Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hello, I'm back

I've not been posting because I had cataract surgery and just before the surgery my eyes were so blurry, it hurt to squint and type.  I had one surgery last Thursday and I'm able to see really good from the Right eye.  The surgery next Thursday will take care of the left eye.  Then by Saturday, I'll be through blinking or trying not to blink (whatever it is) and I should be seeing pretty good. Still wearing glasses this week but not allowed to drive yet. Except the carts in the stores.

I can still drive the carts. That's because the degenerative bone disease isn't getting any better. I can walk about 20 feet or so and then I get a pain in the hip and lower back.  I'll get that taken care of sometime in the not too distant future. Meanwhile I'll keep taking extra Calcium and Vitamin D.

One of my favorite subjects has moved back home (or at least in the same city) and she loves to spend time with Nana. I need to get some new pictures of her. She's getting so big and I'm shrinking (comes with old age) so soon she'll be taller than me.

I haven't done a whole lot of scrap booking because it got pretty tough to see when the cataracts got thicker. I didn't say anything for a few years, I just got closer to the screen but it was evident that I needed to take care of it.

Here's a few that I've done before the surgery and sitting really close to the screen.
My oldest Grand daughter, Bridgit, who like all young people take "Selfies" of them selves.

Same Grand daughter Bridgit doing push ups because she belched where I could hear it. It was only 10 but she's always good about it and tries really hard to be out of ear shot when she burps.

Daughter Charlie went to "Blues" festival where some bands that we are well acquainted with were competing. Aside from getting really burnt she had a great time.

This was a benefit concert for Veterans by Michael Peterson. Sponsored by the American Legion and the Combat Vets. I sat in the shade all day and answered questions and gave out literature.

My "darling" Olivia in the pool at her friends house.

A Golf Tournament, put on by the American Legion to benefit our favorite charity which is Time of Remembrance.  This is a 3 day weekend, where we gather the "Families" of the fallen into a hotel and provide Rooms, meals, counselors and companionship of others who've lost a loved one in Iraq or Afghanistan. It's an emotional weekend and we pay tribute to their loved ones both Saturday night at a candle light vigil at the Veteran's Memorial in our largest park and then on Sunday morning a reading of all  the names of the fallen from Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. At least the names of those that have been reported to us. That's the golf course where we hung some of the banners of the Heroes. 

Time for a rest to the eyes and some more drops.