Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sorry I missed the month of September

I get involved with life and I forget to relax and pop into visit my friends and look at the lovely pictures they've put on their blogs.

On the 16th of September, Serenity gave birth to puppies. The first one came at 11:03 and the second one came at 11:13 and then another one at 11:17. I was really hoping that it would stop here but about 11:30 a fourth one was born. Figured we were done since she is a little Chihuahua. Something of an over achiever though. Half an hour later a 5th puppy came out but the Mama was having some trouble with this one so I got a washcloth and wrapped up the messy puppy and gentle started to pull since you really can't leave the Amniotic sac behind. And as I'm gently pulling "big whoosh" out popped number 6. It took a little doing but Mamma got it all fixed up for both 5 & 6. She was laying on clean bedding about 1:30 nursing the 6 wiggling puppies when she raised her back side up off the bedding and pushed and out number 7.  She was exhausted by this time and I can understand why. There are 7 beautiful babies in that pen in my bedroom. And I'm going to put some pictures right here so you can chuckle too.

Of course we did get a fright. a friend was soothing the Mamma and she said there's another puppy in there. We felt her up and I called the Vet and she said bring her in and I'll check. It would be really bad if there was another puppy this long after the others had been born and the Vet would have to do emergency surgery to get it out. She did a good exam and said what we were feeling was an 'engorged uterus'. She went on to check each of the babies since she said bring them all down. She examined all 7 babies, weighed them listened to their hearts and did a check that I asked for. She weighed them all and they ranged from 107 grams to 157 grams.

I had lost a darling baby Australian shepherd at 2+ weeks because I checked him one day and couldn't find an "anus". The vet couldn't either and she was going to do surgery the next day. After about 1 hour she called me and told me it wasn't working. The tissue she was trying to use kept shredding. I asked her if he was still asleep and she said yes so I asked her to Euthanize him and then sat at my desk and cried for hours. I still tear up thinking about.

But these little darlings are all A-OK! Here's what we've got.

This dog carrier was too small also.

This 'dog pile' has Godiva on the top of the heap.

That's Malcom looking over the door way to the old cage.

There are 2 brown puppies and 5 black with some really neat markings. A couple of them look like tiny Rottweilers.

The puppy on the top of the 'dog pile' is Malcom. The puppy my grand daughter wants to keep. 

At 5 weeks I started feeding them supplement formula cause Serenity couldn't produce enough any more. They took to it really well. The only thing not in their development is the teeth. I imagine in another week or so they'll be biting my fingers and their Mamma won't let them near her.
This is Lady Godiva at 4 weeks.

I had a lot of appointments to get ready for 'surgery' on Oct. 4th. Then after three days in the hospital I was still confined to doing nothing for another week at home.. I'm able to sit now without a batch of pillows. But I can't do any heavy lifting because of the stitching in the tummy.

Company has started arriving for a potluck birthday party for Bridgit's betrothed who is 37 today. He's a Norse so I quit being surprised to see him show up in a "kilt". Jess is leaving on Sunday for his Apprenticeship in California where he will be learning more of his trade doing specialized makeup and making costumes. Jess and Bridgit went over to the airport and did the makeup on the kids who were being victims for a training exercise for the local fire departments. They were so authentic the kids went back to school looking like real accident victims. Bet they were a real hit.

Every one have a great weekend. Bridgit, Olivia and I are leaving on Wednesday to go to Grand Junction for a visit at my daughter's house. we hadn't seen her since her bus accident where she got tossed around and got a nasty Spider concussion. That was in May last year so we're all anxious to get down there and check her out. I personally want to move back there so I can be nearer to her. With Bridgit getting married next October and then moving to California to be with Jess I'd like to be down there in Grand Junction.

God Bless everyone and have a great weekend.