Sunday, November 23, 2014

I forgot to post Kaddie's Birthday Party

We had a delightful time on the 15th for Kaddie's party. She turned 7th on the 15th and her Mom threw a party at the 'Atomic Bowl' and the kids loved it. I sat at the bar overlooking the two alleys they were using. They had the boys on one alley and the girls on the other one. It was a hoot watching those under 12 yr olds bowling. Ages 12 to about 4. Having one more boy than they did girls they just had the baby bowler take the 2nd ball his bigger brother threw.

I didn't get any pictures of the bowling but after they got through with that Kaddie's mom gave each one of them an in house card for the 'arkade' with some money on it and then turned them loose in the arkade. I did get a couple of pictures of them after they finished at the arkade and then sat down to have cupcakes. The cupcakes were great but way too much frosting. Pre teens with that much sugar is like giving the energy drink to the cartoon character that tears everything apart.

Here's the pictures from the party.
Grand daughter Bridgit and Kaddie's mom Lorene at the birthday party.

Kaddie loves her auntie Bridgit (even though they are really cousins).

Kaddie looking over the prizes at the arkade. I'm not sure what she got with her winnings.

Kaddie her birthday present (one of many)!

Put a couple of pictures together showing a happy little girl.

Gr-granddaughter Olivia with Kaddie's sister Mia, mugging for the camera.

Lovely Olivia wearing her many strings of tickets she won in the arkade which they turned into another card to be used in the arkade for prizes. Just like the prizes at the carnival. I think she looks good in Miriam's kit Denim & Lace

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  1. Looks they all had a great time!
    You must have enjoyed watching the bowling, they kind of take it serious, those kids, don't they?
    Some fine layouts, they will make a lovely memory for the family.
    Have a wonderful day