Saturday, November 8, 2014

Cold Weather on the way

Watching the weather last evening was really enlightening. They showed where the cold weather coming in from Alaska & Canada was going to dip all the way South into the Carolina's. And on the West Coast there was a little red area that the Jet Stream missed and we just happen to be on the edge of this thing but not going to get the cold temps like they are anticipating in Chicago & all parts East of there. Temps in the 30's and maybe warming up into the 50's during the day!!  Sounds like WINTER to me...especially since they expect snow with that cold snap!

I'm putting the last of my Halloween pics and then maybe tomorrow I'll start on the other fall pictures.

Party at Connie's house and these two are Ann DiAngelo and Charlie Corbin. Don't know the photo bomber in the back.

This is Brian Holmes with his son Mike, and then it's a pic of Brian with his lovely wife Ann. Same party.

This is the Hostess with the 'mostest' Miz Connie with a friend Jamie who happened to be dressed also as a pirate so he got in the picture.

Two cute little girls going out on Halloween to see how much candy they can come home with. It was a few pounds worth for each of them.

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