Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just wanted to say Hello!

Couldn't sleep well last night. Probably because of the nap I took yesterday afternoon. Won't do that again! I was playing on the computer at 1:30 and then forced myself to go to bed. Had to play the ocean waves over again since 1 hour didn't do it. Must have gone off to sleep during that second hour but then I was wide awake at 5:30 am. I guess I'll find some more scrapbooking to do with some of the pictures on my hard drive.

Meanwhile here are some that I did yesterday.

Went out to dinner at "The Grill on Gage" and listen to a friend who play there quite often. Jack Rothwell plays a great Acoustic Guitar .

Jack Rothwell and his Acoustic Guitar. Does a lot of the Beatles songs since they lend themselves to a one man show real well. Even does some Johnny Cash!

This little darling is 4 months old and the cutest little baby. 

Shanna and Haven, Mother & Daughter! They are a really pretty pair. and I made use of another one of Kyra's kits called "Fabuloso"

The four of us at our table watching Jack. This kit is "A Smile Works Miracles" by Kyra @ Russian-Dutch Heart Designs!

Time to finish my coffee and run a clean up program on the computer!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Yeah, it's Friday

I'm not doing much but I'm enjoying it. (the not doing much part). I've emptied all my email (I've got 3 of them) and then I did a little file organizing and then decided to make some scrapbook pages. Here's what I've done today.
Great Grandson Aayden playing around with my American Legion hat which is too tight these days and I have a short haircut. He's a cutie. The kit I used was The Greatest Generation by Over the Fence Designs. I'm part of that Greatest Generation but I got started late. I was a toddler for WWII but my Dad served and was a "Cannoner" in a tank wandering up Germany as part of the 20th Armored Division who were responsible for liberating one of the POW/concentration camps. Thanks Dad for your service.

I've used this picture before but I saw this QP by Arlene from one of Kyra's kits called Steam Punk All Over and I had to use it again. 

This one is an old picture from 2004 of Grandson David and his son Dominic. I used Miriam's scrap kit "Men's Stuff" and borders by Mat. Worked out well I think.

I used an older kit from a few years ago called "In the Forest" by French designer Carina

My sweet Gr Granddaughter Olivia in her Christmas suit back in 2005. This was a QP by Linda_kz.  I adored the little snowman and couldn't resist it.

A good friend has just recently become a Grandma for the first time and now this little princess is 4 months old. The kit is "Bedtime Stories" by Kyra @ Russian-Dutch Heart Designs.

Time for lunch and then a little nappy! LOL

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy weekend, it really was.

We started to celebrate my youngest one's 47th birthday on Thursday but her birthday wasn't until yesterday. And by then every one needed a rest. I think I read where she saw 7 bands in 4 days. I even went with them for one of the nights. And I got up and danced with my daughter. We were at the Thomas O'Neill's Winery. He has an outdoor venue and our friends "Blackwater" were on the stage. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself just watching the younger ones dance. Then I had to get up and show them a step from the 60's. With my O2 tank over my shoulder I did the "stroll" for them. Great fun.
The chunky one with the sunglasses is me. The pretty lady in the long dress is my youngest daughter.

It was a lot of fun and I'll do it again next year if I can.

Today was a visit with some people who could tell me about the insurance I have and if it's working like it's supposed to.  Then we went to an event at the Veteran's Memorial in Columbia Park. A company named Fairway gave a "Mortgage Free Home" to a local Medal of Honor recipient and it was really a big event. A Lt General Sisco was there and the Mayor pro-temp of Kennewick along with the Chief of Kennewick Police. The motorcade was complete with limos and a huge motorcycle escort of both police and "Combat Vets International". I think every police car from Kennewick was in the motorcade.

Now here's a picture I made of my cat Mrs Beasley. I used Miriam's Scraps kit "Terracotta" and Mati's overlay Pink Roses which has a kitty in it.
My apologizes for not putting the info on the picture itself. I'll fix it the next time I have the program open.

I think it's time I show myself. The first picture is when I was a "Rompin Stompin" Seaman in 1961.
1961 Seaman Corrine Shirley at Long Beach Naval Station Long Beach, Calif.

This one is Petty Officer Corrine Corbin during my years with the Reserves. I think the first 7 or 8 years it was Naval Station, Yokosuka, Japan. The last years was with Naval Sub Group 7, I believe home ported in Pearl Harbor but we did our training at Naval Station Yokosuka, Japan.  Two weeks of each year we'd go to Yokosuka and the men would work on the subs but I got to work in the offices on base.  Good thing too cause I'm claustrophobic. I did a short 1 hour tour on the boat.

Now it's time to think about a little dinner. It's been a few hours since I ate 1/2 a sandwich at Jack in the Box!

Have a great day my friends.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It's Thursday and nothing going on!

How about that! Thursday and nothing is going on except the "Live @ Five" concert in the park. I'm sorry I have to do this in Large print. I'm still awaiting for the surgery to get the cataracts in the right eye taken care of. The VA cancelled once, then I cancelled the next one for the snow and bad driving conditions. Then it was rescheduled again for the 21st of May but on the 20th of May the VA called and cancelled again. Now it's scheduled for the 23rd of July so the cataracts are getting more bothersome making it real difficult for me to play on the computer. Enough of the pity party.

I may have mentioned we got a new puppy about 3 weeks ago. He's the cutest little guy around here. Our other dog is an Australian Shepherd, (pure breed), and this little man is from a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix with an unknown father. I made a picture of the two of them together and it's anyone guess as to who the father is but we are proud of him.
The top picture was taken in 2008 and the bottom picture of the new puppy was taken last week.

This is the new puppy born on April 16th, 2014.
This is Amayah who was born Thanksgiving day 2013. The picture was taken 5-6-14 so I'm just guessing but I'm about sure she'll be walking when the Thursday Pot Lucks start up again in late August or early September. It's a really big thing for every one to take the kids to Live @ Five. I'm all for exposure to music and live bands are a real good start on a small scale like a concert in the park.

Time to get my laundry started so I'm off for today!

TaTa folks!!


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New projects

Well I've finished the project of the Wedding Album. It came out great. Managed to make 50 pictures and one cover & one info page to start the book. I went to the trouble of buying the Kodak picture viewer but when they arrived, I discovered they were too small. So I made each of the pictures into a 5x7 page which was no easy feat. Actually it was easy just time consuming. There are 52 pages to work. And I'm not giving away my secret but it's done. Of course I had to buy a larger viewer but it's an anniversary gift so I did it.

I must say many thanks to Miriam's Scraps. She has several kits designed with weddings in mind. One in Black and White, and one in Aged, Vintage and lots of word art. The Mega Wedding kit is absolutely the best one. I used it the most. Now I'm going to see about making a Power Point presentation out of them and maybe post it here.

It's not done in Power Point , it's a Movie of all the pages set to music. I'll try to load it here. I got the thing loaded but it didn't work.. All it did was flash through the pictures and you couldn't hear the music I had added to it.  So I'm not trying to post it here at all. I have posted some of the pictures I made but there are 52 of them all together and Elvis singing in the background "Love Me Tender".

But I did some of a birthday party that we went to last week. My Grandson turned 30 and his son turned 10 the day before. So we had a big bash in the park! Lots of fun...Watched them head toward the river and knew I wasn't going to be able to handle that so I just stayed up at the picnic table and chatted with a good friend who is nursing some messed up discs in her back. We had a good chat!!
I must admit, I've never seen the swim wear like this. It zips up the back so he can float and kick his legs. Works great.

David and his son Dominic with a boat load of pizzas. They have several parties and each one is different.

And a surprise part for the big kid! Here he is with his Mom who can keep up with him most of the time. Of course sometimes it's time to let the kid win one!!

Great Grandson Dominic with his gift of 11 Land Before Time videos which he was really thrilled with.

His Grandma Charla got a big hug on his day with her at the other party.

The Macho men doing the BBQ thing at the Park.

Time to go help with the dinner experiment. Mrs. Stouffer's isn't going to be happy when we make one as good as her Chicken Enchiladas. Have a good day friends. and another Thank you to the Designers who made my pictures look good.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New pictures

I never get tired of making scrapbook pages of my family and friends. My eyes aren't very good these days so I'm making the print larger here than I used to. The cataracts seem to be getting thicker.

Anyway as long as I can squint, I can make scrapbook pages.
I found a file of pictures from when I first started doing electronic scrap booking and they needed an update so I redid some this morning.
I just adore this picture of my daughter with her grandson blowing bubbles..

This is the darling that I had custody of for a couple of years. What a joy she is and now she's growing up so fast.

The many faces of Olivia Mickel!

If I posted this one before, I'm sorry. The first thing to go is the memory so I'm not responsible any more if I do thing twice.

I tried real hard to get the absolute shine off this adorable face but just couldn't do it. But she's a beautiful baby anyway.

Bye for now!

Monday, June 9, 2014

A new week to enjoy!

I'm going to start this early this morning.  I do need to run to the store for a couple of things. I'm looking for a baker's rack to put my plants onto in the East window (that sounds like I already told you about doing that). Maybe I should run over to the Goodwill store and see if I can find a "side boy" for my bedroom to put away the books that collect dust. I have them for references but it seems that lately I'm not needing to look for anything. 

I've got the Wedding Album finished and then I went through the thousands of pictures on my computer and put together 5 folders of pictures and scrapbook pages for 5 different people. 

The largest folder was my Grand daughter Bridgit with 3,928 pictures and 598 of those were scrapbook pages over the last 10 years that I've made for her. 

The oldest daughter's file is 3,785 pictures and 509 of those are scrapbook pages. And I'm sure I haven't found them all but I think that's a good start. A lot of her pictures were of her 4 children in their really small years. She lost all of her pictures when she left Alabama to move to Colorado. I'm sending  as many as I have found and hopefully there aren't too many of the same picture just named differently.

I found a file of pictures from 10 years ago before I started doing scrapbooks and all I did was put a frame around a picture and a word or two. Now I'm a little more creative with the help of some of the best designers in the universe. I'm trying my best to remember to put the credits at the bottom of the pages. Sometimes it thrown together with stuff that I picked up but have no idea who put it on the web site. And if they didn't include a preview with their credits on it, I can't remember who did it.

Here's a few I made this morning or should I say they are a "Do Over"!
A young friend's graduation.

Grandma Charlie & Dominic (who is 10 yrs old Wednesday.).

Dominic and his Daddy in early 2005.

The latest puppy to join us. And he looks just like our other dog did when she was a puppy in 2008.

A friend posted a pic of herself at 3 yrs old and I couldn't resist make a "Then and Now" scrapbook page.

A QP from Miriam's kit Denim & Lace, put to good use.

This little lady will be 10 yrs old in Dec this year and will probably be mortified to find out I put these pictures on the internet. Ah well she's such a sweet girl she'll probably forgive her Nana!

She has always been a bit of a character and I love making scrapbook pages of her.

Doesn't she look horrified at being stuck in the tub with all her stuffed animals. It was so we could get some moving done without her underfoot.

Such a beautiful face.

A cousin back in Pennsylvania posted a then picture so I made a Then & Now picture of her also.

That's it for today. Time for brunch.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Problems afoot!

Nothing really serious is going on! Wanted to get that out of the way. Everybody knows my passion is digital scrap booking.  No I don't make the items I use, I get them from some pretty fabulous designers who know how to do that digital stuff. I'm still learning how to work Adobe photo shop to clean up pictures. 

Anyway a couple of my favorite designers use Media Fire to make the kits available for FREE! Can you imagine that? All they ask is a little credit for what they have done and a Thank you when I download it. Well Media Fire is not working properly and so I get to download one or two parts of a pretty good sized kit and then it comes up with a Gotcha meaning I have to watch a little video 30 secs worth and then it gives me the secret word and I type it into the box and it authorizes the download. 

That part is apparently broke. So I tried to purchase the product Media Fire and that part isn't working right either. I fill out the first part, and all of a sudden it's at the last section and the only information it has is my name, address, and a little box that said security code. It never asked for my type of card nor the number, nor the expiration date. So what's going on at Media Fire? Haven't got a clue. I sent them an email and they gave me a trouble ticket number but that's all. 

And I'm looking for instructions on how to make a picture into a watermark for a scrap book page. Send me a comment here or my page on facebook. As long as it isn't illegal or copyrighted.

Anyway, I have a ton of older kits to use so I've still made a few new pages.
The (adult) kids went camping last night and so I made a page of what Charlie sent from, her cell phone.

This is my favorite band and they do such an amazing tribute to Johnny Cash. If you close your eyes it so sounds like "The Man" himself, it's scary. Anyway, It's Merle Travis Peterson, Ryan Yates & Fel Torres. , I

They are such a great show. Look up The Cold Hard Cash Show and see if they're coming to your world.

Two young ladies who come to our Thurs nite pot lucks. Shandon & Nikki!

Our girl Tiphony Dames in all her glory!

From a Sunday BBQ at Greg Holron's. These two young lads just met and they became fast friends. Both the same age so why wouldn't they, Sarge? Duh...big red truck!!