she came in June of 1967. Husband wouldn't allow me to ride the Bicycle much after about March but when he left for work, he had no idea what I did. I still had to do grocery shopping so I went to the commissary with the girls in the back and put a couple of bags in the front.

     Those 2 paragraphs were a prelude to what happened to the Nativity scene. When I moved from Grand Junction back to Richland Washington, my daughter said she should have the Nativity because I made it while I was pregnant with her.  I agreed.  So I don't have one to put up but Jess has a village that means a lot to him so we will make a place for the village and I just found 3 of the cutest little American Indians about 2.5 inches tall and they just might look great in the village. I'm missing a lot of the ornaments I used to carry around from Midway, to Guam, to Japan, to Alameda CA, to San Diego and then up here to Richland Washington. I'm sure the Nativity Scene enjoyed all of those places as much as I did. But of all the bases and countries I liked Midway Island the best.

And now it's time to show you what I've been doing with the scrapbooking. I've taken up knitting on a loom and making beanies for the Pediatric ward at the hospital. I try to crochet a scarf to go with the Beanies.  But I'm slower than Bridgit. She whips out Beanies by the hour. I do them by the days. But I still get in some scrapbooking. I've collected a couple of new Christmas kits so I'll be happy for awhile.

Gr-grand daughter Kaddie on her 10th birthday. Girl is growing like a wild flower.

Another shot of Kaddie with a different scrapbook kit.

My good friend Cheryl in GJ has 2 Gr-grandbabies now. Both girls. This one is Emberly born inSept, I think.

This is Emberly's cousin Nova Ann. Cheryl's grand daughter and her grandson had babies 2 1/2 weeks apart. I thought they were twins but Cheryl straightened me out.

This beautiful baby is one of my cousins on the East Coast. She'd be my cousin twice removed (I think that's how they say it). Her name is Autumn and she's adorable.

I'll post again with the pictures from December.

Hugs from Grandma Sarge. God Bless America.