Sunday, June 1, 2014

Problems afoot!

Nothing really serious is going on! Wanted to get that out of the way. Everybody knows my passion is digital scrap booking.  No I don't make the items I use, I get them from some pretty fabulous designers who know how to do that digital stuff. I'm still learning how to work Adobe photo shop to clean up pictures. 

Anyway a couple of my favorite designers use Media Fire to make the kits available for FREE! Can you imagine that? All they ask is a little credit for what they have done and a Thank you when I download it. Well Media Fire is not working properly and so I get to download one or two parts of a pretty good sized kit and then it comes up with a Gotcha meaning I have to watch a little video 30 secs worth and then it gives me the secret word and I type it into the box and it authorizes the download. 

That part is apparently broke. So I tried to purchase the product Media Fire and that part isn't working right either. I fill out the first part, and all of a sudden it's at the last section and the only information it has is my name, address, and a little box that said security code. It never asked for my type of card nor the number, nor the expiration date. So what's going on at Media Fire? Haven't got a clue. I sent them an email and they gave me a trouble ticket number but that's all. 

And I'm looking for instructions on how to make a picture into a watermark for a scrap book page. Send me a comment here or my page on facebook. As long as it isn't illegal or copyrighted.

Anyway, I have a ton of older kits to use so I've still made a few new pages.
The (adult) kids went camping last night and so I made a page of what Charlie sent from, her cell phone.

This is my favorite band and they do such an amazing tribute to Johnny Cash. If you close your eyes it so sounds like "The Man" himself, it's scary. Anyway, It's Merle Travis Peterson, Ryan Yates & Fel Torres. , I

They are such a great show. Look up The Cold Hard Cash Show and see if they're coming to your world.

Two young ladies who come to our Thurs nite pot lucks. Shandon & Nikki!

Our girl Tiphony Dames in all her glory!

From a Sunday BBQ at Greg Holron's. These two young lads just met and they became fast friends. Both the same age so why wouldn't they, Sarge? Duh...big red truck!!

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