Friday, March 7, 2014

Things are Normal...Sort of!

My computer is up and running just like it was from the factory. If you know what that means, it was virginal and I'm slowly getting my extra programs back on.  First one on was the scrapbook factory software that I use to make all the pretty pages from the pictures of the family, and I've even done some for friends who send me a picture and ask me to make a page for them. I'm a little behind in the making of pages.

Second one loaded on was the special solitaire game I really enjoy playing and then my Mahjongg  game of Four Winds. There's an elder China man in the program who is supposed to let me win once in awhile but he's on a tare and I haven't won in weeks.

Then came the photo shop program. and now I'm trying to find all my old favorites so I don't have to wander all over the web looking for something. Ahh well...something for the old lady to do to keep her busy.

Yesterday we (my daughter Charlie & I) met up with some old friends for coffee at one of our local good places to meet. It was good catching up on things and meeting our friends latest addition. Four generations there...Marian, her daughter Jeannette, and her daughter Hannah and Hannah's son Atticus John. We enjoyed ourselves for about an hour and then little Atticus (6 mos old) needed some attention in the bathroom. My daughter Charlie and her friend Jeannette did the honors.  They were gone for quite awhile. But when they got back we found out why. No "drop down changing table' in the ladies room. So the two ladies managed to get his "soiled" diaper off with Charlie holding 'baby' up in the air while Grandma gets the clothes and dirty diaper off. And it was done with out 'baby Atticus' letting loose on the one holding him.  Laughing all the time they were changing him. They came out and told us of the changing scene and were so proud of themselves. As we were leaving the restaurant, I took a turn in the ladies room and being slightly disabled I chose the largest stall. As I closed the door, I started to laugh. I went out to meet up with everyone in the lobby and I asked the 2 ladies if someone was in the handicap stall when they went in. They replied no so I told them that when I closed the stall door I spotted the drop down changing table inside the handicap stall. That was a great big laugh all around.

Here's a picture of Atticus & his mommy Hannah.

And today we have little Aayden Michael for the day. and this is a picture of him when he arrived this morning.

This third picture is my friend's new puppy from Grand Junction. Her name is Dixie. and she is a sweetie!

And that's enough for today. My turn to keep an eye on the little guy! I'm going to give him some fruit for a snack.

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