Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night was a night to catch up with the family!

The kids have just gone home. My Grandson David came over with his three children. We went with pizza from Papa Murphy's. It was a great evening. The little guy Aayden spent a couple of hours dancing. Don't know where all that energy comes from but I wish I could bottle it for sale.  I could make a fortune. And all he does is jump around in circles until I move my arms like I'm dancing in my chair and then he starts with his arms up in the air. His older brother Dominic does some pretty fancy footwork for a 9 year old. He accidentally did a splits when he slid on the carpet. That laid him on the floor for a few seconds and then he was back up again. And Kaddie, the six year old,has got the dancing pretty good. I'll bet she watches TV and learns from that.

They had a great time playing Go Fish and Dominoes with Grandma.  But Dominic would rather build something with the Dominoes. I got him a double set of Nine's for Christmas and I'm almost certain he doesn't play the game. He only builds things. Maybe he's going to be an architect when he grows up.  

Now everyone is getting ready for the big weekend football games. And they don't understand why I'm not getting into it. I'm too old to get excited watching a bunch of grown men beating each other up. I really enjoy Baseball though and sometimes I get to go to a Hockey game.

As usual I've picked up some new kits from the internet and made a nice scrap book page with the one called "A Story Told" by Kyra, from Russian-Dutch Heart Designs that you can see here: I so enjoy her blog and today she has another new kit called Looking Back which I'm going to get in a few mins. And the clusters to go with it from Arlene.

Here's the page I made.
He's such a handsome little man. And his Grandmother is beautiful. The word art came from another designer that I can't remember where!

Time to go looking through the blogs. 


  1. Such a lovely page, and a good memory it will be.
    No I don;t mind that you have put up the link to my blog LOL!
    You had quite a busy time with those 3 kids, they are so full of energy, once we were too( can you remember ? ROFL!)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Oh yes I can remember all the trouble I was into as a child in the Orphanage from age 4 to age 10! I'm a WWII Baby and it was real hard times coming out of that war. I'll be writing stories about the Orphanage.