Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What to do with a Blog

I've been dinking around with the blog.  Went to Cute & Cool Freebies and other stuff...Here's a link to check her out: http://blo64rt.blogspot.com/. I never have figured out how to make a link that will come up blue and allow anyone to click and go there. I'm happy with copy & paste. Goodness, I'm 75 and still trying to catch up with the techno stuff going on! Needless to say, I only figured out how to change the color. I wanted some fancy dancy background to show how smart I am but that didn't work!

So I'm going to just post some pages I made today and leave it that!! If any one has a 1, 2, 3, way of doing this thing...please send it to me as a comment.

Here's some new pictures:
A good friend and her husband are visiting the National parks one at a time. Moe has a passport of the National Parks and she's trying to get a stamp from each one. Collecting the quarters wasn't adventuresome enough. Now they are getting the passport stamped. 

My little darling Olivia in 2006 giving me a serious look!

Olivia and I went for a photo shoot to the park just down our street. So here she is on the contraption with her little puppy!

This is Olivia enjoying the Nerd Festival named RADCON. Lucky those people are wearing masks. I would be really dumbfounded if I was a working stiff and saw my boss dressed up like this!

Olivia made her way through the contraption across the 'monkey bars' or whatever and had a real good time.

There are some really really big 70 foot trees in this park. This one has 5 trunks fused together which makes it have a neat spot at the bottom to sit in.

The same picture but I let her pick out the QP from Miriam's Scrap and just put some verbage at the top and Olivia's name & date at the bottom.

My cousin Wilma who lives back East changed her profile picture a few days ago and I liked the new picture so when it showed up on my news feed on FB I snagged it and turned it into this with another QP from one of Mariam's mini kits.

I didn't realize that I'd done so many since my last posting. But you'll enjoy them any way.  Time to get busy and play with my essential oils. I made a pet spot remover and I'm anxious to see how well it's going to work.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's almost the "Ides of March"

I had to stop and change out the key board...didn't work so I sort of took this one apart and pulled out 1/2 ton of cat hair from the keys along with severl pounds of sand. I live in a desert area of Washington. On the coast is the green that gave it the state motto or whatever that is. Here on the Eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains it is desert once you leave the Yakima Valley. Gotta love the Yakima Valley cause that's where most of the 'hops' come from. So even with a triple pane window in the window here in the office, I seem to accumulate a ton of dust or fine sand, and I have a cat who sits in the window or on the desk in front of my keyboard.  You can imagine the amount of cat hair that flies around all the time. Anyway, the new keybord wouldn't power up so I was forced to clean up the other one and reuse it. All fixed now.

I finished reading the blogs that I follow this morning and then Miriam had the elements for her latest mini kit so I just downloaded them to go with the other downloads over the past couple of weeks. It's a beautiful kit and I've made a few QPs tht sdhe had already done and now I'm making gorgeous pages with all the other parts.
Like this one:
My Grand daughter ReAnna (aka Missy) when she lived in Alabama. Such a sweetie!

And here's a few others:
A QP by Linda kz shows off Amy and her Grandmother Geri!

My neice looks great in Miriam's kit Denim and Lace.

My lovely daughter Denise in 1982 in Miriam's QP from her mini kit 19.

A good friend Moe  looking good in Kyra's kit A Poet in the Afternoon!

Just showing off darling Olivia with a kit named 'Paw for a Cause' by Tooty Pup designs.

Last but not least is my youngest daughter Charlie (aka Danita) and her friend Wendy with another kit from Tooty Pup designs called "It's a Girl Thing".
That about does it for today. I've got more things to get done in this office and I've got a sore throat so I'm just hoping I'm not catching the nasty stuff Charlie and everyone else has had. Charlie is still coughing but I'm just sneezing a lot.
Until another day! Hugs from Sarge!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Where did the month of February go!

I woke up this morning and the month of February is gone! I know I didn't sleep through it so I guess I've been distracted and not posting. I apologize but then I know that I'm not an exciting person so it's probably boring to read it anyway.

My darling 10 year old Olivia has Pneumonia. Her Mom took her to the ER when the normal fixes didn't work. I haven't heard yet if she's home or not. And I don't want to call and wake them up. I know her Mom has trouble sleeping and she works nights so she sleeps daytime. But the maintenance men don't really care if anyone is sleeping and last week they had the leaf blowers out in her apartment complex. I'm really surprised she didn't go outside in her jammies and give them what for! She's getting better with age. They have a job to do and she can't complain since she didn't have to do her own yard (as little as it is). I do worry a lot about Olivia. She's survived H1N1, several bouts of Pneumonia so she's getting pretty strong but the toll on her little lungs will catch up some day.
Here's a picture of the darling!
This was the weekend of RADCON. A gathering of Nerds and she loved it.

I've put 5 of her pictures together so you can see what a great time she had.

I like doing Then and Now pictures and this is my Olivia. She's my oldest great granddaughter at 10 1/2, and then there's Kaddie at 7.

I've been trying to do up the older wedding pictures of mine for the kids. Not that they really care but it's something to preserve the Time.
I've told my friends that this is the skinny person I've been hiding from them! This was 1962 in Long Beach Naval Chapel in California.

Neither one of us had parents in attendance. Just the people from our work and some of TC's friends from a base up the highway in Point Magoo Naval Air Station. I had some of my fellow waves from the Navy base who came.
 And that's about it for today. I'm heading to a birthday party this afternoon so if I get dressed now, I'll be ready by 12:30 in time to leave.