Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making up for lost days.

Wednesday was an all day excursion at the stores. First lunch with my beautiful daughter Charlie. Then off to the big Wal-mart Super store. That's always a lot of laughs. At least they had one of the electric chairs for me to zoom around the store.  Found a couple of things in the left over Christmas stuff to put away for next year. Got the fixin's for our Mid Winter 2nd annual Luau.  But it wore me out. I just wanted to sit in the recliner and not think!

Thursday was the day of the Luau and I ran over to the "dollar store" for some "Leis" only to find they don't get them in until after the valentine stuff is done. Didn't find any "Hurricane glasses" either. so we'd have to settle with Mai Tai's in short glasses. I did find the umbrella's for the drinks. Charlie and I taped them to the outside of the glasses so people didn't poke themselves with an umbrella. I had the ham in the crock pot when I went out so it was good to go. Then I put some rice in the rice cooker about 5pm.  Everyone started arriving about  6 pm  and then the party got going. Greg was in charge of the blender with pineapple juice, apricot juice, a pkg of tropical fruit pieces frozen and Vodka. I guess that's a Mai Tai. I wouldn't know, I'm not a mixologist.  I had one of those little drinks which was the first liquor I'd partaken in about 12 years. I'm also sure that since it was so strong for a non drinker like me, it's the reason I wasn't feeling good on Friday. Must have been the fruit!

It was also Ann's birthday and that was a real good reason to have a Luau in January. Ann's husband Brian brought a cake for his lovely wife but I had already slipped into my room and gone to bed (not feeling good at all) so I had some of her cake yesterday and today. Yummy!

Well today is Saturday and nothing on the agenda except me playing around with pictures some more. I have some from the party on Thurs. I did get that much done on Friday but that's all I could handle.
This is the second group shot which is one I took. We made a couple of the kids and their Mom get into the shot also. The kit is one I purchased because I could find any island or sea shore kits. It's called Paradise Traveler by Maun. I kind of like it. 

And this is the birthday girl herself with her husband handing her the cake. I can't remember where I got the paper and the flowers from so if you recognize your work, I thank you for sharing.
This was the first group shot with me on the right in front. I'm the old lady in a Mumu! And this wasn't a kit, it's a piece from here and another piece from some one else. I thank the ladies that made the kits I used these from. I think part of this one is from the Paradise Traveler kit by Maun.

And now it's time to check out the blogs I tip toe around in to see whats going on!!

Two more pages from this week! 
Baby Amyah is passed around the room if she's awake. If not she sleeps in Sarge's lap!

Two good friends are having a great time in Hawaii and I'm having fun making Pages with their pictures.

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