Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter is gone for another year

Last week was Easter and the kids all had a great time at the different houses they spent the day at.  Bridgit & Olivia helped me with my version of eggs. I'll show you in a minute.  I finally got the pictures of Olivia's new temporary hair style. So naturally I made a scrapbook page of them. And a couple of others also.
A good friend who left us way too soon.

Olivia's new hair colors. It's almost all washed out now.

Olivia's 4th grade class is raising "Salmon" in the class room and in a couple of weeks they will be large enough to release into the local rivers. She is very excited about this school project and she thought it would be today to release them but it was just an outing to Ice Harbour dam. Now I'm not sure which one they will release the little baby salmons into, the Snake or the Columbia.

We are lucky enough to live in the immediate vicinity of 3 rivers. The smallest is the Yakima River which flows into the large Columbia River. The third one is the Snake River which runs up through Idaho and maybe into Canada. I don't have a map right here so I can't say for sure. They all three join together here in the Tri Cities and the Columbia takes all that water to the Ocean. The Columbia is what separates Oregon and Washington States. And there are a bunch of dams on the Snake and the Columbia. 

Not much going on. Am having a quiet weekend I hope. Doctor appointment on Monday morning and Cardio Pulmonary rehab in the afternoon.

This is how I do the eggs. This way I haven't wasted the color on something I'm going to shell, cut in half and devil the yokes anyway. I just color the whites, then put the deviled yokes in them.

Have a great weekend my friends.
Hugs, Corrine

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  1. Looks you had a fun Easter.
    What a lovely project for the kids, to grow salmons and release them into the river!
    In this way they help nature and the salmons.
    Have a wonderful weekend.