Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just Rambling Today

I missed Monday. I can't think why, other than I was playing at scrap booking and genealogy for a few hours. I went out to run an errand or two like I did today. Yesterday was a holiday so I did my banking today and mailed a pkg to my daughter in Colorado. Took a bag of items to the Good will store so they may be used again. All had gotten too small for me. Then off to the Office Depot for ink for the computer. It took me awhile in this store (it's one of my favorites, the other one is Home Depot). I was looking for an Internet address book. I know they make them, because I've see them in one of the myriad of catalogs that come to my house. I guess I'll have to order it from one of those books.

But I did find some of  the prettiest scotch brand tape. I gave the purple role to my daughter, (it's her favorite color) and I have the blue polka dot one and the plain blue one. There is about 100 different colors and patterns in the large masking tape but way more than that in the smaller scotch brand tape. It was pretty hard to choose. i wanted them all but this is a really over crowded office now. I'm going to be doing some redecorating soon. Waiting on the weather. Our weather is still like Seattle's.  It's very moist air, a dense fog that you can't see more than 150 feet but the temp is still pretty nice (about 46 degrees). But people with lung problems don't need moisture in the air like this is.

The teams for the football game of the year have been been chosen. Both teams are my Daughter's favorites so she will cheer for both teams as they make touchdowns or boo as the refs make a bad call. They will be watching the Superbowl at my Grandson's house. He is a die hard Bronco fan and his wife is a staunch Sea Hawk fan. Should be interesting to see who gets to sleep on the couch!! And the Great Grandson yells TOUCHDOWN in his little 2 year old voice no matter who made it! I posted a picture of all of the kids in their Sea Hawk Jerseys on Saturday during the play off games. That is so wild.  First game at Noon  and the second game was at 3:30 PM. Charlie came home with a slight horse voice from all her yelling. Just wait till the Super Bowl!

Yesterday I found a really neat blog and got some Freebies. If you go to Lindsay's Creations you will be pleasantly surprised. Her two kits Vintage Gold and Vintage Dreams are  fabulous kits.  I found another Vintage kit at Creations by Samantha.
Here are two pages I made with Lindsay's Vintage Dreams and Vintage Gold.
This one is Brother Bud and I in front of the Salvation Army Church instead of being inside like good kids. Made from Sky's the Limit kit named Vintage Grace

This is my daughter Charlie & her son David at a reception for her first wedding. Made from the kit Vintage Gold by Lindsay's Creations, with a couple of items from another vintage kit.

This is me (Corrine Emma Shirley age 10)  in front of the Orphanage on a Sunday afternoon during one of my mother's visits. This last picture is from Lindsay's Creations named Vintage Dreams

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