Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another day is almost done

I did my reading on 'daughter's paper. Guess we'll figure it out when she calls later tonight. She's in some sort of meeting so I'll wait for her to get home and fix herself something to eat.

Went to the store with youngest daughter after the doctor's appointment  Not a good thing when both of us are hungry. Found some good spinach dip and all the other things on the list but when we got home had to open it and have some with the small fresh baguette bread.  That was so yummy the dip is almost gone and so is the bag of bread!! I'm a spinach & artichoke dip person myself but this was good too.

Tomorrow night's pot luck is going to be Mexican. We picked up the hamburger and soft tacos today. I'm going to try some muffin tacos tomorrow afternoon. I'm anxious to try the recipe from my friend Moe.  And I can hope someone makes Mexican rice for tomorrow night and maybe one of the girls will make a pan of enchiladas. Always a good choice. Usually I pick up a pkg of Auntie Stoeffer's chicken & enchiladas on a bed of rice. This time I'm springing for the tacos and shells & cheese.

Below is a picture of our Australian Shepherd named Chazz. When we get ready to leave the house she jumps on her mistress's bed, just to let us know she can. She's such a gentle dog and we love her to pieces.

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