Sunday, November 8, 2015

Part 2 of Wow! It's November

I guess I forgot to tell you about the Birthday Party that Bridgit put on for me. Since my birthday comes so close to Halloween, the house was decorated in Witches, Ghosts and such. Pumpkins down the front steps all lite up. Instead of a regular cake we had cupcakes that Bridgit decorated so cute. And now I'm 76 years old. Doesn't feel that old today!

Only 3 of my 5 Great Grand kids. David's had some pictures done of his 3 kids and they are growing so fast, one has to take lots of pictures before they fade away.

I guess I used the same picture twice I think. Yes I did, didn't I. This is Kadence, Aayden and Dominic.

A picture of my handsome youngest brother George and his lovely wife Joanne with their dog Bing.

I was playing with the Photoshop program and I took Olivia and Kaddie out of the picture they were in and put them elsewhere. 

Olivia with her doggie Serenity who was a bumble bee for Halloween.

Olivia has a great time with her hair color. Her mother does it for her. This one was blue/Teal in front and purple in the back.

Here's little Serenity all ready for Halloween.

This is what the living room floor looked like while the girls carved their pumpkins. Bridgit got a long table cloth from the 'dollar store', spread it out and this way all we did was pick it up after they were done and roll it up and throw it away. No Mess, No Fuss!

Well that's all the pictures I've done in the last 3 weeks. Now I'm waiting for Thanksgiving which will be here at my house. Funny too! Since the oven on my stove doesn't work, Bridgit has to take the Turkey to her friends house and cook it and then bring it back here. I've decided that sweet potatoes can be done in the slow cooker, and everything else will be cooked on the stove. 

WOW! It's November already!

I feel like the old man who went to sleep and woke up 20 years later! The year has gone by so fast and I don't think I did nearly half of what I expected to do. Now it's not enough time...Guess it'll have to wait for next year.

October was a strange month. Every time I looked on FB another relative of mine was having a birthday so I sent them a Jacquie Lawson card and wished them much happiness. I had 7 family members get a year older, one day I sent a "Souped' card which had recipes inside to 15 friends, and then I posted about 5 Halloween posts with her cards. I just love them.

Halloween was fun time for the younger set. They went out Trick or Treating. I stayed home to give out candy...only had about 4 or 5 kids come around.  Olivia went to her friends house and spent the night,  Ashley and Bridgit went to Alan's annual party. They were dressed as Rosie the Riveter from WWII. I didn't dress up but I gave away candy!

I spent Nov 1 &2 in the critical decision unit. I went in Sunday evening with some pretty intense chest pains so they kept me over night.  I had the chemical Stress test on Monday about 11:00 am and everything looked fine. I'm going to the Cardiologist tomorrow so he can tell me more about the stress test.  And then on Tuesday I get a visit with my Primary Senior doctor!  I'm still working on getting some special medical coverage for the lungs and if the cardio doc can authenticate it as being caused by the overworking of the heart due to the lungs going to pot. And it's all from working in the Nuclear Industry.

Well now it's time to show the pictures of Halloween and I had really enjoyed the beautiful fun kits I picked up from my many talented Graphic designers.
My Great Grandson Aayden really got into the season this year. He was 4 on Oct 1st.

Alan who threw the party and all the adults had to be dressed up. 

Amyah is the cutest little pumpkin who was a Pirate this year. 

I had to play with my Christmas kit that came early. I put little Amyah in a Snow Globe.

I just can't resist when I find a picture of Amyah on the internet. I have to fix it up!

My Grandson and his friend with their daughters. 

This is the two Rosie Riveters! Bridgit and Ashley.

Lorene G. has the prettiest little girls. Ashley is a 'Chef' and Kaddie is growing so fast, I can't keep up. The right hand picture is Kaddie and her sister Mia. 

Bridgit had a great time at the party!

"Z" is playing football this year and his biggest fam is his baby sister!

Christina and her cousin Joci look like sisters. Here they are with "Z" and his little sister ready to go on on Halloween!

"The Country Mercantile"  has a very large Pumpkin Patch and an equally large Corn Field that they  cut into a really neat maze. The kids got to pick their own pumpkins and Daddy got to pay for them. They played around on the Hay Stacks and had a great time.

I'm going to put the rest into another Post.