Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New projects

Well I've finished the project of the Wedding Album. It came out great. Managed to make 50 pictures and one cover & one info page to start the book. I went to the trouble of buying the Kodak picture viewer but when they arrived, I discovered they were too small. So I made each of the pictures into a 5x7 page which was no easy feat. Actually it was easy just time consuming. There are 52 pages to work. And I'm not giving away my secret but it's done. Of course I had to buy a larger viewer but it's an anniversary gift so I did it.

I must say many thanks to Miriam's Scraps. She has several kits designed with weddings in mind. One in Black and White, and one in Aged, Vintage and lots of word art. The Mega Wedding kit is absolutely the best one. I used it the most. Now I'm going to see about making a Power Point presentation out of them and maybe post it here.

It's not done in Power Point , it's a Movie of all the pages set to music. I'll try to load it here. I got the thing loaded but it didn't work.. All it did was flash through the pictures and you couldn't hear the music I had added to it.  So I'm not trying to post it here at all. I have posted some of the pictures I made but there are 52 of them all together and Elvis singing in the background "Love Me Tender".

But I did some of a birthday party that we went to last week. My Grandson turned 30 and his son turned 10 the day before. So we had a big bash in the park! Lots of fun...Watched them head toward the river and knew I wasn't going to be able to handle that so I just stayed up at the picnic table and chatted with a good friend who is nursing some messed up discs in her back. We had a good chat!!
I must admit, I've never seen the swim wear like this. It zips up the back so he can float and kick his legs. Works great.

David and his son Dominic with a boat load of pizzas. They have several parties and each one is different.

And a surprise part for the big kid! Here he is with his Mom who can keep up with him most of the time. Of course sometimes it's time to let the kid win one!!

Great Grandson Dominic with his gift of 11 Land Before Time videos which he was really thrilled with.

His Grandma Charla got a big hug on his day with her at the other party.

The Macho men doing the BBQ thing at the Park.

Time to go help with the dinner experiment. Mrs. Stouffer's isn't going to be happy when we make one as good as her Chicken Enchiladas. Have a good day friends. and another Thank you to the Designers who made my pictures look good.

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  1. Great photos you have scrapped. Sorry your movie with sound didn't work here, bet it is superb. BTW just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments you leave for me...off to check my blog now. Later! Hugs, Mati