Friday, January 31, 2014

It's Friday again

Last nights Pot Luck was pretty good sized. Daughter doesn't care for Chili with beans so our friend brought Chili no beans that she had made. since it was a tail gate party we fired up the BBQ in the back yard and the boys grilled Burgers, Hot dogs and Brats. All of which were really good. One of the families brought 2 large pizzas which the "teeners" immediately devoured. Dave's daughter made a delicious "Chocolate Chip Cream Cheese Cake/Pie and Marie also made a Chocolate Marshmallow Pie. Recipes were found on Facebook pages which we all keep in touch with each other with.

Our new furniture was a big hit. It wasn't new from the store but came from an estate that was being liquidated. The large recliner with the electric push button controls was a great find for me. At times my COPD is bad enough that I really can only sleep sitting up in the recliner at a very steep angle. This one is so cushy and comfy that it might be used just because! The furniture was a gift from the family settling an estate for their mother. I can't thank them enough. What a God send.

The younger teens were attempting to do their homework amidst all the adult boisterous talk. They slipped out to the front porch and I had Jeweli's dad take my camera and get a picture for me. Then I used one of Kyra's kits to make a neat scrapbook page. I printed it out for each of them and they were quite happy with the results. And now I'm posting it here as well as on their Facebook page.
They really are neat teens. The larger than life boys just stayed in the house and played on their game thingeys'. (as you can see, I make up words to fit the occasion).. Here's the picture of the older kids even if Shandon is 23 yrs old, I still see her as a kid. I'm sure she'll forgive me.
That's all for now. Got some filing to get done and some hosekeeping in the office. Both of these kits are from Kyra-Russian-Dutch Heart Designs. Find her here;

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work at the homestead

I got a new recliner today from a friend. And gently used sofa for our living room. Since tomorrow is Thursday and the Pot Luck is being called a "Tail Gate Party".  The menu will be Hot Dogs, Brats, Burgers, Beans and whatever the rest of the crew will be bringing. I really do love these Thursday night dinners with a whole bunch of friends. It usually includes a baby or once we had two. And of course my adorable Great Grandson will be here.

Charlie and her boyfriend are shampooing the carpet which is really starting to show the four years we have lived here.  I've rescued a Chihuahua mix but he had to go after he chewed up my glasses. Got them right of the night stand he did, the little bugger. Now he's with Marc's mother and her 2 hairy dogs. They get along fine and he doesn't chew up the toys any more. But he never got along with Mrs. Beasley either. Then there was one named Milo that was supposed to be trained already but wasn't. Then one night at dinner, we rescued a first time mother and her three pups that were being kept in a bird cage of all things.I became their surrogate mother. I weaned them from their poor mama and then Marc went around and found homes for all of them. Two didn't move very far away at all. One is right next door and one is right across the cul-de-sac. The mama dog is just down the lane and the little lady pup is about 2 blocks down the street.

Duke of Earl is brown with black mixed in. Hercules is a Brindle puppy. Miss Bella is a beautiful little tan/red little lady!

Well it's 11:04 Pm here in Washington State and I'm tired so I'm off for a little sleep time. 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making up for lost days.

Wednesday was an all day excursion at the stores. First lunch with my beautiful daughter Charlie. Then off to the big Wal-mart Super store. That's always a lot of laughs. At least they had one of the electric chairs for me to zoom around the store.  Found a couple of things in the left over Christmas stuff to put away for next year. Got the fixin's for our Mid Winter 2nd annual Luau.  But it wore me out. I just wanted to sit in the recliner and not think!

Thursday was the day of the Luau and I ran over to the "dollar store" for some "Leis" only to find they don't get them in until after the valentine stuff is done. Didn't find any "Hurricane glasses" either. so we'd have to settle with Mai Tai's in short glasses. I did find the umbrella's for the drinks. Charlie and I taped them to the outside of the glasses so people didn't poke themselves with an umbrella. I had the ham in the crock pot when I went out so it was good to go. Then I put some rice in the rice cooker about 5pm.  Everyone started arriving about  6 pm  and then the party got going. Greg was in charge of the blender with pineapple juice, apricot juice, a pkg of tropical fruit pieces frozen and Vodka. I guess that's a Mai Tai. I wouldn't know, I'm not a mixologist.  I had one of those little drinks which was the first liquor I'd partaken in about 12 years. I'm also sure that since it was so strong for a non drinker like me, it's the reason I wasn't feeling good on Friday. Must have been the fruit!

It was also Ann's birthday and that was a real good reason to have a Luau in January. Ann's husband Brian brought a cake for his lovely wife but I had already slipped into my room and gone to bed (not feeling good at all) so I had some of her cake yesterday and today. Yummy!

Well today is Saturday and nothing on the agenda except me playing around with pictures some more. I have some from the party on Thurs. I did get that much done on Friday but that's all I could handle.
This is the second group shot which is one I took. We made a couple of the kids and their Mom get into the shot also. The kit is one I purchased because I could find any island or sea shore kits. It's called Paradise Traveler by Maun. I kind of like it. 

And this is the birthday girl herself with her husband handing her the cake. I can't remember where I got the paper and the flowers from so if you recognize your work, I thank you for sharing.
This was the first group shot with me on the right in front. I'm the old lady in a Mumu! And this wasn't a kit, it's a piece from here and another piece from some one else. I thank the ladies that made the kits I used these from. I think part of this one is from the Paradise Traveler kit by Maun.

And now it's time to check out the blogs I tip toe around in to see whats going on!!

Two more pages from this week! 
Baby Amyah is passed around the room if she's awake. If not she sleeps in Sarge's lap!

Two good friends are having a great time in Hawaii and I'm having fun making Pages with their pictures.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Rambling Today

I missed Monday. I can't think why, other than I was playing at scrap booking and genealogy for a few hours. I went out to run an errand or two like I did today. Yesterday was a holiday so I did my banking today and mailed a pkg to my daughter in Colorado. Took a bag of items to the Good will store so they may be used again. All had gotten too small for me. Then off to the Office Depot for ink for the computer. It took me awhile in this store (it's one of my favorites, the other one is Home Depot). I was looking for an Internet address book. I know they make them, because I've see them in one of the myriad of catalogs that come to my house. I guess I'll have to order it from one of those books.

But I did find some of  the prettiest scotch brand tape. I gave the purple role to my daughter, (it's her favorite color) and I have the blue polka dot one and the plain blue one. There is about 100 different colors and patterns in the large masking tape but way more than that in the smaller scotch brand tape. It was pretty hard to choose. i wanted them all but this is a really over crowded office now. I'm going to be doing some redecorating soon. Waiting on the weather. Our weather is still like Seattle's.  It's very moist air, a dense fog that you can't see more than 150 feet but the temp is still pretty nice (about 46 degrees). But people with lung problems don't need moisture in the air like this is.

The teams for the football game of the year have been been chosen. Both teams are my Daughter's favorites so she will cheer for both teams as they make touchdowns or boo as the refs make a bad call. They will be watching the Superbowl at my Grandson's house. He is a die hard Bronco fan and his wife is a staunch Sea Hawk fan. Should be interesting to see who gets to sleep on the couch!! And the Great Grandson yells TOUCHDOWN in his little 2 year old voice no matter who made it! I posted a picture of all of the kids in their Sea Hawk Jerseys on Saturday during the play off games. That is so wild.  First game at Noon  and the second game was at 3:30 PM. Charlie came home with a slight horse voice from all her yelling. Just wait till the Super Bowl!

Yesterday I found a really neat blog and got some Freebies. If you go to Lindsay's Creations you will be pleasantly surprised. Her two kits Vintage Gold and Vintage Dreams are  fabulous kits.  I found another Vintage kit at Creations by Samantha.
Here are two pages I made with Lindsay's Vintage Dreams and Vintage Gold.
This one is Brother Bud and I in front of the Salvation Army Church instead of being inside like good kids. Made from Sky's the Limit kit named Vintage Grace

This is my daughter Charlie & her son David at a reception for her first wedding. Made from the kit Vintage Gold by Lindsay's Creations, with a couple of items from another vintage kit.

This is me (Corrine Emma Shirley age 10)  in front of the Orphanage on a Sunday afternoon during one of my mother's visits. This last picture is from Lindsay's Creations named Vintage Dreams

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day! Yeah Broncos

While I'm not a fan of football, I will cheer with my family for their teams.  And it's going to be a very interesting time around here with my daughter and her boyfriend if the Seattle Sea Hawks win this game that's going on right now. Even the pastor in church this morning had a Seattle Sea Hawk jersey on over his shirt. but he took it off before the service started.

I have been the last evening until "midnight-thirty and then again today for several hours fixing the twigs in the family tree. When I'm fixing the records for someone in the early 1900's through the last census released (1940), it takes a lot to get the census pages into each record.  Most of Mother's Kightlinger ancestors were either farmers or Railroad men.  If they were farmers it was almost a necessity to have several boys to help with the farm work. So if they started their family with a couple of girls, they couldn't quit until they had some boys also. And birth control wasn't an option "back in the day". Some of my great grand parents had 8 or more. One even had 15 children. And since I had four grand parents, and each of them had four grand parents, And so it goes on. I have several hundred Kightlinger's in this tree. Also the same with the Shirley (my fathers branch) side of my tree. It's such a monumental task to find them all and get them in the tree properly that I've decided that fixing a "down line" is not an option, I have the ancestors back to the 1600's on my side of the tree and to the 1500's on my ex-husband's side of the tree. I did this for my children but I'm not finding any of them who want to take it over for me. My half-sister's daughter has started on a tree for them. I can get a "Coffee Table Book" of my family tree, going back 5 generations and they'll print it for me but it's going to cost about $129.00 or so. They are a beautiful book and some day I hope to be able to get one.

Here's a picture of my Grandson's three children!

Since they are all in Sea Hawk Jerseys I'm guessing that's who these three are rooting to!!

Going to find something good to watch on TV or maybe can't read till the cataract surgery is done.
Have a Good Evening

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday's Child Works hard for a living!

I started this post a couple of hours ago and got distracted. I had saved it before I left the site but now I have no idea where it is.  I still have trouble with computers.  They can't read my mind.

But I think this one listens to conversations in the other rooms.  At the Thurs nite Pot Luck we were joking in the dining room over a picture of me and my mother from about 9th grade for me.  My daughter remarked that it looked like a normal Jewish family (I've never been Jewish). It was a big laugh (no disrespect to the Jewish Faith was ever intended.).  Then Friday morning I turned on the computer and checked my largest email account and to my surprise one of the emails was "Meet Jewish Singles here" and it linked to a dating web site. I was flabbergasted.  Did my computer listen to our conversation because on my mother's side of the family they were from Germany and very well could have been Jewish. I can't find anything past a Michael Kightlinger and his father and they were Quakers.
This isn't the picture of the conversation Thursday nite but it still looks about the same only younger. I can't find the other picture now but it's here on this computer somewhere. I must have 10,000 pictures of family and friends and I should probably sort them and remove all the duplicates and then do a better job of labeling the folders for storage. I store things on an external hard drive so if the computer crashes nothing is going to be lost.  I wonder if there is a program that I can install that will do that for me?

Oh well, it's time to check on the rest of the internet and see who's doing what on this dreary Saturday morning. The fog still hasn't lifted. The traffic light that I can see out my office window is about 75 or 100 feet away.  I can see the traffic lights but can't see through the intersection to the other side.  And they put an "Air Advisory" into effect until next Friday which tells me that with my lungs being what they are, I won't be going out unless it's absolutely necessary and then I'll have an "O2" tank with me.

P.S. I found the other post so I deleted it.

Have a nice day and God Bless.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night was a night to catch up with the family!

The kids have just gone home. My Grandson David came over with his three children. We went with pizza from Papa Murphy's. It was a great evening. The little guy Aayden spent a couple of hours dancing. Don't know where all that energy comes from but I wish I could bottle it for sale.  I could make a fortune. And all he does is jump around in circles until I move my arms like I'm dancing in my chair and then he starts with his arms up in the air. His older brother Dominic does some pretty fancy footwork for a 9 year old. He accidentally did a splits when he slid on the carpet. That laid him on the floor for a few seconds and then he was back up again. And Kaddie, the six year old,has got the dancing pretty good. I'll bet she watches TV and learns from that.

They had a great time playing Go Fish and Dominoes with Grandma.  But Dominic would rather build something with the Dominoes. I got him a double set of Nine's for Christmas and I'm almost certain he doesn't play the game. He only builds things. Maybe he's going to be an architect when he grows up.  

Now everyone is getting ready for the big weekend football games. And they don't understand why I'm not getting into it. I'm too old to get excited watching a bunch of grown men beating each other up. I really enjoy Baseball though and sometimes I get to go to a Hockey game.

As usual I've picked up some new kits from the internet and made a nice scrap book page with the one called "A Story Told" by Kyra, from Russian-Dutch Heart Designs that you can see here: I so enjoy her blog and today she has another new kit called Looking Back which I'm going to get in a few mins. And the clusters to go with it from Arlene.

Here's the page I made.
He's such a handsome little man. And his Grandmother is beautiful. The word art came from another designer that I can't remember where!

Time to go looking through the blogs. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday is Pot Luck Night!

Yeah it's  Thursday again! Went to the doc yesterday afternoon. He seems to think I need a soft collar to sleep in that will help with my breathing difficulties.  It's supposed to keep my mouth shut so I won't be snoring and breathing through my mouth. We shall see, big guy!

I wore a foam collar a long time ago when some idiot rear ended me at a stop sign. He was doing about 55 mph and I was stopped at the stop sign looking towards the freeway to make sure no one was getting off at a good rate of speed. All of a sudden this jerk hits my little ford and throws me across the intersection to the other side before I could get stopped. The other guy came to a dead stop after propelling me across the intersection. Seems he was driving a Schrocco (sp) and it was designed to drop the engine to the pavement on impact. I'll bet that was a horrible stop for him. The engine bolts are designed to just snap off and the engine will drop. Prevents the engine from going through the firewall to squash the driver. I went through several months of therapy where they tried to lengthen my neck by hanging me from a door jam. I didn't get any taller but it did fix some of the pressure on the spine that was damaged in the crash. That was in '81 or '82, (a very long time ago), but I also sustained a soft tissue injury and to this day is burns in my right shoulder if I sit wrong.

I have been out on the blogs looking for new scrapbook kits to use, and I've found a couple of very talented designers. Luckily the pages are translated so I can see what I'm downloading.  And I'm going to see what else Anna Jolante has on her blog. She lives in Germany but her page is written in Polish. She sometimes collaborates with Mago74 whose page is also in Polish. I don't need to translate the beautiful flowers and other things they have put together for me to make scrapbook pages with. Here's a sample of Mago's work in my scrapbook page.

My daughter and her grand daughter.
 I'm off to see what other beautiful goodies I can find.   Later gators!

I forgot to say that tonight's Menu is Mexican! I love Mexican food, now that the ulcers I had in the Navy have long since healed. Now I can eat Mexican and not have to eat 4 or 5 Tums/Rolaids afterward to put out the fires! Go Me!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another day is almost done

I did my reading on 'daughter's paper. Guess we'll figure it out when she calls later tonight. She's in some sort of meeting so I'll wait for her to get home and fix herself something to eat.

Went to the store with youngest daughter after the doctor's appointment  Not a good thing when both of us are hungry. Found some good spinach dip and all the other things on the list but when we got home had to open it and have some with the small fresh baguette bread.  That was so yummy the dip is almost gone and so is the bag of bread!! I'm a spinach & artichoke dip person myself but this was good too.

Tomorrow night's pot luck is going to be Mexican. We picked up the hamburger and soft tacos today. I'm going to try some muffin tacos tomorrow afternoon. I'm anxious to try the recipe from my friend Moe.  And I can hope someone makes Mexican rice for tomorrow night and maybe one of the girls will make a pan of enchiladas. Always a good choice. Usually I pick up a pkg of Auntie Stoeffer's chicken & enchiladas on a bed of rice. This time I'm springing for the tacos and shells & cheese.

Below is a picture of our Australian Shepherd named Chazz. When we get ready to leave the house she jumps on her mistress's bed, just to let us know she can. She's such a gentle dog and we love her to pieces.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Child if Full of Grace

And we know that's not me! LOL :)  I was born on Friday but my mother didn't remember what time when I asked her, but she was in her late 60's when I asked. Now for me, I remember just what time of day all three of my girls were born. First child on a Thursday at 2:20 Am. Second girl showed up at $:15 Am and also on a Thursday.  I could sense a pattern being formed here so I made plans for the third one to arrive also on a Thursday. And they were all quick little girls so far so I figured I'd better alert the hospital in advance (but remember I said that number 3 came on Midway Island and they didn't have a real hospital or even an OB doctor. I got my hands on some castor oil and had a good dose of it early on Thursday so this little munchkin could also be born on a Thursday. Oh yes, I had labor on Thursday. Pretty much all day and night on Thursday. Third little girl wasn't born until Friday at 9:15 Am. The doctor said it was long labor because I'd been riding a bicycle for 2 years and all of my muscles were pretty strong.

And a little side note on this delivery, the doctor on call that Thursday was an Ear, Nose & Throat type of doctor but he had his old text book and the nurse was very well versed in baby arrivals so between her and this being my third one we didn't pay too much attention to him. In the morning the second doctor on the Island came by to take over for that poor doctor that I'm sure was going to make sure he never caught the duty when one of us Island Wives was close to due date. The second doctor was the Flight doctor. The Ear doctor did say to anyone who'd listen that he had delivered the most beautiful baby ever. I thanked him for that.

Did I tell you that I rode my bicycle to the clinic for this little escapade? That was fun. Probably the only time I rode down that street without getting bombed by the Fairy Terns.  The clinic was only about 1/2 mile from our quarters but I had to stop twice for a labor pain and then pedal some more. She tells everyone that the reason she likes summer and the ocean so much is because while I was pregnant I'd take the two toddlers, one 4 and one 3, to the beach almost every day and scoop out a hole in the sand to lay my big tummy in. I was tan and actually so was the baby. Must have been "osmosis".

I think about here is a good spot for another scrapbook page!

The first picture is my Great Grandson Aayden that I thought would look good in a snow globe.
The second picture is my Grandson David that I forced to dance with me during one of our Thursday night pot luck dinners. Good food and good friends every Thursday, except in the summer when there are live bands in the park across from the Federal Bldg. here in Richland. Then it's "Live at Five"!!

I have 5 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grandchildren.

Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow.

Monday, January 13, 2014

OMG It's Monday Again

I really can't complain about it being Monday.  After all, I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to; I don't have to go out any where if I don't want to; it's really just another day. But I've already had a very productive 3 hours climbing around in the family trees.  I must have added 20+ people to the one tree. They are mostly in Arkansas and they had a "bunch" of children who had a bunch of children. I put that tree away because it was getting really fuller than the other side of the tree. Can you tell I'm doing my best to not say any names. I don't have their permission to talk about them here. I just plunk them into the family tree.

I think I'll wait for the wind to die down before I go out to do any errands. I have COPD and I live in a desert region of the North West so going out in the blowing dirt isn't really good for my health.

I have made a couple more scrapbook Pages that I'd like to share. Here's one of me a long time ago.

That first picture was taken in Long Beach Calif, while I was waiting for transportation to Midway Island, in the Hawaiian Archipelago in 1965. My youngest daughter was born there. It was a fantastic 30 months living in the tropical paradise among the thousands of birds. Gooney Birds in our front yard raising a baby and a few thousand Fairy Terns; two of which chased me to work on my bicycle (no cars on Midway for the common folk, island is too small) and they managed to poop on my head several times. I'd get into the office and head to the ladies room and wash my hair in the sink. The Lt. would come in and notice my wet hair and his remark was always "the fairy terns get you again Corbin"? 

The second picture was a gift from my second daughter.  It was taken in 1982 shortly after she graduated from HS and wanted a family picture done. Even had the whole family done separately. That was just in case the boyfriend who was in the group shot didn't last. And he didn't.

Running off to eat breakfast. See you tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Doing Homewrok

No I'm not back in school at 74.  But I have a daughter who is and she sends me her papers to edit before she submits them.  Today's paper was about the Constitution of the United States.  What a head ache! Her teacher seems to be asking the same question twice but really she isn't.  We hashed it out and I made my opinions known and then corrected some of her grammar and spelling. 

Most of my family are off watching football games. Doesn't interest me. So I'm playing on my computer.

The storm that BLEW through here last night left some of the shingles from our roof in the back yard. Guess Daughter's boy friend is going to have to climb up there and check it out.  I hope there are enough shingles in the box in the shed to fix it up before the spring rains.  I'm thinking that we've had this problem a couple of times before so maybe a whole new roof might be in order. Hope not, that's probably expensive.

Short post today, I'm going to play with the scrapbook program and a little more work on friend's TREE.

Have a Blessed and happy Sunday. 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yeah, it's Saturday!

I'm not sure if I should get excited about it being Saturday. It's just like all the other days for someone who is retired, Right??  Other than a doctor appointment now and then, nothing happens but me and my computer. I have played a trivia game and now I'm 86% smarter than the others who play the same game. That's not to much to brag about if you've spent 20 years in the military and been to college and taken a whole passel of classes for you job over a period of 20 years.

After I posted yesterday, I went over to and worked on one of the family trees I'm making for someone else. It was pretty interesting and I spent about 4 hours finding new ghosts to put in their family tree. Found copies of marriage licenses and lots of census pages. Then I made a couple of document pages with the pictures of the "Find a Grave" Memorials for some of the 'ancient ones'. Not the same as the Native American "Ancient ones". But if they are gone now for a couple of hundred years I think you can call them Ancient ones. I finally put the tree to bed so to speak in time for dinner.

This morning I've played a little with the scrapbook pages. Found some new pictures to use and I even took one of Mrs. Beasley. My daughter in Colorado said I needed a newer picture so I took one. And it looks like all the other pictures of Mrs. Beasley that I've taken. But I made a scrapbook page with it anyway.

And here is the picture of the Ice Rain we had Tuesday around 6 pm. It didn't last long but it covered our Cul-de-sac with a sheet of ice and the teens across the way went skating without skates on the ice. Luckily it was pretty much melted by the time I had to go to the clinic for some lab work. But there's new tires on the car so it was OK.

 That's it for today. Nothing going on.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Good Morning!  Here in Richland it is overcast and windy so I'll be staying inside. This is a desert area and lots of dirt and sagebrush blow around often.

Today I'd like to talk about my hobby, "Genealogy". Have you considered your roots. I have and once I got started it sort of mushroomed. I started back in 1999 when I got curious and I googled my father's name. I came across a family tree that had him in it but it wasn't very complete and I didn't find myself or my older brother and our mother. It turned out to be a new one being made by my youngest half brother and we connected. He didn't have any of the other information needed to finish the family so I took on the responsibility of fixing it with a brand new tree.

I originally did this bold undertaking for the benefit of my children (I have 3), and their children (they have 5) and it has really bloomed. I joined the "Shirley Association", that's my maiden name and they helped me fill in some of the blanks that I didn't know. Finding my children's family on their father's side was very simple. It seems he descends from one of the older families in Virginia and they are real big on Genealogy in Virginia.

So after I got his family back to the 1500's and they were all from across the "big pond", I thought I'd move onto my mother's family. This one isn't quite as easy. I find that my Grandfather Kightlinger, (my mother's maiden name), was an Elder in the Quaker Church in Eastern Pennsylvania. But I'm not sure why since I've also found the Kightlinger's go back to Germany and some of us have some strong Jewish genetic traits. Maybe they became Quakers to avoid Hitler's gas chambers. Without any written records, it's all supposition on my part and we really need to deal in facts.  I did find my self and my immediate family in the 1940 census, that was released last year. They sit on the census for 70+ years so this time when it was released I was able to pop in and find my name. What a joy.  I was telling everyone who'd listen about my fabulous find. It gave me the street and the house number and my father's occupation. Gave my age which was 7/12 months. You'd have thought I'd just been given the "Hope diamond". Doesn't take much to make me happy.

That leaves me with working on "Trees" for friends and the branches you get when children procreate and then their children have babies. I now have 5 great grandchildren which gives me more branches to try to fill in. I use since it is the best sight available and they have a "gazillion" records with the software to search through them and give me a little leaf now and then to give me one more substantiated fact for my tree.

This morning I made a scrapbook from a kit titled N 34 by Russian Dutch Heart Designs. I liked the colors and it worked well with the picture I picked out to use. Every year in Grand Junction, Colorado they replace some of the works of art on Main Street. I walked through the downtown and took pictures of every one of them in 2005 when I lived there.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Since I'm new to this, bear with me while I learn. If I can learn at my age I guess any one can. Today is the first posting I've made. I'm really going to read a lot and then probably post more later.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share a scrapbook page I made with a kit from one of my favorite designers. This is my constant companion Mrs. Beasley and her dogie nemesis Chazz. I love them both Mrs. Beasley thinks she's the Alpha Female or Alpha whatever and periodically lets Chazz know that she is in charge (just like the old TV show "Charles in Charge w/Scott Baio".
Since I can't remember which kit I used, let me just say I favor Raspberry Road Designs and also Russian with a Dutch Heart. Both of these ladies are absolutely fantastic.

After I learn how to do this "blog thing" I'll be sharing more of my pictures. I can also be found on Face Book.