Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work at the homestead

I got a new recliner today from a friend. And gently used sofa for our living room. Since tomorrow is Thursday and the Pot Luck is being called a "Tail Gate Party".  The menu will be Hot Dogs, Brats, Burgers, Beans and whatever the rest of the crew will be bringing. I really do love these Thursday night dinners with a whole bunch of friends. It usually includes a baby or once we had two. And of course my adorable Great Grandson will be here.

Charlie and her boyfriend are shampooing the carpet which is really starting to show the four years we have lived here.  I've rescued a Chihuahua mix but he had to go after he chewed up my glasses. Got them right of the night stand he did, the little bugger. Now he's with Marc's mother and her 2 hairy dogs. They get along fine and he doesn't chew up the toys any more. But he never got along with Mrs. Beasley either. Then there was one named Milo that was supposed to be trained already but wasn't. Then one night at dinner, we rescued a first time mother and her three pups that were being kept in a bird cage of all things.I became their surrogate mother. I weaned them from their poor mama and then Marc went around and found homes for all of them. Two didn't move very far away at all. One is right next door and one is right across the cul-de-sac. The mama dog is just down the lane and the little lady pup is about 2 blocks down the street.

Duke of Earl is brown with black mixed in. Hercules is a Brindle puppy. Miss Bella is a beautiful little tan/red little lady!

Well it's 11:04 Pm here in Washington State and I'm tired so I'm off for a little sleep time. 

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