Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another small computer problem

Seems like all I do is fight with this thing. Now it's whatever thingy controls the jpegs and a lot of the graphics in the scrapbooking kits from my friends. Needless to say, I haven't done much in the way of scrapbooking. Got to get my Grandson the IT Guru to 'remote into my computer' and see what he thinks.

My little 'nucleus family' has found (it fell into our lap) a new place to live with everyone of us having our own bedroom. It's in pretty nasty shape and Grand daughter is going to be doing the painting with a friend of hers after she washes the smoke covered walls. I've picked 'seafoam green' for my room and I've ordered Sage colored curtains for the two windows in the front. Haven't decided on the window that faces the side yard yet because it's going to be the window where I put Mrs Beasley's window sitter. Even if she has no claws I'll bet if she tried hard enough she'd rip something up.

I'm going to see if the Knights of Columbus will loan me another hospital bed.
It shouldn't be a big problem and maybe I can get them to take the ramp.  I'd prefer to give it to a veteran but so far none have come forward.

Anyway,  I've taken up crocheting with the ribbon stuff and making those scarves you see the ladies wearing these days. Pretty good at that but I've know how to crochet for years...just never did with the ribbons.  And then my daughter who was in the bus accident turned me on to 'adult coloring' books. They are very relaxing and I enjoy doing them.  Here's a couple of the pictures I've colored:
I did this one with a lot of permanent markers and some Gel Pens. Took a couple of days.

This one was fun. It's part markers and part gel colors but the cat didn't have a line down her face. I put that there. I love doing these pics. You can find the books on Amazon and here in the U.S. they are now at Hastings. 
And here are a couple of pictures I managed to get done before the software or whatever it is that's wrong with this PC. Maybe it'll fix itself when I get the new Windows 10, in a couple of weeks.
From our Colorado trip...taking Dani home from her stay in the hospital. She's doing better but she's still only working 1/2 days and using the walker. The blow to her head probably is making her Vertigo worse than before. Kit is 'Daisy Chain' by Twilight Scraps.

The 3 little girls who were swimming in the pool but I made it look like they were at a beach. Kit is 'Smell the Sea' by Studio Manu.

My thanks to both of these ladies who do such beautiful work. And I can't wait to get back to making pics with a new kit by Kyra at Russian Dutch Heart and another one by Miriam's Scraps. I'm having withdrawal.

Hugs to all and have a great week ahead.  I'm staying inside...we're expected to have 107 up to 112 degrees all week. I'm not going out in it!!