Thursday, May 28, 2015

Little trip to Colorado

I haven't been to my blog or read any blogs for a week now. Last Wednesday I got a phone call that my oldest daughter had been in a bus accident. The bus she was riding to work got T-boned by a SUV.

Daughter Dani got a whole body of bruises about the size of cantaloupes and a real nasty concussion (Arachnoid concussion of the spider veins in the brain). Needless to say I rented a car and my Grand daughter and I drove half of a day and all night into Thursday to get to Colorado where she lives.
Here's the pictures of the bus:

As you can see it was a mighty hard hit to flip a bus over on it's side and it took a crane to get it back up again. When I blew up the picture I think I saw where Dani's head hit the opposite side of the bus. She had to get the glass pieces out of her hair. Bridgit helped her into the shower and she washed her hair in the hospital. Then when we got her home she washed it again and combed it with a fine tooth comb. 

We got to Grand Junction on Thursday afternoon (mix up at the car rental so we didn't leave WA till 4pm). And it's a 912 mile trip. house-to house. Naturally being 75 years old we stopped a few times for bathroom breaks and since we also got Olivia out of school and being only 10 yrs old she wanted to see everything.  I didn't do any of the driving (I left it to Bridgit) and also she doesn't think I should be driving at 75 yrs old anyway. 

It was a great big surprise to walk into Dani's hospital room at 1:30 in the afternoon. Bridgit had been getting updates from her little sister who was in the room with Dani but even Missy didn't know we were coming. Bridgit told her that she was going to call the room and talk to her mom so Missy gave her the room number. When we got to the hospital Bridgit asked for a wheel chair for me since I don't walk very far without the hips giving monster pains. So since we hadn't told anyone we were on the way, we sent Olivia in first to give her Grandma a big hug. Then Bridgit wheeled me in and every one cried! Big hugs all around. 

Dani was tired of waiting for the X-ray people to show up for her X-ray we made them give her a script for it at the out patient pavilion. We did it the next day and then went shopping at Wal-Mart. Dani & I were both in the electric carts having a good time.

Dani is moving right along in her healing and the Insurance co gave her a real nice walker which Missy promptly decorated with different colors of bandannas!

We drove back up here to WA on Monday Memorial day. Really took some time to enjoy the scenery and the rock formations.  Drove through several rain storms but the little Hundai Spirit or whatever it was did really good. Gets great gas mileage and rides real smooth. Didn't have cruise control which is probably why Bridgit got a speeding ticket in Utah. Only black spot on the whole trip.
Very pretty

Olivia likes to climb in the rocks.

Heading into the rain.

One of my favorite trip games is finding animals or bldgs in the cloud formations. As you can see in the last two pics we were heading into a band of rain . It was a fun ride anyway.

Back to normal here. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Just a short post today and only 3 scrapbook pages. I've moved out the house I used to share with my daughter and now I'm staying with my Grand daughter. I've still got a lot of packing and storing of things from daughter's house but I'll get it done.

Still going to Rehab for the lungs and Cardio also. Some days it's fun and other's it's real hard on arthritic knees. The machines aren't too bad but the aerobic dancing is way too much.

I wish all of my friends and followers a very Happy Mother's Day!

Friend Ashley and her daughter as she was taking her to school to become a world class chef!

Bridgit and her daughter Olivia a couple of years ago as they were out hiking.

Gr-Grandson Aayden with his Auntie Vanessa on her wedding day!

Time to get a cup of coffee to start my day right. God Bless you and have a great day MOMs!!