Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New pictures

I never get tired of making scrapbook pages of my family and friends. My eyes aren't very good these days so I'm making the print larger here than I used to. The cataracts seem to be getting thicker.

Anyway as long as I can squint, I can make scrapbook pages.
I found a file of pictures from when I first started doing electronic scrap booking and they needed an update so I redid some this morning.
I just adore this picture of my daughter with her grandson blowing bubbles..

This is the darling that I had custody of for a couple of years. What a joy she is and now she's growing up so fast.

The many faces of Olivia Mickel!

If I posted this one before, I'm sorry. The first thing to go is the memory so I'm not responsible any more if I do thing twice.

I tried real hard to get the absolute shine off this adorable face but just couldn't do it. But she's a beautiful baby anyway.

Bye for now!

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