Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday's Child if Full of Grace

And we know that's not me! LOL :)  I was born on Friday but my mother didn't remember what time when I asked her, but she was in her late 60's when I asked. Now for me, I remember just what time of day all three of my girls were born. First child on a Thursday at 2:20 Am. Second girl showed up at $:15 Am and also on a Thursday.  I could sense a pattern being formed here so I made plans for the third one to arrive also on a Thursday. And they were all quick little girls so far so I figured I'd better alert the hospital in advance (but remember I said that number 3 came on Midway Island and they didn't have a real hospital or even an OB doctor. I got my hands on some castor oil and had a good dose of it early on Thursday so this little munchkin could also be born on a Thursday. Oh yes, I had labor on Thursday. Pretty much all day and night on Thursday. Third little girl wasn't born until Friday at 9:15 Am. The doctor said it was long labor because I'd been riding a bicycle for 2 years and all of my muscles were pretty strong.

And a little side note on this delivery, the doctor on call that Thursday was an Ear, Nose & Throat type of doctor but he had his old text book and the nurse was very well versed in baby arrivals so between her and this being my third one we didn't pay too much attention to him. In the morning the second doctor on the Island came by to take over for that poor doctor that I'm sure was going to make sure he never caught the duty when one of us Island Wives was close to due date. The second doctor was the Flight doctor. The Ear doctor did say to anyone who'd listen that he had delivered the most beautiful baby ever. I thanked him for that.

Did I tell you that I rode my bicycle to the clinic for this little escapade? That was fun. Probably the only time I rode down that street without getting bombed by the Fairy Terns.  The clinic was only about 1/2 mile from our quarters but I had to stop twice for a labor pain and then pedal some more. She tells everyone that the reason she likes summer and the ocean so much is because while I was pregnant I'd take the two toddlers, one 4 and one 3, to the beach almost every day and scoop out a hole in the sand to lay my big tummy in. I was tan and actually so was the baby. Must have been "osmosis".

I think about here is a good spot for another scrapbook page!

The first picture is my Great Grandson Aayden that I thought would look good in a snow globe.
The second picture is my Grandson David that I forced to dance with me during one of our Thursday night pot luck dinners. Good food and good friends every Thursday, except in the summer when there are live bands in the park across from the Federal Bldg. here in Richland. Then it's "Live at Five"!!

I have 5 Grandchildren and 5 Great Grandchildren.

Have a great evening and I'll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Great story Ma, I love hearing about Midway Island. Sorry about the two days labor, that must be why I am always late now. :o)