Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Thursday Nite!

It's another Thursday nite and the gang is coming over for a Pot Luck. Tiphony is having a Birthday so she got to pick the menu and guess what "It's Breakfast".  I had Charlie stop by our local Cash & Carry" for a gallon can of Sausage Gravy to go with the biscuits I purchased and will bake this afternoon about 6pm (I guess you can call that early evening). Yesterday I peeled some hard boiled eggs for deviling. Before I made the yoke stuff, I dyed the whites so it's quite a pretty sight. I'll make an Easter page with the picture of the egg tray.
The table where every one put the eggs they brought to the "Dye Fest 2014" and then we turned the kids loose with the cups and dyes.

Zakiah is really enjoying this coloring activity. I'm guessing he colored the most of the many dozen eggs that were on the table.

Greg  is trying to find the 6 dozen eggs he put there for dying but not all are finished yet.!

This is the dozen I took minus a few so I cooked some more for what I wanted to do. After deviling the yokes I dyed the white halves and placed them in my pretty tray.

I've finished making Scrapbook pages of the pictures and posted them on FaceBook for my friends and my family on the East Coast and some in Texas. Now I think I'll look for a scrapbook kit for my grandnephew's prom picture. What a handsome young man he is. He's been accepted at a couple of the Ivy League schools but hasn't yet made his decision. 

Until the next time. God Bless our troops where ever they are.

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