Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday's Child is Fair of Face.

I just want those having a birthday today to know they are "Pretty".

The Super Bow is over, even though those Sports Pundits are still beleaguering some of the plays and everyone is still on Sherman's case for his little outburst at the end of the Playoff game. I guess it's what they do to earn money.

I made several neat pages and they came from several different kits by multiple designers. I thank all of the designers who make kits and then give them away. I really appreciate your work.
This is my Gr-Grandson Aayden who is 2 yrs & 4 mos. And such a beautiful face he has. He does enjoy sports even though he's still too young.

The two little ones in the middle are my Gr-grandkids enjoying the game with a Grandma & an Auntie.

My Grandson David at the Super Bowl party he threw with his Father-in-law. There were on opposite sides of this Super Bowl as you can see by the shirts. 

Well I'm off to get some sorting done in my room and pack up some things for my sister. Enjoy the pictures.

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