Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yeah, it's Saturday!

I'm not sure if I should get excited about it being Saturday. It's just like all the other days for someone who is retired, Right??  Other than a doctor appointment now and then, nothing happens but me and my computer. I have played a trivia game and now I'm 86% smarter than the others who play the same game. That's not to much to brag about if you've spent 20 years in the military and been to college and taken a whole passel of classes for you job over a period of 20 years.

After I posted yesterday, I went over to and worked on one of the family trees I'm making for someone else. It was pretty interesting and I spent about 4 hours finding new ghosts to put in their family tree. Found copies of marriage licenses and lots of census pages. Then I made a couple of document pages with the pictures of the "Find a Grave" Memorials for some of the 'ancient ones'. Not the same as the Native American "Ancient ones". But if they are gone now for a couple of hundred years I think you can call them Ancient ones. I finally put the tree to bed so to speak in time for dinner.

This morning I've played a little with the scrapbook pages. Found some new pictures to use and I even took one of Mrs. Beasley. My daughter in Colorado said I needed a newer picture so I took one. And it looks like all the other pictures of Mrs. Beasley that I've taken. But I made a scrapbook page with it anyway.

And here is the picture of the Ice Rain we had Tuesday around 6 pm. It didn't last long but it covered our Cul-de-sac with a sheet of ice and the teens across the way went skating without skates on the ice. Luckily it was pretty much melted by the time I had to go to the clinic for some lab work. But there's new tires on the car so it was OK.

 That's it for today. Nothing going on.


  1. Hello Corrine!

    Yeah, you've made it! I remember I was all excited and also very nervous when I started my blog, not knowing anything about how to do it LOL!
    But slowly, and with some help I managed to get it working.
    Some sweet pages you have made and thanks for the promotion of my blog too!
    Perhaps it should be nice to put in a "followers"button on your sidebar, and if you would like to put a blinkie instead of a name in your sidebar, I know more or less how to do that.
    Love the name of your blog, and how interesting you are busy with genealogy! I know but little about my ancestors, and I have trouble finding more, although that should be possible, but I have not the means to pay for that information, so I'll do with the stories I know about my grandparents and parents, and the older stuff will stay a mystery I suppose.
    Have a lot of fun with your blog, hope you will get a lot of followers in future.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. I'd love to know how to put a blinkie there. I think in the design section is a place to add an app which might be followers. I'll check it out.