Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday is Pot Luck Night!

Yeah it's  Thursday again! Went to the doc yesterday afternoon. He seems to think I need a soft collar to sleep in that will help with my breathing difficulties.  It's supposed to keep my mouth shut so I won't be snoring and breathing through my mouth. We shall see, big guy!

I wore a foam collar a long time ago when some idiot rear ended me at a stop sign. He was doing about 55 mph and I was stopped at the stop sign looking towards the freeway to make sure no one was getting off at a good rate of speed. All of a sudden this jerk hits my little ford and throws me across the intersection to the other side before I could get stopped. The other guy came to a dead stop after propelling me across the intersection. Seems he was driving a Schrocco (sp) and it was designed to drop the engine to the pavement on impact. I'll bet that was a horrible stop for him. The engine bolts are designed to just snap off and the engine will drop. Prevents the engine from going through the firewall to squash the driver. I went through several months of therapy where they tried to lengthen my neck by hanging me from a door jam. I didn't get any taller but it did fix some of the pressure on the spine that was damaged in the crash. That was in '81 or '82, (a very long time ago), but I also sustained a soft tissue injury and to this day is burns in my right shoulder if I sit wrong.

I have been out on the blogs looking for new scrapbook kits to use, and I've found a couple of very talented designers. Luckily the pages are translated so I can see what I'm downloading.  And I'm going to see what else Anna Jolante has on her blog. She lives in Germany but her page is written in Polish. She sometimes collaborates with Mago74 whose page is also in Polish. I don't need to translate the beautiful flowers and other things they have put together for me to make scrapbook pages with. Here's a sample of Mago's work in my scrapbook page.

My daughter and her grand daughter.
 I'm off to see what other beautiful goodies I can find.   Later gators!

I forgot to say that tonight's Menu is Mexican! I love Mexican food, now that the ulcers I had in the Navy have long since healed. Now I can eat Mexican and not have to eat 4 or 5 Tums/Rolaids afterward to put out the fires! Go Me!!

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