Thursday, May 4, 2017

Garden problems

I talked about the fall in the garden in my previous post.  But now that Bridgit is in California for 3 or 4 weeks working on some movie props and such with her new husband and his boss Dragon  I haven't been able to plant anything else.  I tried to make a large box for plants out of a beat up book case but that didn't work. Am looking for something else to take it's place. There's a large wicker book case/shelves out there that has gone through an awful winter this past season that might work if I put a tarp liner in the bottom after I lay it down on the platform I have out there.  And now that I'm thinking about it, I guess that's going to be my only option for this year.  At least I'll be able to plant the starters that I have in the window sill and on my kitchen counter.  I also have some plants in planters that are supposed to be hanging up on the front patio cover.  I'm not too sure that I should be the one to be putting the hooks out there.  I don't have much luck these days.  I keep falling or hitting my head on things. This morning I was trying to close the front door so the smallest dog wouldn't get out and I slammed myself in the head with the front door.  That was about 1/2 hour ago...I just checked in the mirror and it's not going to be a large goose egg like the other hit with the shovel handle was.

I haven't been on the computer very much lately...need a new keyboard..this one is about 6 years old and some of the keys are almost pure black.  Good thing I know the keyboard from typing classes in HS (a long, long time ago).  But the program I use to make scrapbook pages with, doesn't use the keyboard...just the mouse until I have to make a tag for the picture and then I need the keys for typing.  It works and I might get a new keyboard this weekend.  I did get a new/used one at the Goodwill store for .99 cents.  Got home and found out it was a wireless which isn't too much trouble since I have WiFi on the internet access I have. And I didn't spend too much on it anyway.

Here's some pictures I made last week.
 A couple of really cute kids of my friend Christine. Her daughter Amyah and her son Zakiah. Don't know the other little boy in the first picture but the look on his face at having to sit next to Amyah is priceless.
 My Niece's daughter Bella is growing so fast!
 Bridgit and her friend Dragon. She's working with him and her husband on some props for a new Predator movie coming out next year.
 Another one of Bridgit's selfies.
My lovely Niece Consuelo Marie. 

Time to start on my house chores. I'm going to use my Shark carpet cleaner on the living room floor.
Have a great weekend friends and family!