Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's Going On!

Not too much. Charlie and I went down the road to the Walla Walla VA Medical Center for a visit at the eye clinic. It seams that the cataract in the right eye has gotten twice as bad as it was in November so they put in the consult for the Surgery at the Spokane VA Hospital. Surgery is scheduled for 22 May with a pre-op appointment on 21st of May at 9:45 in the morning.  Guess we'll be getting up early that morning for the 120 mile drive up to Spokane. The clinic will get us a motel room for the Wed & Thurs nights and then a post-op appointment at 8:AM on the 23rd for the drive back. I will be covered with a bandage  so I guess I won't be seeing too much going back. Will have to enjoy the ride up there. I'm really glad to be getting this over with. It's really frustrating not being able to see real well what I'm doing on the computer.

And then in April we will be going to Seattle VA Hospital for an exam there for a 'gyn' problem that does need to be fixed. That one will be a couple of days in hospital I think. Don't know for sure. Hopefully after both of these visits the rest of the summer will be smooth sailing.

My grand daughter Bridgit is moving to Wyoming next week and will be staying there with her "Dad" and then sometime this summer they will all be moving to Las Vegas suburbs to start up a new business. Not too sure what but I'm sure it'll include her photography. She is an excellent photographer and I enjoy taking her pictures and making scrapbook pages of them.

This one is done with a kit from Raspberry Road. They went hiking up one of the mountains in the Grand Junction area and took the camera. What a beautiful picture with her daughter.

Darling Olivia was 9 years old in December and Bridgit just got the pictures to me. She looks like she was enjoying herself.
Last week I also posted many pictures of the family in Grand Junction. I sure miss them.

That's all for today. Got a couple of chores to get done and by then it'll be time for a little nappy!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

A new book that is an easy read for the younger set!

Here's a web sight for a couple I know. They have a new book out for kids. Working on expanding the idea and she is already starting on a second. book. Check it out:

If it doesn't work as a link, just copy and paste it in. You'll be amazed at the artwork. He has an emmy for some of his work. His bio is on the page.  Meet Chance Wolf and his wife Shelly Wolf. She writes and he draws. He has some video's on u-tube.

Good weather except for the wind.

It isn't raining or snowing. It isn't very cold, just cool but the breezes make it seem colder. The wind has blown the Gazebo curtains I have around the back porch up and over the roof. Most of them have been really tattered by the strong winds we have up here in Washington. Almost as strong as the "Hot Air" blowing around the other Washington. Just venting.

Thursday nights pot luck was a sort of grilling.

Saturday night was the first Spring BBQ at Connie's in the back yard. No hot dogs or hamburgers. but some Chicken KaBobs that were really good and baked beans with some salads. It was pretty good too. I made a pot of sticky rice just because I like to contribute something and that was real easy for me. I have been having trouble with my lungs in all this wind. This BBQ was on the back patio so I was in a bit of trouble so I left early and came home. They sent me pictures and I did up a couple of them. One went through PhotoShop and PhotoScape both. It started out looking like his face was covered with bees but I managed to get it cleaned up quite a bit. Here's the finished product.
You can hardly tell the guy on the left had quite a distortion. That one is Marc and the other one is Eddie.

Wednesday was a better day for pictures. It was my second daughter Denise's 50th birthday and her friends gave her a little finger food party. Leslie the lady in charge gets a little wild with the camera but there are many good pictures and I'm going to post some of them here. 

Denise & her Niece Bridgit

Bridgit & Leslie (the Hostess)

I really like this quick page so I tucked Denise into it.

My Great Grand daughter Olivia with her Aunty. Needless to say, Olivia is character.

A page I made for Denise called Then & Now. She was about 1 yr in the b/w and 50 in the other one.

Another good picture of Denise.

Denise's party guests and her cake.

Great Grand daughter Olivia with Leslie's two LabraDoodles (Moose and Mojave) with her new admirer Henry!

A close friend of Denise's Jeanette.

Of course I have pictures of Olivia. She's easy to work with.

I think she wants one of these.
I have given credit on the pictures of the maker of the kit I used when I knew it. There are places on the net where you can find graphics to use but no one to say thank you to. If anyone recognizes their work please accept my thanks and enjoy my pictures.

Time to take a break now. Excuse any typos...not feeling too chipper.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Computer problems on a beautiful day!

It's such a beautiful day outside that it seems awful to have any trouble with the computer. It's working just fine (I still haven't gotten all my favorites back but that's a small thing) but this morning I got the pop up from Microsoft that they are suspending support for Windows XP. I guess it means that this one won't be getting any more updates or little fixes. And it also means that I have to get my big one fixed. It's got oodles of memory and the hard drive had 1 gigabyte of RAM which makes it pretty fast. One day I tried to open it up as usual and it flashed a page that said GOING TO SLEEP and I've never been able to get it out of sleep mode. I've turned it off and turned it back on but all I get is a black screen so I put it in the closet for a long time out...such a bad boy anyway! Now I guess it's time to get the baby fixed or else.

And on a lighter note. Monday I went to the Pulmonologist for my quarterly check up.  She says I'm one of her success stories and that made me feel good.  But then she told me about the test that was done on Valentine's day at the hospital so she's recommending a visit to the cardiologist. She said there was a spot in the heart but they couldn't be definitive about what it was. (My hope is "fly poop" on the x-ray) so now I have to go back to the Senior clinic and get referred to a Cardiologist. I think doctors help each other in the money making business. And when we left they said the heart looked great. So I'm not too sure what's going on. I guess that wasn't a very lighter note after all.

Today is my second daughter's 50th birthday. Her friends in Grand Junction are having a little party for her today so she asked me to make a then and now scrapbook page. Here's what I put together for her.I put the picture on her page for her party!

She loved it. And my youngest brother posted a couple pictures of his dog Bing Crosby (one with his wife Joanne with the dog) so I put together a scrapbook page for them. In the top photo Bing had just come from the groomers and was probably showing off his new "doo".!

This next page is Joanne and brother George with a new niece. I love holding new babies.

The next two pages are two special young ladies at their school's awards event. First is Jeweli Perez getting her honor roll certificate. The second one is Mia Gomez with her "Student of the Month" certificate.

All beautiful pages . The last two were just plain backgrounds with an overlay and some plain Jane frames. I have no idea who did the bottom frame with the flowers but if it's recognized please be aware that I Thank You for allowing me to use it.

That's all for now. Got pain in the back.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Things are Normal...Sort of!

My computer is up and running just like it was from the factory. If you know what that means, it was virginal and I'm slowly getting my extra programs back on.  First one on was the scrapbook factory software that I use to make all the pretty pages from the pictures of the family, and I've even done some for friends who send me a picture and ask me to make a page for them. I'm a little behind in the making of pages.

Second one loaded on was the special solitaire game I really enjoy playing and then my Mahjongg  game of Four Winds. There's an elder China man in the program who is supposed to let me win once in awhile but he's on a tare and I haven't won in weeks.

Then came the photo shop program. and now I'm trying to find all my old favorites so I don't have to wander all over the web looking for something. Ahh well...something for the old lady to do to keep her busy.

Yesterday we (my daughter Charlie & I) met up with some old friends for coffee at one of our local good places to meet. It was good catching up on things and meeting our friends latest addition. Four generations there...Marian, her daughter Jeannette, and her daughter Hannah and Hannah's son Atticus John. We enjoyed ourselves for about an hour and then little Atticus (6 mos old) needed some attention in the bathroom. My daughter Charlie and her friend Jeannette did the honors.  They were gone for quite awhile. But when they got back we found out why. No "drop down changing table' in the ladies room. So the two ladies managed to get his "soiled" diaper off with Charlie holding 'baby' up in the air while Grandma gets the clothes and dirty diaper off. And it was done with out 'baby Atticus' letting loose on the one holding him.  Laughing all the time they were changing him. They came out and told us of the changing scene and were so proud of themselves. As we were leaving the restaurant, I took a turn in the ladies room and being slightly disabled I chose the largest stall. As I closed the door, I started to laugh. I went out to meet up with everyone in the lobby and I asked the 2 ladies if someone was in the handicap stall when they went in. They replied no so I told them that when I closed the stall door I spotted the drop down changing table inside the handicap stall. That was a great big laugh all around.

Here's a picture of Atticus & his mommy Hannah.

And today we have little Aayden Michael for the day. and this is a picture of him when he arrived this morning.

This third picture is my friend's new puppy from Grand Junction. Her name is Dixie. and she is a sweetie!

And that's enough for today. My turn to keep an eye on the little guy! I'm going to give him some fruit for a snack.

Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm Back Yeah Me!!

Have given this old computer a rebirth and upgraded from XP to Windows 8. Got the files back that I deleted so I'm back in business.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Out of touch

I have accidentally deleted a file on my own computer that is the one that connects to the internet.  I will be out of touch for a few days maybe longer.