Sunday, January 19, 2014

Game Day! Yeah Broncos

While I'm not a fan of football, I will cheer with my family for their teams.  And it's going to be a very interesting time around here with my daughter and her boyfriend if the Seattle Sea Hawks win this game that's going on right now. Even the pastor in church this morning had a Seattle Sea Hawk jersey on over his shirt. but he took it off before the service started.

I have been the last evening until "midnight-thirty and then again today for several hours fixing the twigs in the family tree. When I'm fixing the records for someone in the early 1900's through the last census released (1940), it takes a lot to get the census pages into each record.  Most of Mother's Kightlinger ancestors were either farmers or Railroad men.  If they were farmers it was almost a necessity to have several boys to help with the farm work. So if they started their family with a couple of girls, they couldn't quit until they had some boys also. And birth control wasn't an option "back in the day". Some of my great grand parents had 8 or more. One even had 15 children. And since I had four grand parents, and each of them had four grand parents, And so it goes on. I have several hundred Kightlinger's in this tree. Also the same with the Shirley (my fathers branch) side of my tree. It's such a monumental task to find them all and get them in the tree properly that I've decided that fixing a "down line" is not an option, I have the ancestors back to the 1600's on my side of the tree and to the 1500's on my ex-husband's side of the tree. I did this for my children but I'm not finding any of them who want to take it over for me. My half-sister's daughter has started on a tree for them. I can get a "Coffee Table Book" of my family tree, going back 5 generations and they'll print it for me but it's going to cost about $129.00 or so. They are a beautiful book and some day I hope to be able to get one.

Here's a picture of my Grandson's three children!

Since they are all in Sea Hawk Jerseys I'm guessing that's who these three are rooting to!!

Going to find something good to watch on TV or maybe can't read till the cataract surgery is done.
Have a Good Evening

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