Friday, October 31, 2014

Birthday and a lot more!

Had great day yesterday. Charlie invited friends and family over to help me celebrate my 75th birthday. Several didn't come because there is a tummy bug going around with all the nastiness associated with it. Olivia had it Sunday and a little bit yesterday. I had to run down to her school and pick her up just to be safe. Jopefully today she'll be in much better shape.

Sweet Megan brought a plate of cookies, and the neatest little appetizers around the plate.  circle of black olives with a slice of pepperoni filled with cream cheese in the middle. She called them torpedoes.  Mike and I ate most of them but I saved 4 of them for Bridgit for when she came home from work at 8 pm. It was a fun evening and I enjoyed it. I even forgot to open the presents that Olivia wrapped up for for me.

31 October 2014  Happy Halloween!!

I haven't stayed on the computer for vry much this week. Have just found out that the Lorazapan (Adivan) is causing me to have sleep and shouldn't have been subscribed Insominia. I immediately quite taking it and it has helped with me waking up feeling I was on a rocking boat! I may have been a sailor but rocking boats would make anyone fall down. At least that side effect has gone away. Now to figure out how to get a good night's sleep.

Today is a meeting of the "Cold War Patriots" and I have already met up with one of the ladies attending from Denver. She worked at Rocky Flats the same time as I did and was even in the same building but we never ran into each other.  I've been a member of tghis group for quite some time but this is the first meeting I've been to. I'm interested to hear the latest news from the government who is responsible for a lot of people with some pretty nasty ailments. I have Asbestos Pneumoconiosis which is to say my lungs don't work very well. That's why I'm on O2 most of the day and night.

Daughter Charlie as a 'Flapper' at one of the parties. Kit I used was 'Haounting Hour' by Kyra @ Russian Dutch Heart Designs.

This is "Moments like This" by Manuela Zimmerman. That's me with 4 of the 5 great grandchildren. Dominic, Aayden, Olivia & Kaddie with Charlie holding Aayden who was trying sleep...poor little guy didn't feel good.

This ia a Musician friend of ours with his lovely wife Pam on his left, and his sister on his right.
These two ladies have taken 'selfies' to a whole new level. The picture here is one I took for them so they could show off their Halloween costumes. That's Ashley on the left and Bridgit on the right. Kit was Yabba Dabba Boo by Lins creations.

Ooh Looky!! It's Ashley and Bridgit again. This time I used a couple of kits. Some part of Catch a Wave by mzimm, and a few parts but I found the gold frame on my hard drive and have no idea who made it for me. 

Time for some chores! Will talk again another day.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Overcast and rainy

It rained pretty hard this morning but it's all dried up now. Then I looked at the sky and that was a strange looking one up there. Mor like the cloud cells that spawn tornados. But there's no wind and no hail so I guess we're safe.   My daughter says we live in a bubble that she calls "The Hanford Bubble". We have mountains and pretty high ridges around us and it seems that the reallt bad stuff just hops from one range to the next. Misses us but this year all the weather geeks are predicting a heavy winter in spite of our 'Bubble'. I'll beleive it when I see it.

Grand daughter and her daughter are still with us, waiting on word of thier new apartment. I hope she gets approved, she's earned some good luck. But I get to enjoy our "Tiny Human" (thats Bridgit's nickname for her) and she looks out for her Nana. Reminds me to take pills or brings me the O2 hose if I've neglected to put it back on. She's such a sweet heart.

I went to the Senior Center Tuesday night and they sort of bullied me into getting a picture done in front of the flag so they can post it on the wall with the rest of the members of the Board. I didn't like plain so I fixed it up a little. And I'm adding a couple of other pages.

I used several kits and then couldn't remember which ones. I did remember Studio Manu and maybe one of her other kits by mzimm.

My handsome Grandson David and his lovely wife Brittany in a kit by Manuela Zimmerman.

Youngest of Lorene's daughters is Kaddie, my gr-grand daughter and her beautiful girls Ashley & Mia. Ashley is off in Portland to a "Chef School".

Lorene playing with her daughters and my grand daughter Bridgit is behind the camera.

The crew as they left last evening for a party at Connie's. We have Michael, His father & mother Brian & Ann and then there's my daughter Charlie.

The flowers are a little different in this second page by Linda kz and it's an old one of my youngest grand daughter Missy jumping into the leaves in Grand Junction.

And this is Gr-Grand daughter Olivia sitting in the leaves after Missy raked them all up again.

And that should be enough for tonight. Time to rest the eyes.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Comes

The leaves are only starting to change colors and drop like a small shower by the office window. Soon it'll be larger amounts until the BIG Sycamore by the house is bare again.  I enjoy watching the days pass by, watching the traffic (which starts at 5 AM), but when the snow falls the noise is much less. The blanket of snow acts as a cushion but in this area a snowfall doesn't last long at all. Last winter we had 3 days of snow and not all at once. Little spritzes of snow which didn't last the day out!

I think the last big & heavy winter we had was the first year I lived here in the North West.. We moved here in 1977 and that winter going into 1978 was a really terrific one. I showed my little girls (10, 13, & 14) how a car can make 'cookies' on an empty street and cautioned them that it wasn't something they should try themselves if they ever got a license. I grew up in Pennsylvania where the snow came in late October or early November and stayed until March or April. And I remind them of how I used to walk to school 5 miles in the snow, up hill both ways. It took them a while to figure that one out.

I realize that I've posted quite a few scrapbook pages and I've given credit to all the wonderful designers that I use. They make my scrapbooking so easy and I get all the praise, (as if I had that kind of talent) so I have to tell them, I just take the pieces and put them together, Miriam, Raspberry Road, Russian Dutch Heart and other pretty ladies are the ones who make the kits I use. I put the names on the bottom of each page. And I can't forget that Linda kz puts together the some of the sayings I tuck into them.

Aayden had a 3rd birthday and enjoyed himself. 

Amyah is just the sweetest little baby and always happy.

Youngest brother George doesn't seem to change much. Still a handsome little devil.

Beautiful Olivia is learned the art of 'selfies'.
Aayden loves to play outside when he's here at his Grandma's house.

They spent the weekend camping out in tents just like the old Woodstock concert but this one was the Dave Matthews Band.

Charlie with her daughter-in-law Brittany at the DMB concert.

Our dogs, Chazz the elder and the puppy Junior. Junior is changing colors in the face so he doesn't look so much like Chazz but they still like to play together.

Olivia and I went to Sausage Feast which happens every year as a fund raiser for the local Catholic church. They have the best German Sausages (made locally) and krout!