Sunday, July 12, 2015

Busy for being Retired

July is almost half over and I'm Still battling the computer. I guess the 'REFRESH' wasn't as helpful as I thought it would be.   I couldn't find a restore date that would work so the computer suggested Refresh. So I moved all my personal files to an external hard drive. That took some doing but I managed it in half a day.  Then I turned that external drive off (actually disconnected it), so the computer could "refresh" itself. Now my printer software is lost and that's a pain in the neck, cause it isn't that old. I guess I need to get some software to fix it. That would still be at the old house.  

I moved to my grand daughter's apt in May and the rest of my stuff is partly in storage and partly at my daughter's house, which I guess I'm supposed to be moving next Sat. to the storage shed. I'm going over to her house on Wed to go on a tour of the Nuclear plant that has been converted to a museum so I'll look through some things and maybe find the computer discs then. Meanwhile, I'm fussing with the darn computer, trying to help Bridgit at the new house but with a broken AC in the new house it's been very hard for me. The local heat wave has been very tough on me. If I can't get it done early in the day, it's not going to get done. We have had temps over 100 for two weeks now.

Meanwhile, I'm spending my mornings doing a couple of College courses online. This apt. has very good AC so it's easy to sit here with a sweater on and a blanket over my lap and listen to the Professors. Then I read and take a test. I've finished the first course I signed up for and have received the Certificate of completion. These courses are "Not for Credit", which is why they are Free.  Not doing school today, it's Sunday. 

I'm enjoying being able to cook for Bridgit and Olivia. Then I clean up the dishes (her dishwasher is broken), since the apartment has had the new dishwasher in their possession since Nov. but still haven't installed it for her. Don't know why but so be it. "It is what it is!" I've been washing dishes by hand for more than 65 years now so I'm really good at it. (lol)

I've had time to relax and enjoy the new adult coloring and have crocheted a new scarf for myself. Dani (my daughter in Colorado) put me onto this new 'thing'! I've known how to crochet for years but this is a new medium for me. Crocheting with ribbon is new. Quite easy but you must be careful since it will unravel at the drop of the stitch. Instructions are on 'you tube' if anyone is interested (Kyra that's for your info) and it's really quite easy. I've been doing just the basic one but there are more complicated ones to do. Make a really neat gift. 

A picture of my scarf collection:
The Red White & Blue is the last one I've finished, just in time for the 4th of July. There are 3 that Dani wanted me to have when I was there for her accident. And there are a couple that I've done since I came back that she sent me home with the pkg of ribbon yarn.

I haven't done a scrapbook page in over a month, and I really haven't had any withdrawal shakes or anything like that, (only joking). I'm really frustrated at not having my software but I tried the 'Gimp", and a couple of others but nothing beats my Scrapbook program. I'm going to look real hard for it on Wednesday and then maybe I can make some new ones.

Meanwhile, everyone enjoy the summer. It's going to be my favorite time of year soon and I'll be really happy about that. Fall has such great colors and Miriam has already got another new kit almost ready for me to play with. And I'm dying to use the new kits from Kyra but just don't have the software yet.

Hugs to everyone and good wishes for great health.