Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday's Child Works hard for a living!

I started this post a couple of hours ago and got distracted. I had saved it before I left the site but now I have no idea where it is.  I still have trouble with computers.  They can't read my mind.

But I think this one listens to conversations in the other rooms.  At the Thurs nite Pot Luck we were joking in the dining room over a picture of me and my mother from about 9th grade for me.  My daughter remarked that it looked like a normal Jewish family (I've never been Jewish). It was a big laugh (no disrespect to the Jewish Faith was ever intended.).  Then Friday morning I turned on the computer and checked my largest email account and to my surprise one of the emails was "Meet Jewish Singles here" and it linked to a dating web site. I was flabbergasted.  Did my computer listen to our conversation because on my mother's side of the family they were from Germany and very well could have been Jewish. I can't find anything past a Michael Kightlinger and his father and they were Quakers.
This isn't the picture of the conversation Thursday nite but it still looks about the same only younger. I can't find the other picture now but it's here on this computer somewhere. I must have 10,000 pictures of family and friends and I should probably sort them and remove all the duplicates and then do a better job of labeling the folders for storage. I store things on an external hard drive so if the computer crashes nothing is going to be lost.  I wonder if there is a program that I can install that will do that for me?

Oh well, it's time to check on the rest of the internet and see who's doing what on this dreary Saturday morning. The fog still hasn't lifted. The traffic light that I can see out my office window is about 75 or 100 feet away.  I can see the traffic lights but can't see through the intersection to the other side.  And they put an "Air Advisory" into effect until next Friday which tells me that with my lungs being what they are, I won't be going out unless it's absolutely necessary and then I'll have an "O2" tank with me.

P.S. I found the other post so I deleted it.

Have a nice day and God Bless.

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