Thursday, January 9, 2014

Since I'm new to this, bear with me while I learn. If I can learn at my age I guess any one can. Today is the first posting I've made. I'm really going to read a lot and then probably post more later.

Meanwhile, I'd like to share a scrapbook page I made with a kit from one of my favorite designers. This is my constant companion Mrs. Beasley and her dogie nemesis Chazz. I love them both Mrs. Beasley thinks she's the Alpha Female or Alpha whatever and periodically lets Chazz know that she is in charge (just like the old TV show "Charles in Charge w/Scott Baio".
Since I can't remember which kit I used, let me just say I favor Raspberry Road Designs and also Russian with a Dutch Heart. Both of these ladies are absolutely fantastic.

After I learn how to do this "blog thing" I'll be sharing more of my pictures. I can also be found on Face Book.

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