Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's almost the "Ides of March"

I had to stop and change out the key board...didn't work so I sort of took this one apart and pulled out 1/2 ton of cat hair from the keys along with severl pounds of sand. I live in a desert area of Washington. On the coast is the green that gave it the state motto or whatever that is. Here on the Eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains it is desert once you leave the Yakima Valley. Gotta love the Yakima Valley cause that's where most of the 'hops' come from. So even with a triple pane window in the window here in the office, I seem to accumulate a ton of dust or fine sand, and I have a cat who sits in the window or on the desk in front of my keyboard.  You can imagine the amount of cat hair that flies around all the time. Anyway, the new keybord wouldn't power up so I was forced to clean up the other one and reuse it. All fixed now.

I finished reading the blogs that I follow this morning and then Miriam had the elements for her latest mini kit so I just downloaded them to go with the other downloads over the past couple of weeks. It's a beautiful kit and I've made a few QPs tht sdhe had already done and now I'm making gorgeous pages with all the other parts.
Like this one:
My Grand daughter ReAnna (aka Missy) when she lived in Alabama. Such a sweetie!

And here's a few others:
A QP by Linda kz shows off Amy and her Grandmother Geri!

My neice looks great in Miriam's kit Denim and Lace.

My lovely daughter Denise in 1982 in Miriam's QP from her mini kit 19.

A good friend Moe  looking good in Kyra's kit A Poet in the Afternoon!

Just showing off darling Olivia with a kit named 'Paw for a Cause' by Tooty Pup designs.

Last but not least is my youngest daughter Charlie (aka Danita) and her friend Wendy with another kit from Tooty Pup designs called "It's a Girl Thing".
That about does it for today. I've got more things to get done in this office and I've got a sore throat so I'm just hoping I'm not catching the nasty stuff Charlie and everyone else has had. Charlie is still coughing but I'm just sneezing a lot.
Until another day! Hugs from Sarge!

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  1. Think my keyboard could do also with a bit of cleaning, well, I'll see about that another day.
    Some real lovely pages you've made!
    Jan is going to his doctor at hospital any moment now, hope it will bring some good news, or solutions or whatever.
    Take care and have a wonderful week.
    Cross fingers that you will not end up having a bad cold or worse!