Friday, June 21, 2019

I'm still here!

     It's almost the end of June and I'm still here in Walla Walla. Things are going slowly because of
Bridgit's recuperation from her surgery. She still has to go to Physical Therapy but it's getting a lot easier for her. I'm still doing small chores to get ready to move.

     I've got all my winter clothes boxed up and now I'm working on hanging the summer tops. I'm doing them in smaller batches because I really go nutsy with tops and I've really got quite a large collection. Some have Writing on the front and some have writing on the back. And some are really too big and should go to goodwill but they are favorites so I wash and hang them in the closet. I'm hoping my next house has a bigger closet. I'd love to have a 'Walk in Closet'. I could fill it very easily.

     I've only got one plant in my garden and it's on the table in the nook which is in the corner of  2 large windows that make up the corner I put the table in. I have a pretty large Tomato plant in the middle of the table so it can get sun at least part of the day. And my bamboo plant is almost touching the ceiling now and it's roots are strangling themselves. I need to get a large supply of marbles to put into the new planter I got for it. Some of the leaves are turning yellow because of the choking, (at least that's what I think).  I'm not a botanist so I'm not too sure why she's looking ill.

     I'm all finished with the Dentist.  Got new dentures after 50+ years. Got scolded by the dentist for not doing it earlier but without Dental Insurance I couldn't afford new plates. Now that the VA is paying for them, I'm good. The dentist wanted to do dental implants but I'm not sure the VA will pay for that so regular teeth will have to do. Goodness I'll be 80 years old in Oct. this year so it isn't going to be too long before I won't need them anyway. But my plan is to last past 90 years. I just want to set a record for the family. My mother was 86 so I should plan on at least 90. Or maybe 100!

     I've done a few more scrapbook pages which I'll pop in here now.

 My little sister Dianna taken this year. She's 72 this year. Just a youngster.
 This is Elaina & baby sister Joy. Cousin from the East's little jewels
 My brother's wife Joanne (who passed awhile ago) and her Aunt Sylvia. 
Little brother George posted this as his favorite picture of Joanne.
 My niece Juanita and her husband Jeremy of 25 years.
 My good friend Tina's children. This is Leo and his little sister Anara.
 Penelope is growing so fast. She's only 6 months old and already weighs 57.+ lbs.
Her human Dad is losing control of his recliner as you see.
One of the cousins back East has become a Grandma and I can't remember his name.
If I find where I left it, I'll fix the post.

Meanwhile, let's call it a day and everyone have a great weekend. My special thanks to all the lovely ladies that I get my scrap booking kits from. Raspberry Roads Designs, Kyra from Russian-Dutch Heart Designs from the Netherlands, Tooty Pup Designs,from Australia, and Miriam Zimmerman from Studio Manu in Germany (I believe).

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May is a beautiful Month

    Well it's been a strange Month. Mother's day came and went. NO big deal. Two of my three daughters sent me a card.  Grand daughter Bridgit took me to a friends house for the day. It was a very good day. Checked out her 'Garden', that she has pretty much got planted.  Then we had 'stuffed french toast'. Really tasty.  Lot's of things to do on a farm. I just found the closest comfortable chair and relaxed.

    I thought we'd be moving in May, back up to the Richland Area but things don't always go as planned. Bridgit had surgery on her shoulder. She had a problem with the Rotator cup and her Bicep was ripped loose from where it was supposed to be attached so they put that back. Then comes multiple days of Physical Therapy. It's going to be 'multiple weeks' of Physical therapy. She was once back to 100% radiation of the arm but then she did some lifting so that dragged her back to less than 100%. Since she no longer has a husband to help with the heavy lifting she tried some herself. Not a good idea. 

    It may take us until July to get out of this house. And if I see any more Brown Recluse Spiders, I'll carry every thing out of here myself. I had a close call with one of those poisonous spiders. I was reaching into a file folder that sits beneath my desk top and felt a movement on my arm so I just without thinking flipped it off. Bridgit's ex husband shouted to me to not move and he jumped up and ran over to stomp the critter. And Bridgit came unglued one day in the bathroom while she was doing her hair. One was slowly coming down from the ceiling on a web and she just shrieked. Naturally Jess ran into the bathroom and dispatched it spider heaven. This is a pretty old house and not very well sealed. Lots of places where they can come inside and take up nesting. 

  School is almost over for the year. I believe that Olivia will be starting the 9th grade in the fall.  In my day that was Junior High. High School was 10th, 11th, and 12th. Not sure about how it goes anymore. Olivia is a Great Granddaughter and a whopping 14 years old. She helps me down stairs because this house has a basement so it's up off the ground about 2+ feet. That means it's 4 good size steps from the sidewalk to the porch.  And there is no railing for me to climb those steps. And the owner says I can put one up at my expense but I have to take it down when I move.

    My last 2 months have been taken up with visits to the Dentist. I was going to use one of my stun guns on him when we first started the process. How he managed to get both hands inside my mouth is beyond me, but he did and gagged me to where I almost barfed on him. I had a set of dentures that my friend Rene' made for me when I lived on Midway Island. He got some new material in and wanted to practice so he called me up and set an appointment to replace the ones that I had been wearing for over 8 years. That was in 1966 and they served me well. Without dental insurance I made my own fixes. One of Charlie's dogs got the bottom plate off the headboard in the night and did some damage about 7 years ago. I used one of my small sanders on the rough edges and it was fine. The lower jaw bone has disentegraded so I did my own relining the plate. And I was quite happy with myn work. Those are only temporary relinings that you buy in the store. After I was designated 100% disabled, I got dental coverage from the VA. They don't have acomplete lab here in Walla Walla so the nice dentist I saw wrote a referal to a local doctor that specializes in Dentures. I now have a brand new set of teeth and he's recommending Dental Implants, but it's iffy ithat the VA will go for that. I might not want to do it myself. Granted they are a big improvement over dental plates but I'm at an age that I can live with these for about 15 more years. That will make me 95 yrs old and who cares what my teeth look like.

    Well this has been a pretty long posting so I'll just say I hope you have a great week and I'm going to share some of the scrapbook pages I've made these last 2 months. I've made 36 pages but I'll only share the few I've made of the babies in the Shirley Family and my friend Cheryl in Grand Junction. And a couple of my Animal pages.

 This is a Great Neice from Back East. Thanks to Kyra for the kit.
 My friend Cheryl's Granddaughter Hayley and her daughter Nova.
 Another cousin, I think. Elaina is proud of her new sister Ivy Rose.
 My cousin Shyanne has a gorgeous son named Jamal. And he's a happyn baby!
 My cousin Todd in Florida lost his Natalie last year and he has finally come
around to a new companion. Penelope is from the same blood line as 
Natalie was.
 This is my Phoebe who looks like a little old man with a flyaway beard,
I just adore this girl. She's a certified Companion dog.
And a Handsome young man in the Shirley family I believe
named Wyatt 6th birthday.

I have made 36 but this is only 7 of them. I have a very large family back East in the Warren Area (where I was born and raised), some in Jamestown, and some in Bradford. I told them it'd be one whale of a Family Reunion if I ever get the chance to get back there. I hate flying so it'd be a train ride or a car ride to get back there.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Horay it's Spring

    I know it's spring because the Dafodils behind my garbage cans have bloomed. It's a shame no one can see them except from our porch. I had to move the 2 garbage containers to an open space under my kitchen window because I'm old and climing stairs is difficult for me let alone walk the full length of this duplex to toss a bag of kitchen garbage into the can.  I might look out our back door and see if the original spot is closer, but then I might not. The college kids in the other half of the duplex do not think it's part of their lease to roll the large cans to the curb every Wednesday night for pickup at 7 am on Thursday. They have watched me do it and limp back to the steps to my house and have to stop and catch my breath.  Can't pull a heavy garbage with one hand and hold your cane with the other one. Just doesn't work so I was doing it without my cane.
    Thank goodness I'm moving next month so it won't be the larger cans for 2 families like it is here. And my new house probably have Brown Recluse Spiders.  I was opening a File folder that was under the top part of my computer desk and something caught my eye so I flicked my arm. Bridgit's husband saw it start to crawl away and he jumped up and stomped it after he said loudly don't move. Then he told me it was a brown recluse. Of course when Bridgit had her encounter with one of those Nasty Poisenous Spiders she was a whole lot louder screaming than I was. I didn't know what was going on for my encounter but Bridgit recognized it for what it was. She'd been bitten before and spent 3 days in hospital till they were assured she'd be OK.
    If anyone reading this is over 65, please know that Medicare has authorized a free Cancer Screening if you qualify. I qualified because I had a cancer on my ear, which they cut the top off of. Makes wearing a hearing aid or O2 tubing a little iffy. Not much of the top of the ear left but I manage. Then I also qualified because my mother had Colon Cancer, and my oldest daughter had Ovarian Cancer 3 times, (because she refused Kemo on the grounds she'd loose her beautiful hair). Anyway that got them to send me the test and I swabbed my mouth the designated number of times, twice. It's 15 swipes on each cheek twice, and then the same story with the 2nd swab. They are testing my genetics I guess to see if I'm liable to have another cancer.

    Time to show you the pages I've made from some new kits. And I just got 3 new kits this morning from a designer in the UK by the name of Snow Raven. If you do digital scrapbooking she's rather prolific and an Artist even. I'm anxious to see how the new kits will work with my family pictures.

 My friend Barbara and her family were out for dinner one night. This is Barbara and her granddaughter Mia.
 This is one of Snow Raven's kits named Celtic Magic. Being part Irish myself, I was happy to use this one for my Granddaughter Bridgit and her new Mom Stephanie. They are one happy pair when they start working crafts and planning family gatherings.
 This is Elijah Mitchell, the 2nd Grandson of my cousin Tammy. He's a cutie.
 These are Vintage pictures using a Vintage kit from a lady in Germany. My Uncle Herman and his lovely wife Jean.
 This is a family friend on her 21st Birthday and the bottom one is I believe her 9th Birthday. Megan has grown up to be a lovely young lady.
My Granddaughter Reanna has 3 dogs this size and she says they talk to each other a lot. Hopefully she live in a seperate house so the neighbors don't have to listen to 3 dogs talking. Her Name is Nala!

    Time to check my spelling and say "Have a Nice Day"!

Sunday, March 31, 2019

I'm sorry for the long time between posts

    I started a post about a month ago but now I can't find it. And I can't remember what I was talking about...Comes with getting old I guess.

    I believe part of my problem has been the weather. Having 4 or 5 inches of snow on the front yard is depressing since I don't have the energy to play in it like I used to do as a youngster. I made forts and Angels and had some really whopping snow ball fights/wars.  I was raised the first 20 years of my life in North Western Pennsylvania where we sometimes had snow for Halloween, but usually it got really wintery in November. After I went off and joined the U.S. Navy in 1960 and after my basic training and Radio school I was transferred to Long Beach Calif. I've been on the West Coast or over seas ever since. I got to live in one of Hawaii's island atolls for 31 months, then Guam for 2 yrs, and then Japan for 30 months. Lived in California for 5 years and then to Washington. Now I'm in Washington State and this past winter has been the toughest one so far. A little bit of snow isn't bad at all like we had in Richland for Christmas and then by New Years it was gone. I'm going to put a picture of the front yard for our Christmas 2017. Couldn't find one right off hand so I'll look through some old files and see where I've put the 2017 pictures.

    My Grand daughter had her surgery this month and she's in a sling full time for 8 weeks, and then it's a few months of Physical Therapy. She had surgery on her left shoulder for a rotator cup problem and putting a muscle back attached where it belongs. Now she has some really neat looking exercises she has to start on at home before she starts on the pullysin the Therapy place.

    I'm almost finished with my Therapy for my knee. I think I've got about 4 sessions left. I don't mind the incline and I don't mind the bicycle but they have one torture machine, I don't want to get on. The massage therapy with an echo machine is relaxing and has helped to lower the insulation on the knee cap so I'm not walking nearly as Old Lady like as I used to do. I'm going to be 80 this year so I'll hold the old lady bent over walking until I'm 90+. But I still don't do much walking because the lungs and heart dysfunction aren't letting me go more than around the house from my cptr to the Loo and then a stop in the kitchen and it's back to the desk. 

    Now I'm starting on my little kitchen garden. I put 3 small pots in the window. One is Parsley, one is Basil, and the third is Chives. I was at my Albertson's store and spotted this package of the 3 herbs and the growing medium so I bought it. Planted them and put them in the kitchen window over my kitchen sink. That way I can watch them grow. Germaniation in about 3 to 4 weeks and they don't need the sun which is good because it's only there lightly for about another month and then it'll be strong sun. Going to order the planter box for tomatoes this morning.

    Here's a few of the scrapbook pictures I've done this year. As you will notice, I've put a statement at the bottom of each picture giving credit to the designer of the kit and the name of the kit. In case you want to try your hand at this make a comment at the bottom and I'll tell you how you can reach every one of them.

 Grand daughter Bridgit and her BFF Brandi a couple of years ago.
 Grand daughter Bridgit in her Predator Costume, which is the only female Predator costume in existance.
 A new kit from Studio Manu and the Sailor is myself in 1962.
 Picture of me with another one of Studio Manu's kits. The Guard dog around my neck is my little Chihuahua Phoebe.
 Picture of my young friend Megan in a kit from Russian-Dutch Heart Designs and the overlay from another kit of Studio Manu.
 Cousin Todd's new puppy who's waiting to get a little bigger so she can romp in the ocean like his ancestor Natalie used to do.
 My good friend Cheryl is the proud Grandmother to to these adorable Dolls.
 And making a scrapbook page of a picture from 77 years ago. The adorable toddler in the top left is my older brother Bud (he's a junior who passed) and a little cutie is me 77 yrs ago.
 This is Memorial page to my beloved cat of 16 years who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge in 2018. I really miss this lady.

That's all for today but I got a new kit to play with this morning so I'll be back.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Wishing every one a Merry Christmas, and a late Happy Thanksgiving

     Well, I just checked into my blog and I'm ashamed of myself. Haven't been very good about keeping things up to date. But I haven't been in a good state lately either. Let's just forgive me and I'll try to make up for my dereliction.
     I do have my Christmas things up and around. Jess is going to put some lights outside on the little front porch.  We put the Carolers statue out there on the step.  But one of my neighbors alerted me that if I put my lawn decorations out there, considering we don't have any fencing at this house we rent, he said they'd probably not be there in the morning. So my Pink Flamingos, my blow up 6 ft Nutcracker and other trees, and blow up doggie are staying in storage.  The Moral character of a lot of people these days is really sad!
     But here's what I have in the house:
 Jess has a village that he hasn't been able to display for 7 years now.  So it was put here in my house and I got him a couple of early presents, (another house and a train).  This picture was before the Train was included. Different now.
 I collect Santa's for my fireplace (which I hadn't been able to since 2015)  Most of the Santas are on the fire place.

 The Wreath is a pale blue to match thne ornaments on the Tree.
 We moved the book case out of the corner so we could put the tree in there. The Santa that holds the Sax plays music, whick I made a video of. I'll see if I can get it loaded here.
 As you can see, it's quite an extensive village.
We're almost ready for the Train. It's there under the tree but I'll put another pic with a better view.
 Most of the buildings have lights in them. Not lit now, till we put new batteries in them.
 I have already taken  the ribbons off the tree. didn't like them after all.
 This Santa is standing watch over the Phone charging station  and the plants behind him.
The train goes around under the tree and a lot of the buildings have joined the train under the tree. Guess I need to take better pictures. I really like the lights in  the village.

Well this is long enough for today. I'll take better pictures and share them tomorrow. But I'd also like to share a few scrapbook pages.
 A good friend has become a Grandmother again. This is Max.
 This is a good friends Birthday girl. Her party was on Friday night and now she's 14.
 Another Grandmother sent a picture.
 My little puppy chooses to nap in front of the Heater.
 My youngest Grand child. Did us proud, first one to finish her college. I'm still doing college classes but not for credits...just for my edification. Don't know what I'd do with a BA at my age!
My friends in Oregon. We were at their house for Thanksgiving. The food was great and plenty of it.

Time to call it a day.
Hugs from Washington State.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Settled into the New Home

     At least I'm as settled as I can be.  I still haven't put up curtains because at 78 climbing on the furniture to reach up higher isn't really a good choice. I also haven't hung the big sea scape over the fire place yet either. Oh well, I don't get any visitors except the lady from Occupational therapy for a "Home Safety Inspection".  I have all hardwood floors except the kitchen and bathroom are tile and the closet is a small piece of carpet.

     Today I'm taking little Phoebe to the Animal Clinic for a check up and shots. She's not going to be a happy camper after that. This is a first visit so she's going to get a looking over. Then we'll do a little shopping and if I can find a nail salon who will let Phoebe stay with me, I'll get my nails fixed. They look like they went through a war. And I'm still looking for a Notary to notarize my General Power of Attorney. I sent it down to the kids in Calif. and they signed it and sent it back so I can sign it in front of the Notary and then mail a copy of the whole thing back to them and file a copy with the VA. Guess I'll keep the original with me.

     Here's some pictures of my new house:
Phoebe in the front yard making sure the neighborhood is safe.

My kitchen nook at the far end of the living room. Geese o'plenty.

The corner with large windows and a place for the big bamboo plant. It has about 18 inches to  go.
My fireplace with the Sea scape just leaning against the wall. I'm afraid to be climbing furniture to  hang it.

My organized kitchen. All of those canisters have geese on them.

A close up of my pretty canisters that have been in storage for 10 years.

Phoebe in her bed in front of the fireplace.

Phoebe in the middle of my hospital bed.

More geese canisters. Large one is a cookie jar.

Close up of the top of the fireplace. 2 more bamboo plants, 2 angels that I just finished. Green one is for my sister Dianna.

My new book shelves that I purchased last time I was up to Richland and big lots.

  And that about does it for this week. The bottom shelf is my craft/sewing baskets. I just take what I need to the corner nook and do my crafting from there. My office is on the other side of this living room.
Hugs from Washington to everyone.