Saturday, November 15, 2014

November's Artic Blast

I can hardly believe the temperatures I've been hearing this past week. But luckily we haven't had any snow in this "Hanford Bubble" we live in. There are mountains on two sides of us and the Columbia Gorge on the other two sides. Some how when the weather comes down from Canada it sort of sends the clouds higher and they just skim over us and into the Blue Mountains through Oregon and Idaho.

But it has been down right cold over here on the Eastern side of Washington's Cascade Mountains. For the last few nights it's been in the 'teens' and then it warms up into the low to mid 30's.  And the mobile home park I live in has been a little slow getting the sprinklers blown out for winter. For the last few mornings driving my gr-granddaughter to the school bus I've traversed through a frozen section of water and ice.  The really big trees at the park in the Park were still green last week and then Wednesday we had a really big wind come through and all the green leaves came down. It was a real chilling wind so it must have just snapped off the green leaves. Now there is about 4 inches or so of green leaves loosing their color all over the park. I guess the maintenance workers are waiting for them to change before they run the big machine over them that picks them up and bags them.  I can't say anything too much about leeaves on the ground since our yard has a ton of leaves and they need to be put into bags and placed out for the maintenance men to pick up. My new ramp out front for my wheel chair, when I use it or the walker has been given a nice layer of leaves.

Here are the last of the Halloween or October pages I've done.
Connie's party was on November 1st so this is Ann & Charlie. in a page made from 'Spooky Times' by Kyra @ RDH

This is Brian w-Mike his son and then Brian w-wifie Ann at Connie's party. The page was made using cluster by Arlene from Spooky Time by Ky

Hostess Connie and friend Jaimie in a QP from Hocus Pocus by Raspberry Roads

My two Great Grand daughters, Kaddie & Olivia on Halloween night.  Another QP from Hocus Pocus by Raspberry Roads.

And now it's time to start getting ready for Kaddie's birthday party. She's 7 today and a gathering at the bowling alley is on the blotter for today at noon-30. Olivia's birthday is in December and she'll be 10 this year.

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  1. Brrr, sounds really cold, your weather. But at least you still don;t have loads pf snow.Something to be grateful for.
    Hope you had a wonderful birthdayparty for Kaddie. Those kids grow older so quickly, don't they?
    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.