Sunday, June 29, 2014

Just wanted to say Hello!

Couldn't sleep well last night. Probably because of the nap I took yesterday afternoon. Won't do that again! I was playing on the computer at 1:30 and then forced myself to go to bed. Had to play the ocean waves over again since 1 hour didn't do it. Must have gone off to sleep during that second hour but then I was wide awake at 5:30 am. I guess I'll find some more scrapbooking to do with some of the pictures on my hard drive.

Meanwhile here are some that I did yesterday.

Went out to dinner at "The Grill on Gage" and listen to a friend who play there quite often. Jack Rothwell plays a great Acoustic Guitar .

Jack Rothwell and his Acoustic Guitar. Does a lot of the Beatles songs since they lend themselves to a one man show real well. Even does some Johnny Cash!

This little darling is 4 months old and the cutest little baby. 

Shanna and Haven, Mother & Daughter! They are a really pretty pair. and I made use of another one of Kyra's kits called "Fabuloso"

The four of us at our table watching Jack. This kit is "A Smile Works Miracles" by Kyra @ Russian-Dutch Heart Designs!

Time to finish my coffee and run a clean up program on the computer!

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