Thursday, April 3, 2014

What have I been doing.

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything for more than a week. I know how I get when I start on a new "Family Tree". I don't want to do anything else until I get some substance to the tree. The tree I'm working on is for my Great Grand daughter's mom. I was pleasantly surprised to find the name's origins. Would you believe Skeens comes from the "Clan Skene" in Scotland? I found a lot of information and have put together a nice little book for her. Found some pictures of her gr grandfather which she has never seen (at least I don't think she has). I printed out a lot of pages with information on the families and put it together in a notebook which I will give her next week when they come for lunch with Grandma Charlie and myself (I'm Nana) and I love the name.

I've posted on FB but not very much. And I've been checking my friend Kyra, (designer With a Russian Dutch Heart) and today I was delightfully surprised over on her blog.. She told us about a group on the So you think you can dance show in Holland and she posted the links to their u-tube videos. The kids had a group first and the Dads got to thinking they could do it too. So they did.  And because I enjoyed them so much I'm posting the links here also. Well I'm having trouble getting the links to work. All I can say is go to U-tube and look for "The Daddies". They are really a hoot!

Tonight is Thursday and it's backyard BBQ night. We have a pretty good sized grill and my Grandson and my daughter's boyfriend will be doing the grilling with the help of the other guys. Two weeks ago we had a crowd of 30 people and last week it was almost as large.  The neighbors have started to ask us to have them park a little ways away from the house and walk up. Being at the tip of a cul-de-sac makes for tight parking.  We'll see how it goes. We might have to move it somewhere else but in a few weeks it'll be time for "Live at Five" which is live bands at the park in front of the Federal bldg and everyone goes there with a picnic basket. There's a beer garden and a couple of vendors for hot dogs etc but our group like to take their own picnic basket.

Well my oldest grand daughter is moving to Wyoming this weekend which is a little closer to me but then in about 6 weeks after that they plan on moving to Las Vegas. i can't figure out what's going on but I'll be happy to have my Olivia a little closer.

Here's a couple of my favorites of Olivia!
Olivia's first Birthday before we went to her party.

Olivia at the town hall. She found the dirt flower bed and climber up to get a better view.

Olivia is growing up so fast. This is last November.

This is my youngest Grand daughter when she still lived in Alabama. Now she's in college and all grown up.

That's all for today.

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