Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Night on the Town

Thursday night is our usual "Thursday Nite Pot Luck" but this week it was a little special. Charlie had a stack of tickets to a band called "Cold Hard Cash - A Tribute to Johnny Cash" so since the significant others all had to work on Friday we made it a "Ladies Night out". We were joined by a couple members of the band "Black Water". The lead singer and the guitar player come to Thursday Nite also so Tiphony was already with the ladies. P.S. I forgot to include Bob "Animal" who also joined us at our table!

This is one awesome band who are internationally known. They've been on the David Letterman Show and are all over the place. I so did enjoy myself and even got to dance a little bit. I had asked them to play "Ghost Riders in the Sky" and the singer told me that they usually put it towards the very end of their show. That worked out great, since some of the people, (a lot of them) had already thought the show was over and they left. Bad on them!  Since the place was pretty much empty I decided to get closer to the stage when they were singing Ghost Riders. I joined in but they couldn't hear me since it's a smallish room and they were pretty loud. Most of the evening I was pretty far back because the music was so loud. I really enjoyed it and I was just tapping the table to the beat and tapping my toes under the table.

I want to paint a picture because I'm not adding that video to any public showings. I am a 74 year old lady (even if I am a 20 year Sailor, I'm still a lady), with white hair, walks with a cane, and carries an oxygen bottle in a bag on my shoulder. The music was bringing back memories that I had long forgotten. I got up and danced which was made easy with the cane. Charlie joined me before I completely ran out of air. And Shelly took a video of it which we will enjoy in the family. And did I say Charlie had my camera and took a lot of pictures.

I must acknowledge my friend Kyra. I had downloaded one of her kits named "Memories d'antan" and it worked right in with the evenings fun! Here's what I've done with some of the pictures I made with her kit.

I can't remember which kit I used for the last picture. I acknowledge that it isn't mine, (I can't even do those thing) but I thank whomever it was.

Have a great Saturday and God Bless!

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