Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Busy weekend, it really was.

We started to celebrate my youngest one's 47th birthday on Thursday but her birthday wasn't until yesterday. And by then every one needed a rest. I think I read where she saw 7 bands in 4 days. I even went with them for one of the nights. And I got up and danced with my daughter. We were at the Thomas O'Neill's Winery. He has an outdoor venue and our friends "Blackwater" were on the stage. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed myself just watching the younger ones dance. Then I had to get up and show them a step from the 60's. With my O2 tank over my shoulder I did the "stroll" for them. Great fun.
The chunky one with the sunglasses is me. The pretty lady in the long dress is my youngest daughter.

It was a lot of fun and I'll do it again next year if I can.

Today was a visit with some people who could tell me about the insurance I have and if it's working like it's supposed to.  Then we went to an event at the Veteran's Memorial in Columbia Park. A company named Fairway gave a "Mortgage Free Home" to a local Medal of Honor recipient and it was really a big event. A Lt General Sisco was there and the Mayor pro-temp of Kennewick along with the Chief of Kennewick Police. The motorcade was complete with limos and a huge motorcycle escort of both police and "Combat Vets International". I think every police car from Kennewick was in the motorcade.

Now here's a picture I made of my cat Mrs Beasley. I used Miriam's Scraps kit "Terracotta" and Mati's overlay Pink Roses which has a kitty in it.
My apologizes for not putting the info on the picture itself. I'll fix it the next time I have the program open.

I think it's time I show myself. The first picture is when I was a "Rompin Stompin" Seaman in 1961.
1961 Seaman Corrine Shirley at Long Beach Naval Station Long Beach, Calif.

This one is Petty Officer Corrine Corbin during my years with the Reserves. I think the first 7 or 8 years it was Naval Station, Yokosuka, Japan. The last years was with Naval Sub Group 7, I believe home ported in Pearl Harbor but we did our training at Naval Station Yokosuka, Japan.  Two weeks of each year we'd go to Yokosuka and the men would work on the subs but I got to work in the offices on base.  Good thing too cause I'm claustrophobic. I did a short 1 hour tour on the boat.

Now it's time to think about a little dinner. It's been a few hours since I ate 1/2 a sandwich at Jack in the Box!

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Whew, I'm tired just from reading about how busy you were. Fun weekend though right? Thanks for using my overlay (that kitty I used is my "little man Tommy" that I lost today). Mrs. Beasley is gorgeous. Thanks so much for your service! Keep on keeping on....LOL! Have a great weekend this weekend too! Hugs, Mat

  2. Bless the heroes who made the ulimate sacrifice for our country's sake! Memorial day always gets me teary. I'm forever thankful for veterans like you, Corrine. Anyway, those photos look like they haven't aged a bit. You look amazing in uniform. I'm so proud of what you did for the country. :)

    Victoria Pierce @ Fight 4 Vets