Thursday, April 27, 2017

Garden almost done

   Well it's almost done. Haven't done too much since the 15th.  I haven't been on the internet much this past 11 days. I was working in the garden Sat. the 15th and got tangled up in the fencing I put up and fell into the garden on top of the seedlings I had just planted, (don't think the pumpkins are going to make it)

   When I fell, I dislodged the shovel and it hit my head as I laid there, giving me a large 'goose egg' on the forehead.  I didn't bother going to the doctor since it just looked like a bump. But as the days went on I started getting some pretty bad headaches, so I went to the ER and they did a Cat Scan.  Nothing bleeding, nothing broken and no tumors so it's just a bad contusion./concussion. He said that the bruising would travel down my face and probably turn into a black eye. So far it hasn't. Guess I'll live to garden some more.  I've got to work on that fence though so the dogs who can slide right thru it will quit digging up what's left of the pumpkin row. They've been eating the seedlings that I squashed. Gave them a case of runny stools. Started only letting them into the front yard and there isn't anything for them to dig up.

   Speaking of our front yard; two days ago in the evening, some people came and flocked our yard.  It's quite the clever idea.  It's for one of the classes in one of our elementary schools.  For a $25.00 donation a group of the parents come to the door and tell you that someone has paid to have your front yard flocked with 15 Pink Flamingos. Picture is here:

My little puppy wasn't real happy with all those birds.

They were on both sides of the front yard. And I must admit, I thought it was kind of pretty, till it comes time to cut the grass  and you have to pull them all up to run the lawn mower.

I've been coloring pages and this one is a particular favorite of mine.
For this one I used pencils on his feathers so I could blend two different colors and the same for his coat. I used the gel ink pens for the beak and little owl's hat.  I have about 100 coloring pages done and I plan to keep on coloring until I can't see or the hands shake too much. Can't stay in the lines if the hands and arms are having tremors. That's not going to happen for about 16 years. I'm only 77 now.

I'm going to watch a little TV and then go into my nice warm room and color some more.

Have a nice weekend and God Bless you and also the new President.