Monday, January 13, 2014

OMG It's Monday Again

I really can't complain about it being Monday.  After all, I don't have to get dressed if I don't want to; I don't have to go out any where if I don't want to; it's really just another day. But I've already had a very productive 3 hours climbing around in the family trees.  I must have added 20+ people to the one tree. They are mostly in Arkansas and they had a "bunch" of children who had a bunch of children. I put that tree away because it was getting really fuller than the other side of the tree. Can you tell I'm doing my best to not say any names. I don't have their permission to talk about them here. I just plunk them into the family tree.

I think I'll wait for the wind to die down before I go out to do any errands. I have COPD and I live in a desert region of the North West so going out in the blowing dirt isn't really good for my health.

I have made a couple more scrapbook Pages that I'd like to share. Here's one of me a long time ago.

That first picture was taken in Long Beach Calif, while I was waiting for transportation to Midway Island, in the Hawaiian Archipelago in 1965. My youngest daughter was born there. It was a fantastic 30 months living in the tropical paradise among the thousands of birds. Gooney Birds in our front yard raising a baby and a few thousand Fairy Terns; two of which chased me to work on my bicycle (no cars on Midway for the common folk, island is too small) and they managed to poop on my head several times. I'd get into the office and head to the ladies room and wash my hair in the sink. The Lt. would come in and notice my wet hair and his remark was always "the fairy terns get you again Corbin"? 

The second picture was a gift from my second daughter.  It was taken in 1982 shortly after she graduated from HS and wanted a family picture done. Even had the whole family done separately. That was just in case the boyfriend who was in the group shot didn't last. And he didn't.

Running off to eat breakfast. See you tomorrow!!

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