Friday, June 2, 2017

May is gone and Hello June

I missed the month of May for blogging. Can't think of why but I'm here today so I'll make up a little bit of lost time.
     Gardening has been a real washout for me this year. I haven't been able to keep the plants watered and so many have died, I sort of just gave up. I think there's still a few cantaloupe plants  and maybe I can find some large plant pots and put a couple of tomato plants in them. And then again when they get the sprinkler system operating again maybe the three plants will take hold and be revived. I cried a couple of times at not getting my garden finished. I find there is more that I can't do and I have to quit trying. The last fall was landed on my bottom (killing the pumpkins) and the large shovel handle conking me on the head. Had to get an Mri done. Good news was, no bleeding in the cranium, no tumours and nothing broken as in fractured skull. I'm just going to go to container gardens.

Just found some more of the vintage geese items for my kitchen. This one was a large platter (plastic and small oven dish. Here's what I've been looking for.
I found a set of coffee cups a year or so ago, and yesterday I found a set of metal bowls with geese on them (mixing or serving bowls)and a set of 45 blue handled silverware. Those two items will arrive on Monday. I have bid on a teapot, and some metal canisters.  I just checked and I'm high bidder on both of these items so on Sunday I'll up my bid in the last 10 mins or so that I'm still high bidder and then they will be mine also. I'd like to find the rest of the canister set that matches the large cookie jar in the picture.

     And on to something else. On Friday last week, i had the privilege of enjoying a visit to the "Traveling VietNam Wall". My youngest was one of the speakers and she sort of insisted I attend so I cancelled a Blood Draw at the VA so I could go with her.  I was really surprised when she built her speech around my getting her involved with the Military (Sea Cadets) where we went to a boot camp here in Washington.  She did a good job and survived, even with me being the Executive Officer and dropping her for push  ups when she slipped and said "Hi Mom" instead of "Hello Lieutenant" since I was in uniform and so was she. She was 13 years old the following week so she got a waiver to attend. I served for 4 years or so in the Sea Cadets, meeting on the same weekend as we drilled in the reserves. I'd bop into the Cadets area just to make sure they were doing what they were supposed to and then go back to my own Reserve Unit. I highly recommend the Cadets to anyone in the Navy because they still need the leaders and it only at the time I was involved cost $30. a year. Here's a couple of pictures from last weekend.
I was facing the wall of names and Charlie took my picture so you can see my patriotic shirt.

Charlie and I beside the wreath from the DAR . I used to drag her to Military events and now she drags (willingly) to something when ever we have a chance.
And here's a couple of scrapbook pages I've done this last month.
My cousin Todd has a beautiful dog and since he moved from Erie PA to Florida, he enjoys taking her to the beach close to their apartment. Some days they meet up with a friend of his and her dog so the dogs can have a really good time.

I found this picture of our new First Lady, Melania Trump and I couldn't resist making a scrapbook page for her. She's such a beautiful and classy lady, she does the White House Proud. 

My Friend Moe and her husband Phil are on the road again. They went visiting Civil War Parks and they always do a lot of pictures.

My cousin Rosalie (in the bed) and her daughter Tina. This was taken shortly before she passed away and Tina asked me to make a scrapbook page of this one. I was very happy to do it.

Grand daughter Bridgit and her 2nd Mom smiling for the camera. Such a sweet picture.
My good friend Dave Gilmour with his 2 fast growing children.This is Megan, Mason and Dave.

This cute ball player is Jeweli Perez. She's been playing for a few years now and this year she's on the team at Richland High school.

Eddie and Marie Perez, parents of the ball player.

I think Megan graduated this year so this is her yearbook picture.

Our 2 canine fur babies; Serenity is 2+ this year and in Sept, my little Phoebe will be a year old.

Well it's time to get dressed, at 1:30 in the afternoon. Thought about a PJ day but I have to go to town in a little while. so I'll get myself moving.

God Bless you al and have a great week.