Monday, February 20, 2017

Happy President's Day

I had this labeled as Valentines day but I looked at the calendar wrong. I guess we are celebrating Lincoln & Washington's Birthday. I think I'll go put my flag out just to shake up the neighborhood.

Well, this computer must be having old age problems. I've had this tower for 6 or 7 years now and it appears to be having menopause problems. And I've never dropped it so I'm not sure what's going on. Running an anti virus every other day and a another maintenance program on the in between days just isn't enough. Maybe I have gremlins inside...whatever. It's time for a new one.

I do, however want to share some neat pictures with you. On Face Book, they have what they cal Throwback Thursday and so since I usually don't respond, yesterday I thought I'd pick some old pictures from my files and so I put 5 pictures on the facebook page. Since Kyra, and some of the others who read my ramblings aren't on B, I thought I'd put some out here also.Tried to do this last night but was having techno problems so I'm going to try again.

Picture of my older brother Bud, my step father, and myself.  Can you imagine having that type of curly hair and explaining myself at school. This was when I 10 and had just left the Orphanage to live with Mom and her new husband.

Me getting ready to head off to Navy boot camp. Couldn't take very much.  One suitcase with one change of clothes. I hadn't started wearing makeup yet so it was just my toothbrush and my hair stuff. Keeping it short just left me looking like a poodle which wasn't too bad. And that's not a very big suitcase either. Year was Mar 1960. I actually went to boot camp 18 April 1960.
My youngest daughter with her patch over eye. The Navy doctors diagnosed it as lazy eye but then they changed their mind and had to do surgeries to make the pupil come to the middle where it belonged. Move the muscles by the nose further back and then another operation to put the muscle at the bottom a little further back also.  All in all she's had 5 surgeries on her eyes. Charlie is turning 50 yr this June and she tells me that she still only uses one eye but she drives all over with a valid licence so it's all good, I guess. She's 18 mos to 2 yrs old in this picture.
Charlie, just one week shy of 13 and I took her to boot camp. She was in the Sea Cadets, young kids sailors, and I was the Executive Officer of their particular sea Cadet Division. She had a great time even if I did give her a few push ups for bending the rules.
My three girls and 2 boyfriends in 1983. That is Bridgit on my lap. This was done at a carnival that came through town.
 Picture taken while I was in Cosmetology school. I volunteered my head to dye so we could learn how to mix colors to get the desired look. Early 1968.
My three darlings when we were stationed in Japan. Dani the tallest, Denise the middle child and Charlie the youngest. I did horrify the Japanese lady who was my secretary at the recreation center. She immediately undid the robes and put them in the proper way since I had them lapped over each other as if for a dead person. And the girls never saved their robes and I have no idea who they gave them to.

Well it's time to close this one out and get on to better things. Like cleaning house. I've had the house to myself for 3 days now since the rest of this little family are at a convention called Rad Con. That's where a bunch of people get dressed up like Star Wars Characters or any other Character they want and have a fun time Fri. thru Sun. Today they are breaking it down and packing up to get back to normal. They'll be home here sometime this afternoon. I guess it's time to get out of my Jammies and actually get dressed. No one here but me so I couldn't think of a good reason to get dressed up.

Have a great week and Hugs from Grandma Sarge!