Saturday, March 22, 2014

What's Going On!

Not too much. Charlie and I went down the road to the Walla Walla VA Medical Center for a visit at the eye clinic. It seams that the cataract in the right eye has gotten twice as bad as it was in November so they put in the consult for the Surgery at the Spokane VA Hospital. Surgery is scheduled for 22 May with a pre-op appointment on 21st of May at 9:45 in the morning.  Guess we'll be getting up early that morning for the 120 mile drive up to Spokane. The clinic will get us a motel room for the Wed & Thurs nights and then a post-op appointment at 8:AM on the 23rd for the drive back. I will be covered with a bandage  so I guess I won't be seeing too much going back. Will have to enjoy the ride up there. I'm really glad to be getting this over with. It's really frustrating not being able to see real well what I'm doing on the computer.

And then in April we will be going to Seattle VA Hospital for an exam there for a 'gyn' problem that does need to be fixed. That one will be a couple of days in hospital I think. Don't know for sure. Hopefully after both of these visits the rest of the summer will be smooth sailing.

My grand daughter Bridgit is moving to Wyoming next week and will be staying there with her "Dad" and then sometime this summer they will all be moving to Las Vegas suburbs to start up a new business. Not too sure what but I'm sure it'll include her photography. She is an excellent photographer and I enjoy taking her pictures and making scrapbook pages of them.

This one is done with a kit from Raspberry Road. They went hiking up one of the mountains in the Grand Junction area and took the camera. What a beautiful picture with her daughter.

Darling Olivia was 9 years old in December and Bridgit just got the pictures to me. She looks like she was enjoying herself.
Last week I also posted many pictures of the family in Grand Junction. I sure miss them.

That's all for today. Got a couple of chores to get done and by then it'll be time for a little nappy!

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