Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good weather except for the wind.

It isn't raining or snowing. It isn't very cold, just cool but the breezes make it seem colder. The wind has blown the Gazebo curtains I have around the back porch up and over the roof. Most of them have been really tattered by the strong winds we have up here in Washington. Almost as strong as the "Hot Air" blowing around the other Washington. Just venting.

Thursday nights pot luck was a sort of grilling.

Saturday night was the first Spring BBQ at Connie's in the back yard. No hot dogs or hamburgers. but some Chicken KaBobs that were really good and baked beans with some salads. It was pretty good too. I made a pot of sticky rice just because I like to contribute something and that was real easy for me. I have been having trouble with my lungs in all this wind. This BBQ was on the back patio so I was in a bit of trouble so I left early and came home. They sent me pictures and I did up a couple of them. One went through PhotoShop and PhotoScape both. It started out looking like his face was covered with bees but I managed to get it cleaned up quite a bit. Here's the finished product.
You can hardly tell the guy on the left had quite a distortion. That one is Marc and the other one is Eddie.

Wednesday was a better day for pictures. It was my second daughter Denise's 50th birthday and her friends gave her a little finger food party. Leslie the lady in charge gets a little wild with the camera but there are many good pictures and I'm going to post some of them here. 

Denise & her Niece Bridgit

Bridgit & Leslie (the Hostess)

I really like this quick page so I tucked Denise into it.

My Great Grand daughter Olivia with her Aunty. Needless to say, Olivia is character.

A page I made for Denise called Then & Now. She was about 1 yr in the b/w and 50 in the other one.

Another good picture of Denise.

Denise's party guests and her cake.

Great Grand daughter Olivia with Leslie's two LabraDoodles (Moose and Mojave) with her new admirer Henry!

A close friend of Denise's Jeanette.

Of course I have pictures of Olivia. She's easy to work with.

I think she wants one of these.
I have given credit on the pictures of the maker of the kit I used when I knew it. There are places on the net where you can find graphics to use but no one to say thank you to. If anyone recognizes their work please accept my thanks and enjoy my pictures.

Time to take a break now. Excuse any typos...not feeling too chipper.

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