Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Autumn Comes

The leaves are only starting to change colors and drop like a small shower by the office window. Soon it'll be larger amounts until the BIG Sycamore by the house is bare again.  I enjoy watching the days pass by, watching the traffic (which starts at 5 AM), but when the snow falls the noise is much less. The blanket of snow acts as a cushion but in this area a snowfall doesn't last long at all. Last winter we had 3 days of snow and not all at once. Little spritzes of snow which didn't last the day out!

I think the last big & heavy winter we had was the first year I lived here in the North West.. We moved here in 1977 and that winter going into 1978 was a really terrific one. I showed my little girls (10, 13, & 14) how a car can make 'cookies' on an empty street and cautioned them that it wasn't something they should try themselves if they ever got a license. I grew up in Pennsylvania where the snow came in late October or early November and stayed until March or April. And I remind them of how I used to walk to school 5 miles in the snow, up hill both ways. It took them a while to figure that one out.

I realize that I've posted quite a few scrapbook pages and I've given credit to all the wonderful designers that I use. They make my scrapbooking so easy and I get all the praise, (as if I had that kind of talent) so I have to tell them, I just take the pieces and put them together, Miriam, Raspberry Road, Russian Dutch Heart and other pretty ladies are the ones who make the kits I use. I put the names on the bottom of each page. And I can't forget that Linda kz puts together the some of the sayings I tuck into them.

Aayden had a 3rd birthday and enjoyed himself. 

Amyah is just the sweetest little baby and always happy.

Youngest brother George doesn't seem to change much. Still a handsome little devil.

Beautiful Olivia is learned the art of 'selfies'.
Aayden loves to play outside when he's here at his Grandma's house.

They spent the weekend camping out in tents just like the old Woodstock concert but this one was the Dave Matthews Band.

Charlie with her daughter-in-law Brittany at the DMB concert.

Our dogs, Chazz the elder and the puppy Junior. Junior is changing colors in the face so he doesn't look so much like Chazz but they still like to play together.

Olivia and I went to Sausage Feast which happens every year as a fund raiser for the local Catholic church. They have the best German Sausages (made locally) and krout! 


  1. Sorry, it has been awhile since I have been able to blog on my own blog and visit with my friends....have been so terribly busy with the purchase of the other half of my duplex...still not finished...but the end is in site...I hope...LOL! Lovely pages you have used for the fantastic memories. Glad you are feeling much better, have a wonderful weekend....I hope to be able to create again for Miriam...just been too consumed to even be on the computer, let alone create anything...ROFL....Retirement? what is that? LMBO! Hugs, Mat

  2. This is my first visit here, and I've been enjoying reading your posts and seeing your beautiful scrap pages. Your family is beautiful.

    I'll bet it feels good to be able to see things now without wearing glasses. I had my eyes done quite a few years ago. Now I'm thinking that it's way past time for a new eye checkup.

    One of these days, I should get back into designing scrapbook stuff, but I always seem to be busy doing something else. Photography, playing with Pogo (my little Yorkie), and crocheting seem to take up most of my time.

    I picked Pogo up at the beauty salon a little while ago, and stopped at Burger King to get him a double hamburger for a treat. He only eats one single hamburger at a time, so he'll get two meals out of it. As soon as I put it on his little plate, it was all gone! Now he is curled up beside me having himself a nice nap.

    Before I go, I want to say congratulations to you for being able to drive those carts at the store. I tried it once and almost ran down all the customers. Now I just hang on to a wagon and shop till my hips and legs yell Stop! lol.

    You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

  3. Try going to the store (like Walmart) at around 11pm and get used to driving the carts without a lot of people around. I usually make enough noise talking to whoever is with me that coming to the end of an isle usually alerts someone trying to turn into it that a hazard is headed their way. Then I smile sweetly and say "Sweet little old lady in electric-gotta love us"! So far I haven't been beaten up. It really does make shopping a lot easier...just keep've earned the priveledge and you should use it.