Sunday, January 12, 2014

Doing Homewrok

No I'm not back in school at 74.  But I have a daughter who is and she sends me her papers to edit before she submits them.  Today's paper was about the Constitution of the United States.  What a head ache! Her teacher seems to be asking the same question twice but really she isn't.  We hashed it out and I made my opinions known and then corrected some of her grammar and spelling. 

Most of my family are off watching football games. Doesn't interest me. So I'm playing on my computer.

The storm that BLEW through here last night left some of the shingles from our roof in the back yard. Guess Daughter's boy friend is going to have to climb up there and check it out.  I hope there are enough shingles in the box in the shed to fix it up before the spring rains.  I'm thinking that we've had this problem a couple of times before so maybe a whole new roof might be in order. Hope not, that's probably expensive.

Short post today, I'm going to play with the scrapbook program and a little more work on friend's TREE.

Have a Blessed and happy Sunday. 

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